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Languages: English, French

Seller: Google, Inc.

*Added warning when attempting to send text messages to 911
*Bug fixes

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Access your Google Voice account right from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Send free text messages to US phones and make international calls at very low rates.
Access your voicemail messages with transcription.
Make calls with your Google Voice number.
A Google Voice account is required to use this app (sign up for free at
Google Voice is currently only available in the US.
When using Google Voice for iPhone, both domestic and international calls are placed through a US-based Google Voice access number, and will use the standard minutes from your cell phone plan.

Customer Reviews


    by The_Matthew

    I really want this to get a functionality improvement and face-lift. Both, in my opinion, are sorely needed.

  • Improve even charge

    by Kenneth Brown

    Please improve this app with an updates release allowing for MMS to text out pictures. I can see pictures sent by text but the email reply does NOT work.


    by Russell Paul

    Needs a update keeps crashing

  • Logging out

    by dman12000

    It keeps logging me out and when I log back it it says error and doesn't let me sign in

  • Desperate updating Needed

    by It73

    In general app works for simple calls/texting. This saved me from carrying around 2 phones, so I love that. However, agree with others on need of group texting. Also need to be able to send pics & other attachments. That's a real big issue when using this app for business. Please update capability soon!

  • Garbage

    by Sierra_117

    This app is a complete pile. Voice to text translation remains horrible. UI is hideous. And my voicemail box with my carrier now seems permanently hosed, thus not allowing me to switch back. Thanks Obama!

  • Pretty good. A couple updates though

    by TheMxrtian

    No mms to start. But more importantly, the app is selective as to who's calls it screens. The main reason for me getting the app was to screen EVERYONE's calls! .... If they fixed that && update it to ios7, then this would be 5⭐️'s. Until then however........

  • Great App!

    by Stcxiong

    Best app yet. I have tried many apps but this one beats them all!!!

  • Overall terrible

    by Totalyhonest

    Needs to support ios 7 keyboard and look. Right now it's very outdated.

  • Google Talk (Adding Picture sending and recieving)

    by BMarconi22

    I use this everyday all the time but it needs an update just to improve the look and performance. Thanks. Also you should make it so people can send and receive pictures off of Google Voice. PLEASE!!

  • Functional but ugly and awkward

    by Club7

    At times it feels more like a college student's class project than a product by Google. They set some high standards. And didn't live up to them with this. Hopefully gets a needed overhaul.

  • Great app

    by Damg2k14

    Not sure why so many negative reviews but so far this app is working great on my Itouch 4g

  • Bad!

    by Neel Suthar

    No picture messaging. Texts don't update when a new one is sent to phone. Have to pull down to get it to update new messages Slow/laggy Buggy user interface. Now the app doesn't show the last line of received text messages! What is this? Google has problems This app has a lot of potential but it is being neglected by its developer. I f I could give this 0 stars I would in a heartbeat. Still a trashy app

  • Okay for a beta

    by GOLFWANG81 

    Very happy that this is finally here. It isnt perfect though. Push notification for SMS take you to the main menu instead of to the conversation. For some reason google thinks people want to organize SMS conversations by date. This drives me crazy. Let us group conversations by ONLY contact name!

  • Ugliest app icon

    by Zabbaroc

    Please update your icon. It's in a folder at the very end of the scrollable pages. Ugly ugly app icon. Fugly

  • Disappointing

    by deeteeoh

    Don't even bother with this app. It hasn't been released for ios7 meaning that if you have ios7 it will end up being buggy. The UI is extremely outdated, and the app is in dire need of a redesign

  • Did not like

    by earitter

    Wanted g voice so that I could make calls in my house because I get terrible service. Next thing I know my text and voice messages are only going to the app and I lost some capability with my Iphone 5S. Can't find a way to fix it and get back to the begining

  • Update

    by Ny988

    Update this app it's out of date. Needs be faster and new ui!

  • Hello? Google? Anyone there??!!

    by TheEnemy37

    Soooo... Like... When are we going to get an update here?? I rely on GV for my business line... This app is horribly out of date. It still sort of works... Please either update this, or add texting to the Google Hangouts app and I'll ditch this. But seriously... Too much half assery from Google these days. And I'm a huge Google fan. You're letting me down folks.

  • No IOS7 Update!

    by Ali Muslami

    This app needs a UI update, it's the last app in my phone that still hasn't got an Ios 7 update!

  • It's ok...

    by iFreeflight

    Doesn't load new texts in text thread. Have to go back to inbox to see the new message.. Hate it!!! *NEEDS* iOS 7 update really bad.........

  • IOS 7?

    by ❡üí✪

    Needs update, badly!

