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Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Ukrainian

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This app comes pre-loaded with an ENGLISH Bible, other languages are available for purchase within this app.

Bible Reader featuring the Amplified Bible in fully formatted text pre-loaded and ready to use even when the Internet is unavailable. Navigate by book, topic, passage, search and more. Other versions are available for purchase within this app.

* Get the most popular Bible versions
* Download Bibles for offline use
* Write and Title notes
* Highlight Bible verses in multiple colors
* Backup and Sync notes, highlights, and bookmarks to and iOS devices
* Enjoy devotional reading plans
* View fully formatted Bible text
* See words of Jesus in red (most versions)
* Navigate the Bible quickly and easily
* Explore the Bible by topics, stories and more
* Save bookmarks
* Read publisher footnotes
* Share verses and links by email, facebook and twitter
* Disable auto-lock
* Sort notes and highlights
* Keep track of your history
* Take advantage of external display support
* Sync purchases with your free just1word account
* Select Multiple Verses

* Fast and easy
* Most relevant results first
* Search the Bible by topic, passage or phrase
* Filter results to find things fast

AMP - Amplified Bible
ASV - American Standard Version
CEV – Contemporary English Version
DRB - Douay Rheims Bible
ESV - English Standard Version Bible
GNT – Good News Translation
GNTCE – Good News Translation Catholic Edition
HCSB - Holman Christian Standard Bible
KJV - King James Version Bible
MSG - The Message Bible
NABRE - New American Bible Revised Edition (In-App Purchase)
NASB - New American Standard Bible
NCV - New Century Version Bible
NIrV - New International Readers Version
NIV - New International Version Bible
NIVUK – New International Version Anglicised
NKJV - New King James Version Bible
NLT - New Living Translation Bible
NRSV - New Revised Standard Version (In-App Purchase)
NRSVCE - New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (In-App Purchase)
RSV - Revised Standard Version (In-App Purchase)
RSVCE - Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (In-App Purchase)

DHH – Dios Habla Hoy
LBLA - La Biblia de las Américas
NBLH - Nueva Biblia Latinoamericana de Hoy
NVI - La Versión Nueva Internacional
RVA - Reina Valera Antigua
RVR60 - Reina Valera 1960
RVR95 – Reina Valera 1995
TLA - Traduccion en Lenguaje Actual

AA - João Ferreira de Almeida Atualizada
ACF - Sinta-se português Corrigida (1753/1995)
ARB - سميث فان دايك الكتاب المقدس باللغة العربية
CUV -中國版聖經聯盟
CUVS -中国协和版简体圣经
DELUT - Elberfelder Bibel
IRV - Versione Italiana Riveduta (1990)
KOU -コウゴ - 屋久島
KOR -한국어 성경
LND - La Nuova Diodati 1991
LSG - Louis Segond 1910
RUSV - Русская версия Синодального
SVEN - Svenska Bibeln
SV1750 - StatenVertalings 1715 Bijbel
UKR - українського Біблійного

Customer Reviews

  • Study

    by Marie Safi

    This bible is a great study tool and easy to comprehend.

  • Awesomely RAD study bible. Great for iPhones.

    by Whoop 1 only

    The WORD stands by itself. We can become more of the kingdom of God on earth by digging deeper into His written plan book

  • Great App

    by Chappy44

    I have been impressed with the Amplified Bible for years. It's great to have it on my phone!

  • Excellent

    by Moonitz

    I have used the Amplified Bible for study most of my adult life, i am 66 now. It enables me understand the meaning of the words in there original language because many of those words do not have an equivalent word in english. It has never been easier and quicker to find my way around in your electronic edition. keep up the good work. It would be even nicer to have more cross references to other verses for illumination of the thought, like the Zondervan paper bound editions of decades past.

  • Can't Go Wrong!

    by MerryMot

    There is not one version of the word of God that you can EVER go wrong w/, because, well, its the word of God! That said, this is my first experience w/ the Amplified Version & I'm lovin' it! It brings clarity to so many verses that I have previously kinda scratched my head at. Now I, (personally), think that some of the tools could use a little tweeking, namely the highlighting tool. You have to open the helps, then open the colors THEN your able to highlight what you want! I also think the colors could use a little UMPH in the strength of their hue. Other than that it's great & I love it & look very forward to MANY happy years partaking of the scrumptiousness of His "bread of life" & drinking in this ever satisfying "living water"! I pray you will be EQUALLY as blessed!

