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Army Uniform and Insignia Policy in the Palm of Your Hand! PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION.

The Army Uniforms and Insignia app is sourced from AR 670-1 and describes the Department of the Army policy for proper wear and appearance of Army uniforms and insignia. Specifically, this app contains:

1. The exact unmodified text of AR 670-1 as currently published by the US Army. The text was manually reformatted for better display on a mobile device. Be advised that the current AR 670-1 contains some outdated material. The Army provides ALARACT messages to update the AR until such time that a new AR is published. WE DID NOT TAKE IT UPON OURSELVES TO MODIFY THE LANGUAGE OF AR 670-1. YOU CAN TRUST THAT WHAT YOU READ IN THIS APP IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WOULD READ IF YOU DOWNLOADED THE REGULATION FROM AN OFFICIAL US ARMY SITE.

2. All ALARACT messages concerning Army uniforms and insignia as posted on the Army G1 website. The ALARACT messages contain the latest modifications to AR 670-1, and are to be used for the most current information until the US Army publishes a new AR 670-1.

3. The 2011 Army Uniform and Badges Poster. You can zoom in on the poster to read it clearly.

Customer Reviews

  • Good app, needs update

    by audi_wagon

    Great setup and easy to use, but some of the polices have changed over 2 years ago and some even more than that. Update the regs and this will get 5 stars

  • Helpful app, Needs work


    The information was very helpful. The search function could be a little mor "user friendly" with items your not quite sure of proper names. Pinpointing certain guidelines can be frustrating since you have to thumb through them instead of connecting right to the information needed.

  • Awesome App!!

    by Uniform Critic

    This application is amazing. It is convenient and accurate. Yes, it still shows BDU policies with the wear of ACU's in an ALARACT....but I'm not sure what anyone's issue is with that. If you actually look at AR 670-1 you would know it's the same exact way!!! Anyone with a complaint with this app is just that unfamiliar with the regulation. 5 stars from me, and I am a stickler about proper uniform appearance!!

  • Does what it claims to do

    by MakingTheGrade

    This app is exactly what it says, a verbatim reference to Army uniform regs. Also like they say in the description, it contains some of the same outdated material that is in the reg. You have to read the included ALARACTs for the changes. It would be nice to have an app that summarized everything for us, but having the references on my iPhone is still handy. I have to use these references in real life, now I can access them faster/easier. I haven't experienced any crashes on my iPhone. It was worth my 2 bucks. It's a convenient app, at least for me.

  • Bad

    by #4 of Oceanic 6

    Very misleading. Confusing. No visuals. Not even worth a free download.

  • They got me

    by BigHinAK

    I thought this would be an "Up to date" application. NOPE!! THEY GOT ME!! This crap has woodland BDUs still in the contents. Now, there is a section that explains the ACUs in the ALARACT message and ACUs are shown on the "poster" but the app unexpectadley closes when you double tap the poster to enlarge it. This is version 1.0 so I think they need to update.

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