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Emoji 2 is toolbox of unicode symbols, text styles, Emoji Tweets and clip library to enhance your social networking experience.

✔ Funny Emoji Tweets for you to post in twitter

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Allyhicks

    I love this app it is so so cool

  • Bad

    by QwertyuioopoasdfghjklZxcvbnm,.

    I can't do Instagram

  • Rate

    by Emily123:)


  • Love it

    by i43smiles

    Work for Instagram !!! Which is great:)

  • Awesome

    by Nutellalover152

    It's really cool but It's needs a update and new emojis

  • Cool...

    by Apprater005500

    Ok so I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ emoji as you can probably tell. But also I would like to know how to do things such as infinity symbols and such so if they make an app OR a keyboard for those types of things I would DEFENTlY buy something like that and I mean $1.99 buy. So that's all I got I also REALLY like the app there are a few ups and downs but every app ISN'T perfect. Thank you for reading if you did -

  • Its really good

    by Jackie101101

    I love it!! :D

  • Good icons!

    by Lisha-K

    @Bougieb75: They are Just SMILIE FACES! They have No race they're Yellow! There are no Asian or Hispanic... & so forth either!

  • by Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    New emoji 2 is a great app if you haven't got the IOS 6 upgrade....but if you have then this app is pretty much pointless! , but it is still good!! I suggest you get this app!!!...FIVE STARS!!!!(:

  • Decent

    by Carlos.00

    I like how many emojis this app has. Theyre so fun to send with my friends tht have iphones.

  • Not bad!

    by d.hobbs

    would be awesome if i could have access to the new emojis; otherwise, nice app.

  • Ehh

    by It a zer

    Don't know bout it kinda boring

  • I like it

    by Wwilz

    Emoji is awesome I like the new ones

  • The best ever

    by Richards, K.L.

    So I used to have a really good one but I deleted it I didn't want it any more so I have the  gen. and it works but just not on the search it is sooooooooo  get it NOW so many things it is better than the other  i had so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so

  • Woohoo

    by Riaaaaaaa8390

    I like the new emojis, I just wish there was an expansions on the emotion emojis.

  • Emoji2

    by Rayonte

    I love it!

  • Emoji 2

    by Tonysupreme

    Its friggin amazing !

  • good .

    by Tbabi504

    it's great but would be better if could be added onto the keyboard emojis !!

  • It's great

    by NEWYORK :D

    Wow it's awesome it's better then all the other things I've got I can copy it to fb and every chat I have

  • Awsome

    by Zacharyoscar


  • Good

    by 1345ueno

    Yeah good

  • Garbage

    by Jill Mandeville

    All these advertisements are in the background. Neeext!

  • : (

    by Stinky reviews

    It stinks

  • Does not work

    by Carsonbear1

    It does not work for Instagram

  • Settings

    by Ruru of the cats!

    Go to settings and click on general and click on keyboard and go to add then go to emoji

  • Fake don't get it

    by Mnikogosov

    Fake does not work

  • Not true

    by MiaSOBE

    Not true it doesn't work for Instagram.

  • El Amor

    by M pekeña

    t amo m corazon

  • Where is the brown people

    by Bougieb75

    This app is totally biased towards people that have African decent in other words where are the little brown people on this app??? I mean we buy the app too!!!

  • Okay

    by Rubberduckfan22

    It doesn't work well. It is not easy to use. Overall, it is okay. If you can't get technology you probably should not get it, but you can if you want to try. Trying never hurts!

  • Need help!

    by Mono Dojo

    I already had the original Emoji, and I'm not very smart... I'm 11!!!!! But I CAN'T figure out how to add the new ones!

  • Terrible

    by Riley Dillards

    All the emojis are the same as the others

  • Make full version free

    by piglet600

    Full version is awful. Words can't explain. Neither can emoji. Make it free and it might be good.

  • Doesn't open just keeps crashing!!!

    by $àñdÿ1220

    Couldn't figure out how to install it w/o uninstalling the one that comes with os5 so I just copy & pasted., now it constantly crashes & won't open after the update! What is it that u guys updated? I think u just screwed it up!

  • I hate it

    by PaultheViolator

    This is soo dumb. It's already waiting my time. God!!! I shouldnt have downloaded this. It added everything to my contacts and I can't delete it. I have to do all 399, or whatever, one by one. I hate you all!!!

  • It won't work for me

    by Deekayred

  • Review!

    by _dayxday

    Its not bad, but it's not great either. the copy and paste never stays the same..The font always goes back to normal. And it always takes forever to upload on my phone... Maybe it's just my phone but it's annoying. But in good means, I do love the choices in designs. Get it!! It's cool!!

  • So so

    by Glen75

    You can't integrate this with your keyboard options and I'll have to copie/paste every time I want to use a different emoji... it's a pain

  • Awful

    by Tummy tummy

    How do you get the key board

  • it's ok

    by K@r0L @nDr3@

    it definitely has new emoji so I'm happy wit that but it were integrated with the normal keyboard it'll be the best!! get it it better than nothing!

  • Ehh

    by Chris Chis

    If it was able to be integrated into the keyword this would be an awesome app! But I just uninstalled it cause it's a waste of space just siting on my phone being unused.

  • Downloading

    by Naiomeyoung.

    Downloading it now! Seem like a cool app!

  • Not that bad

    by RockerGirl26

    It's not too bad. They make it easy for you to send it to Twitter or messages. It also has a lot of cool options. It'd be nice if it was on the keyboard, but I still like it.

  • Junk

    by Key West/Conch

    Don't get this app. Free version and pay version.

  • Wonderful

    by pʀɪʏɑ ʀɑɪ 03

    ɪ ʟɪĸɛ pɑsтɴɢ ɪтs ɛɑsɪɛʀ ɪғ ʊ pʟɑʏ вɑĸɛʀʏ sтoʀʏ ʀɛɑʟ ғʊɴ тo pʟɑʏ ʏoʊ ɢʊʏs sʜoʊʟd ϻɑĸɛ ɑ ĸɛʏвoɑʀd

  • What the heck!

    by Elliebirdu2

    Well, this app wasted my time and a huge pain to copy and paste. Why cant it just be apart of the keyboard?! Otherwise its kinda cool

  • App

    by Jjlockoz

  • Best app EVER!!!

    by Pc4545

    I love it

  • Fraud … not free

    by MovieMagnate

    Another Fake Free emoji App! Apple, please …. shouldn't be in the free section ...

  • by Claudiadeacayucan

  • Dj.PRINCe

    by Dj.PRINCe1

    So So So BaaaaD

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