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Based on the tremendously popular Web site, the Ask Dave Taylor application offers a completely new and useful experience on your iPhone: thousands of tech support questions -- and answers! -- in the palm of your hand.

Not only that, there are hundreds of illustrated Q&A articles and tutorials on how to get the most out of your iPhone and iPod Touch, ranging from how to assign custom ringtones to friends to syncing iPhoto with your phone, to how to upload videos to YouTube, how to secure your iPhone data, find a strong wifi connection and much, much more.

If that's not enough, there are product reviews for iPhone related products and apps too, including cases, extended battery devices, and wires and cables. All one "buy now" click away.

Wait, though, there's a TON more information in this little app too, including thousands of additional Q&A articles on auctions, blogging, building web site traffic, computer basics, HTML, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, search engine optimization (SEO), Sony PSPs and other gaming systems, Linux, Windows (yes, I just said Windows!) and... hundreds and hundreds of tutorials on how to get the most out of your Mac too.

Ask Dave Taylor also includes a fast, powerful and comprehensive search system, because it'd be frustrating as heck to flip through over 2000 articles, even if you're on a super boring plane flight!

Finally, did I mention that you can ask a question from within the app too? Yep, it's the first truly interactive tech support application for the iPhone and for any mobile device anywhere on the planet.

Buy it. You won't regret it and you might just find that you're getting more out of all your electronics and computing devices before the end of the day too...

Customer Reviews

  • Very helpful!

    by BruceB1001

    Finally: a one-stop resource to answer all my geek questions about all the gadgets I own! Lots of great info; and the search tool helped me find the answers to my crazy questions quick.

  • Best $0.99 I've ever spent on an App. Great information that I couldn't find anywhere else.

    by Jeff Finkelstein

    I'm a pretty hard-core user, and even though I feel like I know my way around the iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad, I can't begin to tell you all of the great things I learned, that I didn't know to even search for on Google. Google is great if you have a specific question -- but this app allowed me to discover new things about my devices that I didn't even know what to ask. Dave Taylor writes in a way that shows that he is clearly knowledgeable about all things tech, but his words are easy for even a beginner user to understand. One thing I tend to hate about tech writers is their use of acronyms, and they 'assume' you know what they mean. Dave Taylor in this app doesn't do this... he makes information about the iPhone / iPod / iPad easy to understand, even if you don't write code for a living. And I did have a question that I couldn't find the answer to, both in Google and in the App, and emailed the Dave Taylor and had a quick response back. (If you're curious, I wanted to find out if there was a way to disable the display of your password when you purchase an App from the device, even though it's one character at a time. My six year old daughter figured it out by looking over my shoulder. The answer: ask them not to look when you type.) I've purchased a lot of apps (I just checked... I have 160 right now on my iPad), but this app ranks among the top ones I have ever purchased.

  • Solid content, solid interface

    by halfsparkle

    If you have a tech question, chances are it's in here or you can ask here. The app is well laid out and easy to navigate, and within moments of downloading, I was finding answers to questions I hadn't thought to ask. I'm used to putting up with annoying tech quirks; this app reminds me that you can DO something about them!

  • We'll be removing the ADS in v1.2

    by d1taylor

    I've heard y'all loud and clear about the ads in this app: we'll be removing them in the next update, along with adding some nifty new stuff. Do note that every time you go to a specific category of answers it does update the app (which can take a while the first time you start it up!) so it's updated every time you use it, not just when you download it here on iTunes. Other ideas for what we could do to make the app better and more useful? Let us know here or by submitting it as a question within the application itself. Thanks! Dave Taylor

  • GREAT App

    by G.M.M

    This App has saved me hours of frustration! I love having one place I can find the answers to my technical questions on my iPhone!

  • Great Content, Great App

    by CleverMedia, Inc.

    For years Dave Taylor's has provided great tech help. One of the best sites on the net. This app makes it easy to follow the latest tips, search for answers and ask you own questions!

  • Extremely useful

    by thankful321

    The quality of content on has always been stellar. Dave puts in a lot of time and effort making sure his articles are well thought out and well written. Having this content on the iPhone is extemely handy and is a fantastic tech support tool.

  • Treasure trove

    by Karmakaze KB

    I'm a hardcore iPhonista and I still found stuff I didn't know. Totally worth the money!

  • Useful? Yep, You Bet It Is!

    by JimKukral

    Within 20-seconds of downloading the app I figured out one big issue I'd been having with my iPhone that solved a big problem for me. What Dave has here is an app that solves problems. What? You don't have tech problems? This app can solve them for you.

  • Killer App! EZ to use!

    by John Jaworski

    I wouldn't expect anything less form Dave Taylor. This is a killer App, lots of USEFUL information! I wish I could get two! ;-)

  • Finally the Dave Taylor goodies on my phone!

    by Drekar

    I love apps that are actually USEFUL. The level of detail in the content just blows me away. Thanks!!

  • AD's inside a PAID APP! This APP miss's the mark in so many ways!

    by Dragon Lord 2010

    This not even worth 99 cents - just do a google search! No new info gets added???? 1) Get rid of the AD's this is a paid APP not free. Nothing is worse then trying read information when you have a banner spinning and blinking at the bottom of the page. Also your screenshots in the AD does NOT show any AD'sin the APP! 2) You need the ability to email a fix or a answer to a question we find. This way you read it later or store it for when you have time for it. 3) its all put together an not organized good at all. SAVE YOUR 99 Cents - this is WORTHLESS

  • Good and Bad

    by BetsiGreen

    First-the good: If you have a question already discussed on this Q+A design, I imagine you can get an answer. Second-the reality: If you ask a question not already answered don't be surprised if you don't get an answer. After several months of emailing question to the developer (per his instructions) I have had little, if any feedback. I started to folo the developer on Twitter prior to purchasing this app because he seemed smart and sincere in wanting to answer questions. I am dissapointed. Maybe you will have better luck with him.

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