  • Great


    I have spent many hours studying the bible for 32 years. Love the AMP. BIBLE it is by far my favorite. Thrilled to purchase this app.

  • I love this Bible!

    by GB from Oregon

    This Bible app is user-friendly and uncomplicated. Chapter and verse selection is simple, and the text font and size makes it comfortable to read. I am enjoying it very much.

  • Use This a Lot

    by BAYost

    I use this for sermon prep and presentation. So rich and really adds much meaning. Thanks!

  • Review

    by Kunsco

    I like everything about this application, it makes me to be thirsty to study the Word of God.

  • Excellent!

    by Unic yes

    Really made my bible study easy.

  • Great translations!

    by Navytoy

    One of my favorites!!

  • Good

    by Courtneyah071

    Works well, has a lot of cool features and easy to use.

  • Wonderful resource

    by Budoh

    It worked great in the past. But now it always opens in landscape layout. It is a little time consuming to rotate. Can you fix this? Thank you.

  • My favorite!

    by Aaphotodesign

    The Amplified is my favorite version and this app is very easy to navigate!

  • Amplified bible

    by Midof

    I enjoy using it and I am learning more about new features as I use it. Just found scrolling as I read.

  • Great App

    by C#1NO

    Easy to use. Great! The Word of God at its best!

  • Great app

    by BurgerBiscuit

    I love having this app on my iPad. It works great to be able to reference scripture any place I happen to be. I use it in church some but heavily with my Bible Studies

  • Wonderful insights

    by B0b2002

    I have been studying from the Amplified Bible for over 35 years. The insights it provides are wonderful. I use it in tandem with the King James Version and love it

  • Excellent app.

    by Rod Mill

    Very good app. Like it. I have learned how to use this new version and now it seems to be doing vey well. I love the ease of being able to read my Bible electronically.

  • best place to easily switch between versions

    by Sonarjm

    This is the best place to have many versions and footnotes. it's like having any Bible at your fingertips

  • Amplified bible

    by Paween62

    I really enjoy the Amplified Bible. I use it often. It really helps me understand what I am reading when I am I am having difficulty while reading KJV.

  • Bible app

    by Blathai

    I'm really loving this app.... still new to me though. I'm learning new things about it everyday!!!!! Thanks a lot !!!

  • Excellent biblical resource!

    by Esteria Miller

    Excellent biblical resource!

  • Easy to use.

    by Debclay1a

    This Bible helps me to understand the written word more clearly. It's great to be able to find a verse by subject or book of the Bible.

  • Bible.

    by Audrey nikkistacey

    This is a great bible, it is easy to use and you can understand what you are reading and it had so much more to use.

  • Excellent

    by Filling up

    A must for the one who loves the word.

  • Amp. Bible

    by Hitech22

    Excellent resource for fuller under sting of text.

  • Awesome!

    by Marsha Scott

    Love it!!

  • Good study tool

    by Isaiah5310

    This version is a good study Bible that gives you several readings for you to consider.

  • Amp,Bible

    by The mad Marx's

    Fabulous !!

  • Great App

    by gdavl

    I use this App when teaching. find the updates to be excellent. what an easy-to-use tool in communicating the word of God.

  • Love this

    by Aweav51

    I love this bible

  • Riches of God's word

    by Mike in Huntsville,TX

    I serve in prison ministry as a volunteer chaplain. Most inmates that desire to know God in a deeper way through understanding His word but are hindered by space & the money to order Bible study reference materials so I advise them to get an Amplified Bible...even if it's in paperback. I sometimes refer to the Amplified as "The Cheater's Bible" because you don't need a bunch of expensive tools to understand God's's almost like cheating.

  • Enjoy

    by Tony Loadholt

    Enjoy reading the daily word and the bible stories! I give it five stars

  • My Purchased Translations Are Split!

    by TomMcCu

    Overall, I like it very much although I'm still getting used to the latest version. One particular issue is that my Amplified translation is now in one App, and my Contemporary English is in another! It's more cumbersome to switch with now needing to close one App and then go the other.

