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World's finest quotes collection!

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.
- Herm Albright
There never was a good war or a bad peace.
- Benjamin Franklin
Do not worry about your problems with mathematics, I assure you mine are far greater.
- Albert Einstein
To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
- Ralph Emerson
The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not.
- Mark Twain

23000 GREAT QUOTES features quotes from celebrities authors, politicians, philosophers, movies, books and more. It's the perfect application where you can find inspiration when you need it, helps you motivate a friend when he or she needs it, and where you find the most famous, wise and eternal thoughts that were ever said.

• 23,000+ quotes
• 7,000+ authors
• No internet connection required

• Favourites section for your favorite quotes
• Search quotes by keywords
• Browse quotes by author, with ability to search
• More quotes by an author, with a single click

• Facebook
• Twitter
• E-mail
• Copy to clipboard

• Retina artwork
• E-mail All Favorites

Works in FRAME mode with
• Favourites or Random quotes
• Date and Time
• Adjustable time for quotes changing

• Author info for most of the authors
• Easy navigation
• Beautiful and intuitive design


Customer Reviews

  • Quotes good; Ads terrible.

    by joelheffner

    Eliminate the ads. Glad to pay to remove annoying ads.

  • Most diverse quotes, most annoying ads

    by firecrossthesynapse

    I have many books on quotations in my library and have tried many apps, but I find that most would omit certain quotes in order to promote some pellucid agenda. This quote app did not thus adequately represents a wealth and diverse compendium of ideas. However, the ads and new font make it impossible to enjoy this app. I would gladly pay to get rid of these noisome ads.

  • Oh how I HATE ads

    by ME3.14159265

    This app has ads at the bottom of every page. I'd gladly pay to remove them, but there is no option for that. The UI is also clumsy at best, and the option to send all your favorites at once by email crashes on my iPhone. They fixed that in the (OS7?) iPad version -- now there is NO option to email all your favorites. BUT, when I want to look up a quote I have heard, this is the Quote app that is most likely to have it. For quotes in general, the selection seems rich. For that they get 3 stars. Give me a better UI, remove the Ads, and I would happily pay $2-3. Really. This content in better wrapping would be worth that.

  • Was great, now grating!

    by pet5248

    Loved this app until the addition of annoying ads with no way to buy out. They are truly aggravating. I would happily pay to eliminate them.

  • Great app - thank you

    by Raparrott

    I enjoy this app - often. I hope this update fixes the only problem I've experienced over the years - crash on opening. It has happened maybe three times. The only way to fix it has been to delete it and download again. But you lose all your favorites and have to start all over again. I've been waiting for months for this update hoping by not deleting it, but just updating, I'll keep my favorites and it won't crash out on opening. If this bug fix is not included, please fix it.

  • Good

    by Barryu

    Very good

  • Great app

    by Bangladesh , Dhaka

    Thanks to the person who give his effort to make this nice app.

  • Very nice and fun app

    by Karljmorgan

    I love to browse quotes. It reminds me how special we all are. This app works very well for that.

  • Great

    by Holden657

    Really great, love it

  • Great App

    by Flyguybrien

    Not as well organized as my other quote app but I always find a great quote. I use it often.

  • Excellent and simple

    by Atif Hameed

    5 star

  • Great app

    by Adam Zellmer

    Easy to search, large library, deep thoughts. A few grammar and spelling errors every now and then but nothing bad enough to be rated any lower than five stars.

  • Exactly what I wanted thank you for developing.

    by Sherri Rudeen

    To the developers. THANK YOU.

  • Great Quotes

    by CTC with pleasure

    Great Quotes is truly Great! Just visit to discover humor, insight and wisdom. I'm sure a lot of hard work was required for development. One problem and my finding for a fix: After sending a group of favorites, if the app screen freezes, then completely turn off the iPhone showing the off slider. Then restart with the Apple logo showing and return to Great Quotes an enjoy.

  • Quotes


    Good app for what I use it for...I recommend it...

  • Great

    by Maxim Gregory Nartker


  • Very good and fun app

    by spc3000

    Neat app but there are many grammatical errors.

  • Review

    by Dennis.pomroy

    Super App! I refer to it almost daily.

  • Quotes

    by yash92

    Lots of good quotes.

  • Bad

    by Catty meows

    When you share a quote on twitte. It doesn't show up on your profile.

  • You RUINED a great App With Blinking, Obnoxious Ads!!!

    by Bigdog in Montana

    This was one of my favorite " Go-To" Apps for quotes on hundreds of topics, until.... With the recent update, Obnoxious Blinking Ads (for games & other apps) appear on the home page the second you open the app! Making matters worse, the blinking ads don't go away... they just change from one ad to another!!! Try reading & dissecting the meaning of a profound quote with a bright orange lifesaver candy blinking at you!!!!

