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Seller: Helen Ginn

Some changes to Biochemistry Reference will be rolled out in a series of updates. This is the first of these planned updates. These updates concentrate on updating the content of the app and providing increased stability.

- Rewritten content for cell signalling section; major improvements to metal ions and metabolism.
- Other improvements throughout the text.
- Sections containing topics beginning with a number used to crash. This has been fixed.
- No more search crashing.
- Search functionality has been streamlined for more efficient searching.
- Viewing high resolution diagrams no longer trap you inside a topic.
- Support for iOS 7.
- Support for 4 inch iPhone screen.
- Citations no longer crash.

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~ Latest update uploaded 11/11/2013 ~

Biochemistry Reference is a self-contained series of articles for a wide range of biochemistry topics. With articles covering topics ranging from lipid chemistry to developmental biology, Biochemistry Reference was written with the biochemistry undergraduate or major in mind. This encyclopaedic app would be perfect to brush up on biochemistry before the start of your degree, help you with essays and support your revision right up to your last exam.

We really hope you like Biochemistry Reference. Our website has more details about the contents of the app, including a video app demonstration.

* 350 pages of concise biochemistry
* Quick-access references to essentials such as amino acid structures, sugars and the genetic code
* Cross-linking between pages to related topics
* Make your own notes on each page
* Comprehensive search function
* Search pages by relevant keywords and highlight relevant terms on page
* Temporarily switch off your iPhone/iPod touch's auto-lock to read without interruption
* Feedback page

Topics covered by the current version include:

* Introduction
* Thermodynamics
* Amino acids and dipeptides
* Lipids
* Nucleic acids
* Carbohydrates
* Genetic analysis
* Recombinant DNA technology
* Protein purification
* Chromatography
* Electrophoresis
* X-ray diffraction
* Nuclear magnetic resonance
* Electron microscopy
* Fluorescence
* Infrared spectroscopy
* Protein structure
* Enzymes
* Allostery
* Metals in biology
* Membranes
* Protein-nucleic acid interactions
* Bioinformatics
* Genome evolution
* Chromatin
* DNA replication
* Transcription
* Translation
* Recombination
* Glycolysis
* Citric acid cycle
* Gluconeogenesis
* Glycogen synthesis
* Bioenergetics
* Oxidative phosphorylation
* Photosynthesis
* Bacterial respiratory metabolism
* Fatty acid metabolism
* Amino acid metabolism
* Bacterial nitrogen metabolism
* Chemotaxis
* Developmental biology
* Sex determination
* C. elegans development
* Protein translocation
* Cell signalling

Credits: Helen Ginn & Benjamin Krishna.

Customer Reviews

  • A wealth of information

    by Eriptron

    There is nothing wrong with the layout design of the app. You pick the major category, then subcategory and/or process or molecule. How else can you present this much technical information? I'm glad I ignored the review that said not to buy this app as this is VERY educational and a good reference tool. The only problem I have found with the app so far is that when I select Macromolecules/Bioinformatics, the app crashes. The reference section is extremely useful. This app assumes, as it states in its introduction, that the reader already has some knowledge of Biochemistry. If it takes 10 minutes to find what you're looking for use the search feature! :-) I can find anything that is in the app in 5-10 seconds.

  • Bombs on 4th gen

    by PlantDoc

    I agree with Tony. App freezes will not return when item is opened. Please fix. New updates would be great.