  • Highest rating

    by jcsemp

    This used to be an elegant app. I rated it 5 star in a prior rating. Now that is not any longer true. What has occurred is the developers have added all these superfluous helps and a more cumbersome interface. The one interface quirk that really bugs me has popped up in many of the "up grades". I personally like to read in landscape this is once again not a landscape friendly app. Please fix this. You guys are the only game in town for amplified. Then, in the future if you want to add something first take out the fluff and then put in something more useful like a concordance or lexicon. Folks, it's a good app and early on it was a great app. I would still buy it today. Even though the upgrades go sideways at times.


    by Sid Bikor

    Great app, and the update even made it superb. I recommend it to all preachers and students of the bible. Thanks to developers.

  • Pros and Cons

    by D.S.C.

    I appreciate the updates that provide word definition and the additional highlighting/underlining options. However, when I did the update, it changed all of my previous highlights/categories! In addition, it is hard to delete highlights/underlining without a lot of clicking and trial and error. :-(. Overall, a little easier to maneuver than before...but very frustrated with the inability to easily control which way the text reads on my iPad (vertical or horizontal). It seems to do its own thing and changes sporadically. I'm finding I spend more time trying to figure these issues out than actually studying and enjoying...

  • What happened to my beautiful, easy to navigate Amp. Bible?

    by Seldom review.

    Some of the changes are "nice" and I'm certain that opinions differ as to which is more important to them,but that isn't the issue. Just put the tool bar for EVERYTHING possible at the TOP!!! And PLEASE make it begin in the same orientation I had it in. Once I finally get it in to landscape and try to click on 'help', the help window comes up in PORTRAIT over a landscape text. It is frustrating enough to make you pull your hair out. Please fix!!! You took a solid 5 star app and made it a one star. I'll give you a little more, but not for long. When (if) it is fixed or adequately improved, I'll give you the 5 stars.....if I haven't gone to a new app by then. "Don't fix what ain't broke....just polish it up now and again". Please fix this very soon. P.S. Lost ALL highlights, bookmarks, notes etc.

  • Excellent

    by DMorais

    It works as I expect it to. However I pretty much use it just for daily readings.

  • Amp

    by Abrazo fuerte

    Love the translation and side notes,, QueListo

  • My "In Addition To"!!!

    by TheFreakShow

    I'm not sure if the Amplified Version will ever be my primary Bible. But, I love it as a not-quite-so-identical twin to my primary. Thus, it IS the #1 electronic version I've downloaded and depend upon. I continue to prefer actually carrying my primary physical Bible with me ... feeling the weight of God's Word in my hands ... able to physically hear the pages flutter as I flip from Genesis to Revelation. Yet, my top Bible teachers have pointed me to the Amplified to connect ever deeper with the original language. I only got this version on my iPad ten days ago ... yet, have accessed it almost every single day since to add emphasis and provide clarity. For me, this is fast becoming the best Paid App I've ever purchased.

  • One (Amplified Bible)

    by Dr fron

    Clearly my favorite version. As a pastor I am recommending it to others all the time.

  • Minister

    by Faithful624

    It is awesome. I love this App. Thank you.

  • AMP Bible

    by The word is great

    Being able to take notes and different commentary makes easier to read the word. I love this Application.

  • Scott

    by Rotso O

    Just what I was looking for. This is not my main bible app nor when it comes to serious study do I make sermon notes on an app (only for reminders of what the Holy Spirit was showing me). Therefore, I don't need all the bells and whistles, just the Amplified Version.

  • Amplified Bible

    by Ceely Moore

    This is the best! I thank you for making this available. I now understand what I read in the King James Version. Knowledge is power, knowledge can only be gained by understanding. Many thanks.

  • A.B


    One of the best bible I have read.

  • amp bible review

    by ir3h

    didnt think i would like reading the bible on my phone..but i really do! and the amp version is awesome, everyone should read it! :)

  • Amplified bible

    by Gailbell2

    Love the amplified!!

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