  • Ads arrived, I left

    by WashRinseRepeat

    Was a good app, now flashing ads are too annoying. I'm out.

  • No ads, please

    by Marmee Dear

    I love this app except for the annoying ads. I would be happy to pay for an option to buy out. If it is not forthcoming soon, I will find another app to use and uninstall this one. It is that annoying. I would give this app 5 stars without the ads.

  • (From) No Ads: 5 Stars (To) Ads: 2 Stars

    by Dan Ben

    I searched through every quote app that existed in the app store to find the most beautiful and simple . This app beat all others . But now, in the middle of the immersive simplistic beauty are ugly, flashing, distracting, disruptive, and intrusive ads . This lost a lot of the respect previously earned . This ad adding update got the developer paid at the expense of the user .

  • (From) No Ads: 5 Stars (To) Ads: 2 Stars

    by Dan Ben

    I searched through every quote app that existed in the app store to find the most beautiful and simple . This app beat all others . But now, in the middle of the immersive simplistic beauty are ugly, flashing, distracting, disruptive, and intrusive ads . This lost a lot of the respect previously earned . This ad adding update got the developer paid at the expense of the user .

  • Used to be 4-stars

    by RML1979

    This version introduces annoying ads. Great collection of quotes, poor implementation of the UX and no option to bid out of ads in your face now. In addition, the ads deliberately pop underneath your finger whilst scrolling through quotes. The author is clearly tricking people into sending them ad revenue. Pathetic.

  • Frozen and not working since the update

    by glo1798

    This app is frozen and not working, don't download this!!

  • Great product

    by Kauai family

    Easy to use and navigate.

  • Don't repeat quotes

    by flaminpup

    Not cool

  • Quotes !!

    by scba

    It is nice to get the name of those great quotes we heard overt the year. A good App.

  • Quotes

    by Xavier Bryant

    I enjoy the app! It's great!

  • Great app

    by RockerCbick

    Lots of quote apps out there, this one is very beautiful, and the quotes are better that the others. Very happy with this app.

  • Used to be good. Now...FAIL!!!

    by 1dopbloke

    Crashes n sends u back 2 home screen EVERYTIME for last 2 weeks. It was a great app n i used it all the time. Now...not so much. 1 more day until i uninstall forever. There's too many quote apps to deal with this BS.

  • Media specialist

    by Cordele64

    Love this AP. Use it a lot

  • Nice!

    by Christina Moss

    A lot of quotes! Some short some long, i like short. Very handy app.


    by Colonel (P) Jones

    Okay this is exactly what you need every morning & every night. This app is very impressive. I wish the arrows to scroll next & previous would be larger. Update larger arrows.

  • This is amazing

    by Friodcawip

    Good everyone should get this

  • Quotes

    by 65/83Me

    Inspirational app. Gives you something to think about.

  • Quotations

    by Vnall

    This app has very good potential. Unfortunately it doesn't do what I want it to do. I want to add the quotations I have gathered over the past three decades. Perhaps this will be added later? Also I would like to email WYSIWYG not just the words. Recommend for someone who does not have a collection of quotes and desires a resource to draw upon.

  • Content vs View

    by BeccaMG1708

    It has a lot of quotes, even some that i'd never had imagined. The interface is really poor though.

  • Nice app

    by Somps

    This is a very nice app. You can also search by person.

  • Buena app para aprender

    by Cesh24

    Y pasar el rato leyendo frases de diversas personalidades

  • Great app!

    by Saintsand21

    Interesting and informative!!

  • Quotes

    by Mac's@

    OK nothing special needs categories.

  • good

    by voice dreamer

    very nice app.

  • Great & inspiring collection

    by Eastwoog32828

    Great Quotes but this is the third time the app has stopped -just wouldn't open. Repurchased each time but lost my favorites library. Really annoying! Update June 2013. Mow this is the 4 th time the app refuses to open. Favorites gone again. Not repurchasing again. Worthless to have an app, invest in culling favorites, then have it consistently crash. If it would take zero stars I would rate it that.

  • Good, Needs Improvements

    by RNC Productions

    Great concept and overall execution, but there are many grammatical and punctuational errors across the board. The thought of addressing each is daunting. It'd also be welcomed to see some basic developer attention directed at updating it for the 4" screen size of iPhone 5.

  • Looking good

    by Jppido

    Great if you do a lot of presentations. I read them every night also

  • Great way to start or end a day.

    by LorMurf

    Love it!!! Relaxes me.

  • Awesome tool, use it all the time

    by Choi-Boi

    I look so much smarter using it. Comes in handy so many times, so many ways. Love it, indispensable!

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