  • Good for quick studying

    by PierceBradley

    The biggest problems this app had initially have been addressed by the developer so kudos there. This app is pretty much what it says it is, a biochem reference nothing more. In this role the app is pretty good and the information is solid. I use it as a quick study guide when I don't have my biochem text with me, and for studying for the MCAT. 3 stars because I feel like the app is half finished. The information is there, but it's lacking in many ways. Some of the sections include excellent diagrams, while many others are text only. Some sections are explained in great detail while other equally important topics are addressed only briefly. There is an inconsistency with the presentation that feels rushed, and I think this app could become excellent with not a ton of work on the author's end. As it is now, wikipedia offers way more detailed information on most of the subjects and is free. I dont expect this app to match the source content of wikipedia, short concise explanations are good in many ways, but I was hoping to see more visual content. There are so many amazing images and diagrams out there now for biochem, and they are immensely helpful in facilitating a solid understanding of the material, yet as mentioned previously are not as plentiful in the app as I had hoped. Bottom line, I'd wait to see another update before buying. If the developer is interested and able to keep this app up to date and always improving then it's a no brainer. If not, just use a wikipedia download app that costs about the same and has every wikipedia entry downloaded to your ipad. So far the developer has responded quickly to problems, so the outlook is good in the long-run.

  • So far so good for a light biochem refresher

    by P3p7id3

    Excellent for my intended purpose.

  • The perfect supplement!

    by Noveleffect

    This app by no means replaces lecture and textbook, and frankly it's not meant to do that. But there is info that I wouldn't necessarily find in my class, and it puts all the reactions and mechanisms in perspective. I feel like I have a deeper understanding of metabolic pathways BECAUSE of this app! I gave you guys 4 stars however, because the arrows showing direction of reaction (ADP to ATP, etc) are in both directions, and it's a pain to have to go back to the paragraphs above, if I only wanted a pictorial representation. You need to fix that, and make it more accurate.

  • Very nice reference

    by Gms72

    This is a very nice reference book. However, as an iPad app, I'd like to see some extra features such as: * Ability to change font sizes (important for some people... like me.) * More interactive objects, like rotatable molecules, zoomable elements, etc. (It's an electronic format, after all) Still, it's very useful and well worth the price.

  • Convenient quick reference

    by Dudewhere's my bars

    This is a decent supplement to a biochemistry textbook, where you would look to find more information on a topic unclear or a mere second opinion.

  • Good content needs work

    by Xristy123

    This app would be very helpful if reworked for the iPad. For example the discussion of amino acids could benefit from being able to zoom in to see the structures which doesn't work on the iPad. The information is extensive and I hope that the authors are working on an update.

  • Don't buy it guys- no educational value

    by Slava1984

    This app is essentially a compilation of poorly printed or scanned topics which were apparently ripped off from some textbooks. Way to go, Oxford! Illustrations are terrible, chemical transformations (like glycolysis or Krebs Cycle reactions) represent poorly drawn ChemDraw diagrams (no mechanism, no enzyme names for each transformation). The author's understanding of the topic is superficial- there is no "fresh look" on any of the topics in general, which indicates that whoever wrote or compiled the app belongs to the kind of students who tend to memorize what is written in textbooks rather then to understand, think it over, and possibly propose an alternative way to explain the topic.

  • Dr.

    by Kumarmpatel

    This app is garbage! Its not user friendly and very poorly designed. Dont waste $5, its worth maybe $1. I keep getting kicked out of the app once I actually find what I'm looking for, which in it self takes 10minutes. Seriously don't buy this app, you will be disappointed and frustrated like me.

  • developer, please fix the app!!!

    by Tony Solano

    The app seems ok and has a lot of useful info. However, when i go into a topic (ex: macromolecules) and read a section, the app will get stuck on that section and there is no way of going back to the menu except for rebooting my iPod (4th gen) and doing it all over again which is really frustrating considering the app was 5 bucks. So if the developer is reading this, fix it fast please. Once the app is fixed, i will change my review to 5 stars but not until then. Or if anything, i might demand a refund just cause that bug is really such a letdown for a potentially good app :(

  • Does not work.

    by Duped.

    App force closes whenever you click on topic. Essentially inaccessible as a program. I will request a refund unless the problem is fixed. As it stands, this app is a complete hoax.

  • What's up ?

    by Ftballguy

    Just like the other guys problem takes me back to home screen what's up with this app?

  • Why won't this work?

    by Frustrated Student 1

    This app will not work properly on my iPad. For example I click basic concepts and then it takes me to a list of subtopics, and when I click one of these the app closes and goes back to my main screen of my iPad. What the heck!!!!! Anyone else having a similar problem or know how to address this?

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