HippoDICT Plus ~ Chinese English Dictionary Reference App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: English

Seller: RoboHippo LLC

Version 2.2.3
- Added ability to copy characters to the clipboard (long tap on the characters at the top of the entry screen)
- Minor UI improvements

Version 2.2
- View a character in full screen mode
- Backup and restore Decks to and from your computer
- Choose to display either zhuyin or pinyin in the list of results
- Simplified adding entries to the Learning Deck
- Supports iOS 4 fast app switching
- Upgraded UI for the iPhone 4 (Retina Display)
- Updated built-in dictionary to the latest version of CC-CEDICT
- Minor UI changes

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HippoDICT Plus is a Chinese-English dictionary that seamlessly integrates online and offline resources in a clean, elegant, and ultra-fast interface.

Built into HippoDICT is the popular 95,000+ entry CC-CEDICT dictionary, augmented with Zhuyin pronunciations, character etymology, and a super-fast lookup engine. And if you can't find something in the built-in dictionary, HippoDICT gives you one tap access to the best online resources - Dict.cn, Google Dictionary, MDBG, Nciku, and Yellowbridge - something that no other dictionary offers.

HippoDICT also has Decks - a simple but powerful organization and learning tool. Arranging entries into Decks is a great way manage commonly used terms and to help with building your vocabulary!

Visit http://hippodict.com for more information and to see HippoDICT in action.


- 95,000+ entry built-in dictionary with both Simplified and Traditional characters.
- Zhuyin and pinyin pronunciations.
- Search by characters, pinyin, zhuyin, or English.
- Character etymology.
- Top-notch speed and performance.
- Intelligently ranked search results.
- One-touch web integration with Dict.cn, Google Dictionary, MDBG, Nciku, and Yellowbridge.
- Decks for organizing and managing common searches.
- Flashcards for every deck.
- Add your own custom entries to any deck.
- Backup and restore decks to and from your computer.
- SuperMemo-based learning system.
- View any character in full screen mode.
- Clean, elegant, and intuitive interface.
- Supports iOS 4 fast app switching.


- Wired.com
- "Best Reference Apps Money Can Buy" in iPhone Life magazine

Customer Reviews

  • Backup does not work

    by Mick6777

    I love it except the backup does not work. Also, you need to ask Chinese friends to choose the right word, there are several choices for every word. But once you do this the flashcards are very helpful.

  • one major flaw

    by TNTz9

    This Chinese dictionary, regardless of the rave reviews, has one major flaw, and it is a flaw of almost all Chinese dictionary apps--it's based on CE-CEDICT dictionary, and that underlying dictionary displays the old characters for many characters that have been simplified. Doesn't matter that you have set options on iPhone, or even for the specific app, to the official simplified character set of mainland China. Many of the old characters are displayed. It's very unfortunate that so many Chinese dictionaries take the cheap route and just use this CE-CEDICT.

  • perfect tool for building vocab

    by Anh Nguyen

    I have tried other chinese dictionaries in the market and have to agree that although HippoDICT doesn't look like it has much bells and whistles, it's simply the best tool to use every day. I love how the desks feature lets you conduct flashcard exercises based on characters/pinyin/ or meaning. So it's totally up to you to focus on recognizing a set of useful characters or focus on learning pinyin/meaning only. I also like that you can easily break down words, learn one character only or find all words containing that character. The app can be improved if it uses some higher quality chinese dictionary database rather the free ccdict database since ccdict contains entries that are a bit outdated and are lack of examples. Still, from a 1-year chinese learner and interaction designer's view point, I highly recommend the app!

  • HippoDict is awesome.

    by JustCharlie

    I actually bought HippoDict accidentally - I thought I'd gotten it a year ago when I wrote a blog post comparing different Chinese/English dictionaries on iPhone so I clicked "buy" thinking that I wouldn't be charged. It turned out okay though since I discovered that HippoDict is the best dictionary on my iPhone now (I have Qingwen, KTDict, Qingwen, etc). I'm glad that the app is still in development and you're adding new features - I'll definitely write a new blog post to promote HippoDict itself. Thanks!

  • great addition of the custom entries!

    by ablackfeather

    Thank you for the update. Just imported all my decks from my orig. iPhone onto my iPhone 4. I was afraid I'd have to enter everything all over again (which would've been good practice anyhow). Great update!

  • very nice

    by lonnychu

    This app is indeed quick. It's also easy to use and has some nice extra features. I like the search results and details that give radical and strokes in addition to definition and pronunciation. I love that you can get web information about your search term and it stays within the app without popping out into Safari. Kudos for that design. Good extensive help is also included. I haven't used the decks feature much, but I can definitely see how they would be useful for creating custom collections of words. Overall, a very nice app.

  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use

    by Hue Chen

    It's got what you would expect of a Chinese e-dictionary (multiple ways to look up words, vocabulary cards/decks, etc.), plus a number of nice touches -- like a large database (including some proper names), easy switch from traditional to simplified characters, and quick cross-reference to web-based dictionaries. A little inconvenient to enable the Chinese input language by going back to the iPhone settings menu (rather than within the app), but it's a one-time setup, so not a big deal. Overall, great app...I'll be using it often!

  • Research Associate, Mom

    by ehorng

    Great app! Easy to use and very useful.

  • China Expat

    by cbhexplore

    Excellent program! Quick, simple and to the point. Translates English to Chinese and Chinese to English. Has taken my communication in China to another level!

  • Great for learning new vocabulary

    by Spydergrasshopper

    Easy to use. Especially love the ability to create my own flashcards and test myself.

  • #1 App for Students studying Chinese

    by tetrisattack

    This dictionary truly shines in its simple, yet powerful user interface. And, it's *fast*. I used DianHua (free) before this, but this dict clearly wins in not only additional features, but in speed as well. Edit: The new version now has flashcards! This new feature has tremendously helped with my character reading and writing memory. Flashcards combined with everything else makes this app a must-have for any student studying Chinese. To the devs: you have a homerun quality app! All you need to do now is advertise more, and you'll get more downloads for sure.

  • Convenient and fast dictionary

    by sjtraveller

    This app is clean and easy to use. It'll be very helpful to me when I'm travelling.

  • Solid!

    by gampell

    Smooth and easy to use

  • My Go-To Dictionary

    by LifetimeLearner

    Having looked at many of the other Chinese-English dictionaries on the App Store, HippoDict is still my Go-To dictionary. It's fast, has an intuitive UI, returns relevant results in a useful format (e.g. quickly drill down to character definitions, or extend searches to the web), and has a solid vocab-list capability ("decks"). The underlying database is based on CC-CEDICT, so this dictionary works offline and the vocabulary set is quite large & up-to-date. Five stars.

  • Great app!

    by mts456

    Nice interface to a handy reference, plus seamless integration with additional online resources. Great app!

  • terrible

    by TheDiscoMan


  • Totally waste of money

    by moonwolf0463

    I can't believe it costs me more than $14, I think this can not even be called a "dictionary",it can only be called "translation". Google translation or Bablefish is even better. Maybe it's useful to find pinyin of Chinese words for English speakers,but to a Chinese speaker like me, it's totally useless.

  • Get Pleco instead

    by Raesu

    Support does not respond to emails, and $10 is stupid for a free dictionary. Pleco is just as fast, many more features, expandable with more dictionaries, and support responds to you within hours- not to mention an active forum. Wish I had known about pleco before buying this.

  • can't backup

    by g3423

    you can't backup your decks even though they say you can---and the company won't reply to questions. there are other apps that a better for the money and will help if you have a problem.

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