  • Needs updating

    by Moodyjohnson


  • Useless

    by Wqlgb

    Cannot make calls over WiFi when airplane mode is on!

  • Could be much better

    by IsaacFL

    I like the concept of google voice but the app seems to have been abandoned by google and needs improvement. For me what it needs is a way to mark a call as spam.

  • Completely Unreliable

    by madmith

    If you never want to be notified when you receive a google voice text message, give this app a shot.

  • Shiiiiiiiit

    by Zhaoteng Ai

    I can not make calls throuth it, can not answer calls with it, can not add funds to account. What is is listed in the market? If there is any down-thumb sign here I will give it one without hesitation. Don't waste your time downloading it. You will delete it soon after you download.

  • Help

    by Xohoneycoco

    What's the point of me getting this app for the use of a second number other than my primary on the same phone if all the calls and texts not only go to the google voice inbox but my main inbox and call log from the phone itself. So annoying. I don't want to see the numbers and receive texts outside the app. Does anyone know if I can change this?

  • Please update google voice!

    by Madmax2012wayne

    Please update google voice! It's been forever! It's a forgotten app that's long overdue. I love it because it allows me to block unwanted callers and spam calls. I only get the calls that I want! Please Google!!!!!!!!!! Give this app a fresh update and make it more user friendly! Thanks!

  • Unmaintained crap

    by srtfisher

    Bad experience.

  • NOT A GOOGLE-like APP!

    by Rezzzyy5

    Google makes billions off people like you and me that "Google It!" But can't app this sh*tty Voice app!

  • Why Can't I Set my Voicemail! N

    by ImSooCHI

    This app is the worst!!!! All of the directions to set up the voicemail do NOT work on the app!!!! Ugh!!

  • Bad layout!

    by Randall andAmy

    I had this app and removed it. I'm currently using talkatone for my G. V. it's a great app. However there changing in March and there not going to be affiliated with Google anymore. This G.V. app is terrible. You cannot access your contacts, and the lay out altogether is just bad. You should set it up based on talkatone.

  • Good idea horrible app

    by Stop asking me for a nickname!

    Update this jank! Make it for the ipad too.

  • Error?!

    by zu17

    Could not log in?? please fix

  • Neglected App

    by DRDRDR

    Last update to the Google Voice Blog was May 2013. No MMS support. Terrible UI. I'm stuck with it though because it integrates with other Google products and everyone has my Google Voice number. Doesn't anyone at Google skim the App Store and notice that one of their products has a 1 1/2 star rating?

  • Глюк

    by Fedor_Gilev

    Приложение открывается.Пытаюсь войти в аккаунт,а он не входит.

  • Doesn't work on iPad

    by Aqqssa

    Doesn't work on iPad. And I read soon others apps will not work with Google numbers. not cool!

  • Do not use!!! Not working

    by Sennait19

    This could be a good app if they ever get it to function properly. Google, fix the app.

  • Stopped Working for Incoming Calls

    by iMackGirl

    Updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 7 and the app just doesn’t work anymore. I don’t get any calls at all, it doesn’t ring, and doesn’t show any missed call badges or notifications (yes, those are turned on in the Settings.) I heard from someone else that their app stopped working too, so I know it’s not just my phone that’s having this problem.

  • App needs google attention

    by Akeno Morrell

    The app I practically use is everyday my friends call me via my google voice number all the time so am pretty much use it still but it does need fixing Google I hate hangouts whatever you guys trying to do there fine but please show some attention to this app is more usually than hangouts will every be texting needs updating calling is fine but the texting need update and app need to get optimized for ISO 7 I know you guys can see the amount of people using this app so please fix ASAP thank you

  • Crashes constantly

    by Kamcop

    The app constantly crashes when checking for messages or retrieving messages. Also it will not allow you to send the message when there's no network and the keyboard and the message disappears. This app needs to be updated to fix some of the bugs. At times I do not receive all of my text messages. I am permitted to see messages at certain times and from certain contacts only. I do not receive MMS or SMS text that have pictures attached.

  • Not just bad, horrible.

    by clin0048

    I dream of one day turning on my phone and seeing an update to this app. However, there seems to be as much chance of that happening as me waking up to a Ferrari in my drive way. Shame, really. There is so much wrong with this app I hardly know where to start. This app is getting very long in tooth looks-wise. It could definitely use a UI refresh. Some issues - will not refresh itself when in the text screen. Still uses the old iOS 6 aesthetic and keyboard. Obvious looks/UI issues. It hasn't been truly updated in the 2 years I've had it on my iphone. WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY ENTRIES FOR ONE PERSON? This is by far the most egregious sticking point in my opinion. Google has all the money in the world thanks to all of our information, but yet this is the crap they thrust upon is. GET WITH IT!

