Best Guide for Black OPS Reference App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Reference
  • Publisher: feng min
  • Updated: May, 07 2011
  • Version: 1.4
  • Size: 40.57 MB

Languages: English

Seller: feng min

1, modify the translucent effect of the top section make the entire interface more attractive
2, modified the space of the form in the top
3, add the names of weapons on top of the Weapons page
4, modify the image stretching problem

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Here comes the most comprehensive and practical Black OPS walkthrough, allowing you to have a more overall, visualized understanding of the game's background, skills, storylines,processes,ect.,during the game.

Best Guide for Black OPS is a walkthrough based on the game Call of Duty 7 Black Ops,so all the contents and screenshots are owned and reserved by the game company. This software only provides game flow, introduction of skill points and other support materials.

Best Guide for Black OPS gives a most comprehensive introduction of Weapons, Perks, Maps, Mission, and Achieve in the game. It is a practical guide for the game and will give you a precise response to the various problems and properties encountered in the game.

Disclaimer: Best Guide for Black OPS is not authorized nor endorsed by Treyarch or Activision. All photos and other content are copyright to their respective owners and their use is in accordance with fair use guideline. The value of this application lies in the new collecting, ordering and sorting of information.

Customer Reviews

  • Ok

    by Bobsyouruncle101

    Ok but need an update great for first time players Need to update gun stats and a couple typos

  • Great

    by RobloxAJ777

    I don't really care if it doesn't have zombies. It a great guide to new black ops players! BUY THIS APP

  • Should of checked the description and no zombies

    by Tylanmoran

    People come on when you read a title you don't just immediately buy it you have to check the description to see what is all about. One more thing is I wish you could add zombie things I am going to rate it 4 stars

  • Wow

    by K rabit

    You know I am a girl and I like this stuff I say it's ok but the map is wrong.

  • It pretty kool.

    by Pvt.Snoball


  • Awesome

    by Gyupo

    This helped me when I was playing cod black opps so much it is awesome

  • Very terrible

    by 46)::&:1$)/5'srubdyeqeturwggej

    Very bad do not get it only half done....there are only a pic 4 every launcher....maps are named wrong...very terrible a

  • Sweet

    by Nyko6

    Awesome it is very good if u think it's bad I will  you

  • Game rating

    by The epic quick scope

    It was a ok app I thing that you should be able to see what the gun looks like and if the range and stuff is different like range and accuracy so it's kind of bad and the names on the maps are wrong.

  • This game stinks

    by Dixie 10001

    Super boring

  • Not sure

    by Autumnangel92201

    Does anyone know how to actually play the game?? It won't let me. I am on an iPad so maybe that's why but I would like to play. It sounded like you could in some of the reviews

  • Bad

    by Marcus1217

    It's the worst and it doesn't have half the guns from Black ops don't he this get black ops mw3 or Black ops II

  • no stars

    by Boston1001

    the maps are named wrong since i have the game for ps3 its not even a game

  • Terrible

    by Jadif

    You don't even play I would rate it zero if I could

  • That sucked!

    by PugLuckLoser

    That sucked! I want my freakin' $ back. It's not even a real game!:(

  • I want my money back!:(

    by Rupbundle1

    This is not even the real game I'm so angry!

  • Better stats and maps

    by Darth-amazing

    U need better more accurate stats and wen add attachments stats change and changes pic it wood look cool

  • Garbage!

    by wewinn

    Basura=trash. Don't buy this crap! Read all the reviews

  • Horrible

    by Steve Adler

    This is crap I's not the game it is jest crap people buy this game to play it then it isent the game THIS IS JUST CRAP !!!!!/:("( I want my MONEY BACK

  • Horrible

    by Sssssstupid

    The game gives no good stats or anything waste o money

  • Ehh...

    by CRM711

    Cool but wrong map names

  • Don't do it!!

    by Dropwire34

    The maps are all wrong! Counting on you to just purchase it and grab your money and run!!!!

  • DO NOT BUY NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Cool one here


  • This is a piece of shizer

    by The_Sonambulist

    No even complete wrong name of the maps with wrong description if u want facts go buy brassmonkeighs guide also it doesn't even include zombies

  • Stinks

    by POO tone2314

    It stinks

  • This game is terrible

    by Blastermonkey24

    I should of read the reviews first and who cares about stupid facts we want multiplayer and campaign to play not to learn about stupid facts that r useless this isnt school people

  • Not very good

    by Bobrtyj

    ONLY get it if you want facts

  • Lame

    by CheetachugXE

    I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!

  • I want my money back!!!!!!

    by Shadowstrike12

    I thought dis was the actual game I shoulda read reviews first I looked at the freaking pictures it looked like real game!!!!!!!!!!

  • Horrible

    by Laserman488

    Wish I had read the reviews.....

  • Piece of crap

    by sarah_is_legit

    This is a piece of crap don't waste ur time looking at this app I wish I read the reviews first!!!

  • Crap

    by Fly288

    If u read this it's a piece crap I DEMAND my moneyBACK

  • I want my money back

    by Ririiriri

    I am angry ! I wish I would have read reviews!!

  • Gay

    by Faithoper



    by Peenistralstvgk

    This game is not good I got it to play black ops but I got the wrong app, it's a mistake getting this app!!!!!!!!!!!! Wast of my money. ......just don't buy it u will regret buying it!!!!!!!

  • Crap

    by Hhhjujvnfu

    Absolute piece of crap they should pay me a dollar to use this app

  • Don't get!!

    by 00000000000000044

    It says every thing is full auto. Even a claymore!! Wrong map names. DONT GET!!!!!!

  • Terrible

    by rockkstarrs

    Maps are wrong burst weapons are labeled as full auto g11 default view is commando Terrible do not buy

  • Ripoff

    by livemusic247

    Description is a total lie as to the what is given for purchasing the app!! Do not buy!!!

  • Blacc Opz

    by Curt Doebain


  • No info is correct

    by PaRkEr11-

    Map and name is right. But pic is not or description. Gun info doesn't make sense. Almost all have the same stats which we know is wrong. DO NOT BUYY

  • Badd

    by Ishibba

    It does let u play!!! Waste of money

  • Bad

    by Erin410

    U don't even play anything!!

  • 

    by Isaac Ethan Escamilla

    I want to  all over the creator

  • 

    by Ddog101

    Worst app for black ops ever doesn't even have correct names for maps and camo doesn't work

  • Maps

    by Nemanja117

    Maps are named wrong! DO NOT GET IT'S A WASTE

  • One of the worst!!!!!!!

    by 9618ipod

    This app is not right the maps are named wrong I don't get why he/she fix this

  • Worhless

    by DarrenAsh

    Was completely inaccurate an not in any way helpful. Playing the game and experimenting with the weapons was more helpful. Information provided by his app was faulty and completely off base.

  • Its it made me star it

    by 87878787878787879999991020011

    Its horrible it's worth nothing but

  • Don't buy!

    by Hunter5475-894

    Horrible waste of a dollar I'd give it 0 stars if I could

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