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A Year of Daily Wisdom Perpetual Calendar, by internationally acclaimed author and lecturer Marianne Williamson, is now available for your iPhone or iPod Touch. With this app, Marianne brings you illuminating words and insights that you can apply to your life year after year.

"We seek an ancient God and a modern God. However disparate our personalities and interests, we all agree on one very important point: Mankind has come to a major crossroads, at which the spirit alone can lead us toward human survival.

We see God when we observe Him. When we do not put our attention on Him, we do not see the effects of His existence. It is in consciously observing Him that we create a world in which there are holy things to be observed.

There is a spiritual renaissance sweeping the world. It is a revolution in the way we think. May the thoughts that I present in this calendar contribute to your own spiritual and emotional awakening."

- Marianne Williamson

Start each day on a positive note. Email illuminating messages to friends. Enjoy!

With A Year of Daily Wisdom Perpetual Calendar app you can:
- Experience 365 daily entries with illuminating words and insights
- Browse through the entire calendar by swiping
- Access any date with a few touches
- E-mail Marianne's messages to friends
- Save a page to your Photo Library and make it your wallpaper

Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer. She has published eight books, four of which—including the mega bestseller A Return to Love, and her latest, Everyday Grace—have been #1 New York Times bestsellers. A popular guest on numerous television programs such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, and Charlie Rose, Marianne Williamson has lectured professionally since 1983. In 1989, she founded Project Angel Food, a meals-on-wheels program that serves homebound people in the Los Angeles area. Today, Project Angel Food serves over 1,000 people daily. Ms. Williamson also co-founded the Global Renaissance Alliance (GRA), a worldwide network of peace activists. The mission of the GRA is to harness the power of nonviolence as a social force for good.

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Customer Reviews

  • Marianne's 365 Days of Awesome

    by Writerem

    Marianne Williamson continues to inspire us all with her thoughtful and insightful teachings. She reminds us all that miracles are everywhere.

  • Wonderful

    by Katapants

    Wonderful use it throughout the day!

  • So incredibly positive and uplifting...

    by Moniquelm

    These daily thoughts are wonderful. I was familiar with Marianne before I started reading The Course in Miracles, but it has changed my life in just a few short weeks and having access to daily tidbits via my phone is even more of a gift. Many blessings to her and to all who helped create this!

  • The power of Marianne Williamson's guidance at your fingertips

    by BHeintz

    App is very user friendly and the messages are invaluable.

  • A great way to start the day!

    by SheLittle

    I love Marianne Williamson and her teachings. I just wish there would be more "books" in the the App Store! Also in iPad format.

  • Great Rudder in the Storm

    by StrutNow

    I enjoy turning to these statements to help shift my perspective & offer solace when my mindset is less hopeful & bright.

  • Awesome

    by Lotus growth

    Great daily dose of grounding wisdom!

  • Sublime daily wisdom!

    by Marianne Fan

    Love this app!!!! One of the best and most inspiring! Of course I'd love and buy anything from Marianne Willamson!

  • Simple

    by Wisdom Searcher

    Basic to the point. Love it. The soul of the wisdom is not hidden with pictures. Simple wisdom

  • Amazing app!

    by CTC from NYC

    This app is a miracle, no pun intended! I read it every morning and then instantly journal about it and how it relates to my life. I have felt lighter and more at peace since starting this spiritual daily practice. Marianne is an angel and I am so grateful for her presence in the world!

  • Loving

    by Rikkikm

    Have enjoyed Marianne Williamson for a long time. this is great for tapping into ideas from her and ACIM I've absorbed over the years.

  • Thought Provoking

    by Xmasinhi

    Love the ideas and messages! The daily meditations are a great way to start my day.

  • Love it!

    by Tatimodelo

    she is amazing and is like opening my eyes to the truth everyday.

  • Inspirational start to the day

    by DanoShah

    I read these before I "dive" into my daily emails and inundate myself with the world. A great way to keep perspective and start the day off.

  • Daily Wisdom

    by Orea22

    Makes my morning shine

  • Love waking up to this

    by Krisaham23

    One of the first things I do in the morning now is look at this app. Such a simple idea, but it adds such a nice touch to my day. Short, daily reminders and inspirations.