  • bad

    by  Pointe aux piments

    This is a strange app, so many bugs that need fixing and despite everythng it is distributed.

  • It's a good app but had some bugs to be fixed

    by GodHeals

    I agree with others that there needs to be a fix to receive group messages. Maybe there is a way to link my contacts from my google account to the app without having to connect the contacts in my iPhone, but I haven't figured that out yet. I'm also starting to notice that although all my notification options are turned on, I don't get notices for new text messages. Sometimes I only know I have a new message if I actually open up the app.

  • Another google fail

    by ekeyser

    Google failure yet again. You don't make me want to move to your platform when you can't make your software work across platforms. Don't play politics with your users. Update the app.

  • It's old.

    by Chris Frank

    True story.

  • Can't win with this app

    by Raafezaj

    My biggest pet peeves: 1) Doesn't cache conversations on the phone, has to download them all if you lose a connection. 2) Doesn't try to resend failed text messages, just deletes them. 3) Sometimes sends messages multiple times. One of my friends got the same text from me three times in a row. 4) No MMS support, won't even tell you you got an MMS so the sender will think you're ignoring them. 5) Crashes are annoying. For a company as big and rich as Google you'd think they would be able to create something decent. I only use this app because I don't have a texting plan and this is the only way I can text.

  • no!

    by BuiltInPain

    Google is worth how much? How much do they make off private information? And now you start limiting other developers! Please! This app is so weak! They should pay us to use it! If you download it... Delete it and give it the bad rating it deserves.

  • Disappointing

    by nkcmr

    Google Voice is one of Google’s coolest and most innovative services. It’s a shame to see it go so unmaintained. My only hope is that they’ve been spending all this time severely overhauling this app. Please Google, give Voice some much needed attention.

  • OLD!

    by Una creacion

    Update! Please

  • Functional, kind of. Beautiful, absolutely not.

    by Hhhiiiuuu

    I don't typically have any problem with the functionality of this app, but that's just me. Although, the app does just not need a fresh coat of paint, but a complete redesign. It's old, it's ugly, and it's just not Google. I would delete the app all together and just use the Google Hangouts app to call but it lacks SMS. I don't think I've ever seen this app updated since I've had it and it definitely needs it. You're only hurting the reputation of Google Voice itself by leaving problems unfixed and review questions unanswered.

  • Can't receive calls

    by Mysta K-Dub

    I can receive texts and voicemails but no calls come through at all!

  • Update

    by Ny988

    Update this app it's out of date. Needs be faster and new ui

  • Used to be my favorite app

    by Whippy Flagellum

    Now I'm finding little to no use for it. The app hasn't been overhauled in years, it crashes, it doesn't store local data. The only benefit I see is being able to easily carry phone numbers from various providers, and being able to access texts online.. Google, update this crap. Please and thanks.

  • Bleh...

    by Louie LRR

    Really needs an update. It is usable though.

  • Needs a lot of work

    by Mr_Darin

    Not sure what the deal is, frequently my calls don't ring throughout to my old 4s. Texts are just about worthless.

  • Horrible

    by John Bills

    It says it in the title

  • C'mon hook it up

    by T. Gib

    It's about time to update this. At least at mms messaging. A simple feature upgrade is needed.

  • Update needed

    by Bubba Tex

    I agree with most of the complaints in other reviews. This app needs an update. I rarely ever get notifications from the app and thus miss calls and texts.

  • App is Malfunctioning

    by Cnw082189

    The app keeps resending deleted texted and voicemails. When I erase them, the pop back up into the inbox as a new message. Please fix this error and update app!

  • Texts

    by Paul Reed

    No longer alerts you when you receive a text

  • Could be good but the developers obviously have better things to do.

    by Nikkay2desire

    Removing contact from quick dial causes app to freeze then crash continuously until the app is deleted and reinstalled! Why can't we send pics at this stage... This app is too old to be so far behind.

  • The grouping stinks

    by Victoryfortoday

    It is difficult to look at texts since they are not organized

  • Sad

    by Josh_KY

    I agree with other reviewers . Since were handing you all of our call history and/ or texts on a silver platter .... At least make it a half-decent app . Sad that a developer who codes as a hobby on the side would write something far superior to Google's app. (Read: GV Mobile +) You guys should be embarrassed!

  • iOS 7 not supported

    by Eddiepradom

    This app needs to be updated to the new iOS interface. Please update it google!

  • Pretty bad and ugly

    by vilasgn

    Very Sluggish Chat interface is bad Needs overhaul

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