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The AS3 API Reference provides a reference for ActionScript 3 API class documentation. The application provides the ability to access ActionScript 3 documentation from anywhere, online or off.

Features include:

-API Documentation for Adobe Flash Player 10, Adobe Flex 3.2, and Adobe AIR 1.5.
-Ability to search and filter by class name.
-View complete API class reference entries.

Customer Reviews

  • It's somewhat useful.

    by Kyle Sebion

    I like this app, but I use Flash CS4 for developing AS3 apps. This app does include all the fl.* packages I've used so far, but under different package names. However, the adobe reference online uses the correct package names. I look forward to the update that allows you to select the application you are using for swf development, so that the package names are correct, and the reference is identical to adobe's website. Otherwise the application has been useful when I'm not on a computer.

  • Excellent App

    by R Hollencamp

    It does what it is supposed to do, and does it well; it never claims to be a flash player so stop complaining that it isnt

  • I don't understand it, but...

    by MMarkP

    I'm a professional programmer on other platforms, and although I don't really understand this, I can see how it could really be useful, so I'm giving it 5 stars. No, this app won't get flash to work on your iPhone, but you can google "flash player iPhone" to learn more. Don't give this app low scores just because you don't understand what it does.

  • Update please...

    by Jclaine

    This is documentation for an out of date API. Please update, this could be even handier to have on the persons at all time.

  • Nice and fast

    by pd-defender

    Very nicely done! Would be even cooler if there were filtering options, i.e. to exclude Flex or Air only entries.

  • Perfect Developer's Tool

    by ImJake9

    As a Flash developer, I am thrilled to have this app! It's so easy, and it's really useful. As for you non-developers, quit complaining. It's a sweet app. Maybe not for you, but to us, it's a godsend. Thanks so much!

  • A++++

    by tfarnon

    how can you not love mike chambers.

  • Great reference

    by PurdueProfG

    This is a good reference for AS3. I would recommend it to others writing ActionScript 3 code. Any chance you could make this app for both iPhone and iPad? Text is a little fuzzy on my iPad.

  • Handy application!

    by jonnybro

    This app comes in handy for me all the time! Any chance we could get it updated to the latest API's?

  • Awesome!!

    by Augustum

    I have been waiting for an iPhone AS3 reference forever! Thanks Mike, you are really great to the development community. Suggestions: • Filter by type (as3, mxml, air, all) • Font size option

  • Sweet

    by Djpt3

    This is just what i was looking for. Thanks for making it free :)

  • Amazing

    by JonnieSpratley

    I use this all the time, thank you. Can I get the source?

  • Superb. Great tool.

    by Rob Madole

    Thanks Mike.

  • Awesome

    by Vikesh

    Great apps thanks Mike! Tat helps me a lot to learn things while traveling

  • Fantastic!

    by cpgot

    The full AS3 API reference wherever I go! WOW! Hopefully, we can soon use it to write iPhone apps ;)


    by Jason Fincanon

    Thanks Mike! Now I can double check my thoughts on a project from anywhere I have my phone.

  • A must have for a flash developer

    by Cody-o

    When I'm stuck with a programming issue, I'm thinking about it constantly and am not always near a computer to see if my idea will even work. With this reference I can check functions and get help cementing my idea so that when I get back to the computer I'm rocking and ready to go. Great implementation for a first release. Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Excellent

    by Nitrium

    Thanks a lot for this, Mike.

  • Wow.. Great app.. Thanks for all the hard work


    Now all I need to do is learn how to implement all these new classes that I never knew even exist. If Apple could now add copy paste or an export txt selected functionality to the iphone via an email attachment or an add txt doc to folder for later syncing through AirShare or similar app, that would be great.

  • Surprisingly Useful

    by christian.cantrell

    Very responsive, and quick and easy to use. You'll use it to resolve debates or figure out implementations while eating lunch, to double-check something on the elevator, and while flying. If you're an AS3 developer, you need this app.

  • Not working

    by Roger_1983

    It is not working.

  • Blank on 5.1.1

    by Morris Cat

    Shows a list. However, clicking on any of the items results in a blank page.

  • Flash

    by The turth hurts

    This app is not a real mobile flash player like skyfire.

  • Wont work on iOS 5!

    by lgm432

    None of the menus will open on most recent iOS update. App loads, can view list of API functions, but clicking on any of them to bring up info just brings up a blank screen. Please fix!

  • It Don't Work homie

    by Compadrecon

    Hey man am I alone on this or is anyone else NOT able to see the info text? Nothing appears when I click a keyword....I'm on iPhone 4 at the current star for the awesome concept of having a reference in your pocket! Please fix!!!!

  • Umm help?!!!!!

    by Nevaeh-heaven1994

    Um how do you work this thing?!I'm confused!!!xD I can't figure it out..... I'm trying to get on a website that you have to have adobe flash player on it to work!! I'm really confused!

  • How to use it

    by Said

    Som 1 plz help me 2 use it

  • Use?

    by Tjenicek

    Idk what to do or how to use it. Help me?

  • so sexy!!!

    by Danger!!!

    i like it.

  • Awesome reference!

    by LeeDoesFlash

    Great job Mike.

  • The irony doesn't escape me

    by gerbick

    Flash AS3 reference on a platform - as of the day I wrote this - that doesn't support Flash. Works great and has been used twice already. Been closer to my iPhone than the computer and got asked a couple of AS questions. Awesome.

  • Finally!

    by mbugbee

    I love this app so much I want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant.

  • Really Useful!

    by Jakub 'Kurak' Slaby

    Really great app. Basically you could use it when you're "on the go" and have no internet connection on your laptop. Nice and easy search. A big recommend!

  • Sweet!

    by Shane Hoffa

    This is awesome! Thanks man.

  • AS3 in my pocket

    by wtf, nickname?


  • Right On!

    by DonDouthitt

    The only reason this app isn't rated at least a 4.0 is because folks don't understand it is a reference for the Actionscript language and not a mobile Flash player. Mr. Chambers has been clear about the app's purpose in the description, bit people still think it's a Flash player. I think this app is pretty nice. I wish the website was as easy to navigate. The only problem I've seen is that the window title doesn't change when I navigate to a new page via hyperlink, so it is possible to get a little lost. Still, I love having this at my fingertips.

  • Great Offline AS3 Ref

    by ArtGoesHere

    This is really handy reference on the fly when I'm not near a computer. Great for general reference or settling nerdy debates. DOES NOT RUN FLASH!! I imagine all the people who think it does can't read. Which is amazing since they can clearly still leave comments.

  • Aaaaaa!!!

    by F.I.Z.Z.

    Thank you, the man! The best app! P.s.: UPDATE, PLEASE!

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