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Personalised Search for highlights/notes, iAds.

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Super fast search and navigation. NIV, NKJV, KJV, ESV, NLT, Amplified, Message and more. Get explanation with free 15-day trial to commentaries, dictionaries and Strong's concordance. Sync data to

eBible App Helps You Engage the Bible More
* Beautifully rendered page-flip simulates real book experience
* Journal notes and search them by keywords
* Highlight an entire verse or on individual words, like a real book
* Layer highlights on top of another including underlining
* Fastest navigation - type 'R' and see all books starting with R.
* Reading plans and devotionals to help you stay engaged
* Sync to the cloud - access all your data on our website ( and other devices
* Study tools - concordances, commentaries and dictionaries (in-app purchase)
* 40+ Bible translations including NKJV, ESV, NLT, MSG, AMP, NASB, KJV and more.

What our users say:

“Best bible to read from. This is the most aesthetically pleasing bible to read from. Simple, smooth, and I like how you can scroll through a book and the titles of each section to find a story, event, or the account that you are looking for. Especially like the breakdown of Strong's number and definitions of each word in a verse which allows you to study the whole verse in one quick, convenient fatal sweep... and get cross references and Matthew Henry's take on it... all in one place! Awesome!” -- Seen003, Apr 9, 2012

“Excellent Bible App!!!! - I have used a number of the Bible apps available...and find this new version to be my favorite! What I really like: closest look/feel to a paper Bible (the fonts and layout is the most realistic I've seen), when highlighting a verse or section you get not only a "copy" function, but direct access to the commentaries, references to the Strong's concordance, and cross-references that make this Bible a really viable study tool, as well! Also, the Bible versions are robust enough for almost all users, with downloadable versions...Bottom-line...this Bible App has, IMHO, moved into the forefront in this category! At the price...who can say "no" to at least trying it, if not making it the one you go to for Bible reading and study!?!?” -- MacTombo, Nov 29, 2011

Customer Reviews

  • Good but some functions relies on internet connection

    by Jmstszkch

    I bought the ESV (for offline use) & commentary feature of this app. The good: Book layout to help get a better bearing of the location in the Bible. It has a social media feature. If you like a discussion for a question, you can post it and it can generate discussions with other users. The bad: Search engine relies on the internet. If you are in a bible study or small group with out internet connection, don't bother using the search engine.

  • Awesome Bible App

    by Rhonrob2000

    I just love everything about ALL it's features. Love the page turning feature and personalization aspects. Happy with all the versions included too! Great Job!

  • Great app

    by Majumuro80

    I use this app daily. I would recommend it!

  • Great app!

    by Growler44

    Use this app every day. The best.

  • Simple to use

    by Personwritingbothersomereview

    I love how easy I can use this and stay up to date with a reading plan.

  • Happy is the man that finds wisdom and the man that gains understanding

    by Marlon Chardon

    This bible is awesome it helps to clarify verses that I don't understand. It digs deep into the verse. Thank you eBible you obviously understood that Gods people were perishing from lack of knowledge.

  • Outstanding

    by Dave_young@me .com

    Easy to navigate, read and understand. A blessing for me! Thank you! Bb

  • Jan 24, 2014 update

    by Agnes Leyburn

    I don't know what they fixed with this update, but my eBible still always opens to Genesis 1:1, not to the last place I was reading. Also, although they changed the intrusive, ugly red marginal question marks to grey, they did not get rid of them altogether. Or make them optional so far as I can tell. My problems with this app probably are that I don't really need a Bible APP. I just want a Bible.

  • Great app

    by JDItR

    My favorite bible app. I have one other & I used to go back & forth but with the last few tweaks they've made, this is the only one I've used for quite awhile. Love It!

  • Pat

    by Tx Chick Lovin Jesus

    I LOVE THIS APP!! I have every version at my finger tips. It's great in a Bible study, devotional time or study! It is a blessing!!!

  • Great bible!

    by Kseafous

    I recommend

  • Quick app

    by MightyMatt524

    This app is one of the quickest bible apps I have used. It also has great access to the Matthew Henry and Strongs Dictionary. The only problem I have is when trying to copy and Paste a verse.

  • Excellent Bible

    by Almostover2

    Love the reading plans & lay out. Easy to use and very helpful in my studies.

  • Great app!

    by Sylviabech

    Very convenient to use with a quick search application.

  • Great B.I.B.L.E

    by GiantC16

    This bible has not given me any problems:) i highly recommend this one over all the others on the App Store :) Get this one

  • Awesome

    by NHF1979

    I love the text literally breaks it down in the NLT version. I also like the fact that there is more than one version.

  • Niv

    by Tranformed


  • Phenomenal

    by HorseDick15517

    Honestly, this is the best bible app I've ever used. I love the (?)s that appear in certain sections. It answers all the questions I could possibly have, especially the Old Testament. Also, I love the reading plans. Honestly, it's a great APP. I just wish there wasn't a cost for the commentaries!

