Daily Concise Japanese-English/English-Japanese Dictionary Reference App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: NEC BIGLOBE Ltd.

Cross-dictionary linking feature added.



One of the top selling Japanese-English/English-Japanese dictionary, Sanseido's Daily

Concise Japanese-English/English-Japanese Dictionary is now available on iOS!

With about 163,000 words (English-Japanese:85,000, Japanese-English:78,000), you will

find the best matching words, phrases and expressions that native English speakers

actually use.


-Multiple search options
Incremental search lets you find the word you are not sure about how to spell.
Choose from Begin With, End With or Full text to narrow down the results.
Specifies Words, Idioms or Phrases to narrow down the results.
Voice search is available with Siri(iPhone4S or later OS required).

-Choosing text lets you;
Jump to the result page.
Copy and paste it to mail or memo.
Highlight and save.

-Bookmark, history
Bookmark the page you want to save. You can create and rename the folders to manage

Search history and Viewed history are automatically stocked in the app. You can erase

them anytime later on.


-iOS 5.0
-iOS 4.3 or later

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