  • Simple, direct and inspirational.

    by Professor Ghost

    More importantly, useful for my daily practice.

  • Good App!

    by DesertBird3

    This app is a good way to start the day! Very positive!

  • Essential wisdom.

    by PemaAnanda

    I use this app every morning to start my day aligned with Love.

  • Love it

    by Suebee23

    Keeps me focused on the change I need to work on on the inside.

  • Marianne is the Best

    by Michael P NYC

    I love getting a little bit of Marianne every day

  • Uplifting!

    by imdiva

    It is wonderful to have a positive message delivered everyday to keep you grounded or reset your mind in moments of difficulty.

  • Love it!!!!!

    by R Jenise

    These daily inspirations are life changing!! See only with the eyes of love and live in the kingdom right now!!! I truly believe that you'll never know that God is all you need until he's all you have left. As a result, we must be great for Every moment of our lives, no matter how tragic, leads us to Our current level of awakening and beyond. Thank you Marianne, you are an inspiration!!!!!

  • peace of mind

    by beachbumchix

    look fwd to reading this daily. always get my day started right and reminds to read the course and do the work. together they keep me on the right peaceful track.

  • Recommend

    by PeaceandStillness

    Love the inspiring words!!

  • Very inspiring!

    by Tink M

    Great daily wisdom reminder!

  • Great Wisdom

    by Golf Philosopher

    Love to read it everyday.

  • Inspiring

    by Ttpamt

    Thank you Marianne!

  • Inspiring, stimulating, grounding

    by paschied

    I thoroughly enjoy these daily words of encouragement and guidance from Marianne. They motivate me to pause and reflect whenever I turn to them during my day.

  • Peace in the Chaos

    by GigiRisley

    Marianne starts the day with messages of love, peace, reaffirming priorities, realigning your perspective.

  • Exactly what you expect

    by Jasminep

    A daily dose of the best of Marianne Williamson! If you love daily inspiration and are prepared to grow. You will not be disappointed.

  • Inspiring

    by MarcieJ

    Improves my thoughts for the day! Love this woman , she's so inspirational

  • Great!

    by Mary Beth Holloway

    I've been using this app for 2 years and still love it! Great spiritual tool and great way to start the day. I wish there were more apps like this.

  • Great way to start the day!

    by iMommax2

    This provides a great nugget of inspiration to get the brain started on the right track!

  • Thanks, this app is inspirational!

    by Shelley astro

    I would highly recommend it!

  • Love it!

    by ferntexas

    Great daily focus. Perfection. Needs to update to iphone os6 so can take a photo to camera roll. But thats minor

  • Wonderful!

    by LindaLou18

    Each message brings me closer to 'home'. Home to my authentic self, as well as, embracing and rejoicing in the knowledge that we are all One

  • Inspirational

    by Kairbear

    A wonderful way to begin each day with spiritual thoughts to ponder.

  • Wonderful.

    by JWC1976

    Best app.

  • Inspirational!

    by Willfull1

    I love these daily inspirational pick-me-ups. Love Marianne Williamson too!

  • Inspirational

    by DwMe

    Each idea is presented in a succinct yet complete form providing inspiration to carry with you throughout each day.

  • Returns me to Love

    by Dave K dk

    Simple reminders which return me to thoughts of love.

  • Love this app!

    by VtaJamie

    This is how I start my Day, Everyday!

  • Love Marianne

    by Fryedlyzard

    Pretty much anything from Marianne Williamson speaks to me, so having her in my pocket all the time is awesome! The app is great!

  • Great

    by Melos Chula

    Look forward to reading them

  • Love this app!!!

    by Alyse L.

    Love this app and, if they added a way to save favorites, I would give it 10 stars!!!

  • Best apps

    by Bobonno

    It is a good way to start you day. Can't do without it. Good work.

  • Inspiration!!!!

    by Sassymak

    Thought provoking! I need reminders somedays that life is joyful if you allow it!

  • Beautiful words of encouragement

    by Kc21499

    Words received at just the right time!!

  • Marianne is the best

    by Charles Robert DAVIDSON

    As always, Marianne Williamson delivers.

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