  • eBible

    by richard avila

    Great app loving it God Bless

  • Geared to Read

    by Moosewitlessprotect

    The bible helps are excellent. Reading devotions have never been better because I can pick the daily readings geared for my style and speed!

  • Bible app

    by eblack70

    I love this app, I have it on my IPad I love all the features that comes with it an it encourages me to read more because of all the great features that it has.

  • Have Bible Will Travel

    by Grace-alive

    I really enjoy this app. The daily devotional plans are great. I start my day with this.

  • App closes

    by User616

    The app is great!... Except when it randomly closes on my iPad mini while reading and when I reopen it goes back to Gen 1:1!

  • Good bible app

    by Wagegirl

    I like this bible. It's not fancy but does the job. I like the complementary study helps - John Henry commentary. You can sign up for daily reading plans or verses delivered to your email.

  • ebible

    by Sweet back .

    This bible is very helpful & easy to use.I would love to see the words of JESUS in red letters. It is a very good bible to use. Thank you & have a great year in our LORD.

  • Best Bible App for Study

    by Skilled Biz Consulting

    This app is wonderful!!!

  • Simply the best.

    by KDU_Days

    Super fast searching of scripture. Can highlight individual words and not just the entire verse. Being able to flip pages like a book is natural and intuitive. Simply beautiful, elegant, and easy to use. Look no further. This is it.

  • Greatness

    by Matt whoso

    The Word more accessible!!! Great invention you have revolutionized my study time!!! I can do in a few minutes what had before taken hours!!!! Praise God

  • Good Bible

    by Fullmarkt

    This is a very good bible. I am pleased with it.

  • Great App

    by Visionairearmy

    Great App

  • Best Bible App

    by Joel Wright

    Getting better all the time... My wife and I use this app in church and to minister outside the church. It's fast and it's ready when you need to look up that certain passage. notes, highlights, and concordance search make this the most useful and easy to use Bible app on the market today!

  • Useful!

    by TeoMas

    I like that are links to cross references and study tools that are easily accessible from within the app. Very useful for anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of the scriptures.

  • Love!!! Great app

    by Karen Awunyo

    I recommend to all. Has all translations and works offline. Looks like a real bible. You can flip pages.

  • Good App!

    by Peachesws

    This is a good app. The personalization is really cool and the bible reading is good with many selections. I would like to see a bible reading plan that has Old/New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs combined in a daily read.


    by Superninja00

    I won't let me change the picture it will LITERALLY shut the app down!!!!!! When you fix the prob. then I take away the bad review.

  • .....

    by tamskr

    I love this app. It helps me find what I'm looking for in the bible. I also subscribe to the e-mail feature which gives a daily verse and also people's questions for discussion.


    by Savage for Savage

    EBIBLE IS GREAT! At the touch of a finger, you can find a "Word", cross reference it, get the Hebrew, or Greek definition, and much more. I love it! Amazing tool for those who love to study, to show themselves approved by God... Rightly dividing The Word of Truth!

  • How?

    by Charltonwest

    How do you Undo highlighting and Undo the underlining?? Anybody??

  • Ebible

    by DurtiRedd

    I really enjoy having access to so many versions of the Bible...especially The Message Bible

  • Glory to God

    by R.Woodruff

    It's so amazing to have the word in so many options available. I love The Message version because it is clear cut straight to the point or if I need in depth understanding I can choose The Amplified version. I love my eBible!

  • Awesome app

    by David lee21

    I love and thank to one who made this app.

  • eBible is just superb

    by ksampong

    I don't know about you, but eBible works for me. I get a quick access to any verse I want: it enables me to copy, allows bookmarking, allows me to make notes, and also highlight. What else does anyone want a Bible to do?

  • E-Bible

    by C. Cole

    Very very good, Praise GOD.

  • Great

    by tilleigh

    I found this app the one I most frequently use. Easy to navigate and responds quickly.

  • ebible

    by Vicky Zachary

    I am really enjoying this bible it's better then glow bible ,wow thank you ,God bless

  • Ebible

    by igsbaboobola!

    Was great when I first installed it. Best App of it's kind until I lost my version with my markings. This was the only app that would share properly with fb. I seem to have gotten my NIV back. But am enjoying NLT for now. Easier to use than you version.

  • I love it!!!!

    by Jkirve

    I love this Bible especially it's functionality and different translations

  • Too expensive

    by mrserven

    The app has a lot of potential. However, after using all the features for a few weeks, you then must purchase them. The dictionary, concordance and commentary are all expensive and can be found more cheaply as their own apps.

  • Love it

    by Hattie Mae 2012

    I appreciate this app it teaches you and makes the bible easier to understand, yes it has some bad days but overall I like it alot

  • Great easy to follow. The highlight feature doesn't work sometimes.

    by Terri Davis

    Love it, it is easy to follow. Define, underline, highlight and all that comes with it makes it an easy travel Bible.

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