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  • Publisher: feng min
  • Updated: May, 07 2011
  • Version: 1.8
  • Size: 45.79 MB

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Here comes the most comprehensive and practical Black-OPS walkthrough, allowing you to have a more overall, visualized understanding of the game's background, skills,storylines,processes,ect.,during the game.

Best Guide for Black OPS free is a walkthrough based on the game Call of Duty 7 Black Ops,so all the contents and screenshots are owned and reserved by the game company. This software only provides game flow, introduction of skill points and other support materials.

Best Guide for Black OPS free gives a most comprehensive introduction of Weapons, Perks, Maps, Mission, and Achieve in the game. It is a practical guide for the game and will give you a precise response to the various problems and properties encountered in the game.

Best Guide for Black OPS free is just the lite version of Black-OPS so information about Mission, Weapons, Maps is not comprehensive. If you want all-round data, please purchase the formal version.

Disclaimer: Best Guide for Black OPS free is not authorized nor endorsed by Treyarch or Activision. All photos and other content are copyright to their respective owners and their use is in accordance with fair use guideline. The value of this application lies in the new collecting, ordering and sorting of information.

Customer Reviews

  • Maps

    by Relic11111111111111111111111

    The maps have wrong image and name u need to get the image and description and map layout with the correct map

  • Nice

    by Jrcarrier

    Thanks, Very Helpful

  • Maps are wrong

    by Zebra12///($?!'utsd

    Maps are wrong but the rest is AMAZING!!!

  • It's ok

    by Nikolai lemmones

    One map it's wrong

  • ehhh

    by Mjfjcjfjdj

    It says the weapons are all"fully automatic" and the map names are all mixed up . It's alright if u want to look at the guns and reload speeds but I wouldn't get your hopes up

  • K

    by Raj burgers


  • Why

    by 11234455hdfjrrhedoffsfcgj

    Why r people giving it 4 and below great "FREE" app if u want more don't rate 4 and below buy the "FULL" version AWSOME APP

  • It is awesome

    by Gold guns

    I love it it helps my kd alot I so recommend it it's so awesome I am addictied to it go get it

  • Nice

    by Charles Willis

    Nice app


    by JuLIan109

    Good intel on BO

  • Great app

    by Destroier

    This is one of the best blackops app

  • Nerf

    by Crís neutor

    Reban beage

  • Awsome

    by Andrew Stewart

    Sooooooo awsome and cool

  • Has potential!

    by Mogar the Barbarian

    It's ok but needs CORRECT info on the maps so people don't get the wrong idea, also DO NOT PUT A PRICE ON THIS!

  • ...ok

    by Ninja monkey 12345678910

    No zombie maps needs improvement

  • Ok

    by Jshshhs

    I cant look at the specials

  • It's not that bad

    by shotzeekillerdog

    Needs info. on the zombie maps.

  • This Helps

    by Emilyyy!! ;D

    This helps me with so many maps and I love it.

  • Ok

    by Man on wheels 554

    It's okay

  • It's ok

    by Alex1704

    This app is pretty good just not great

  • Gayeee

    by Guckdhdhdhdjxbif

    I give this a 1 star rating simply for the ( would of been most useful) part of this app was completely wrong information it had a picture of black ops 2 slums said nuketown map large then on array its said map small and so on and so fourth i could give better information then this psychoxronny my gamertag and ill take a little out of my day to help you only on xbox 360 peace out!

  • Black ops

    by blushee

    It's an okay app a lot of info is inaccurate

  • What is this!?!?!?!

    by zombie god2001

    I was hoping to use it to look at my stats and not the game information... AND ALL OF THE INFORMATION IS WRONG!!!!!! WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!??!??!?!?! CRISIS IS NUKETOWN!?!?!?!?!?!?! Heck no!!! This maker has some serious issues!!! I would give this no stars, but I can't!

  • FAIL

    by Koron321

    The maps are wrong and most of the gun info is WAY off

  • lies

    by Boston1001

    this is a horible pethedic app the names of the maps are wrong when it ses the best guied ever its more like the worst guide ever who ever made this app is 125% an ideot its horible you dumo who ever ses its good you guys are dumos to it deserves negetive infinity stars thats how bad it is

  • Bad

    by Baconator McJunior

    The map aren't correct at all.

  • What is wrong

    by Wrong maps

    What is wrong with the map names..... There is no way you can launch a huge rocket in the middle of a dense Forrest please fix

  • Dumb

    by choco fluf

    It crashes every 2 seconds and the map names are wrong

  • Should have action

    by Awesomedudeguy7

    This app should have interactive gameplay with the guns, on the map u choose, and do missions

  • Crap

    by Godzilla96

    This is crap and laggy and does not help at all


    by Onrad

    This app is a little frustrating…

  • Confusing

    by ForeverKnown98

    It's an okay app for guns and stuff. But the maps are all jumbled up and it is very confusing. Not very well done.


    by RKOpwnerRKO

    None of the maps were correct! Said the snipers were full auto! And lied about some damages. Like the L96A1. It said it takes 2 shots to kill. Like, even torso shots. This is a totally unreliable app.

  • Awesome

    by Mee10?3

    It's fun if u have money

  • Helpful

    by BallerSkills

    Good but bad at the same time, like come on get the maps right.

  • Bad

    by XXjohnXx21

    The names of the maps were wrong and the gun stats didn't change when you put an attachment

  • Guns wrong

    by Ineedadialga

    The whole thing is wrong. The maps are not descripted correctly and the guns have wrong damage

  • Needs work

    by Dtotheave

    I like the idea but like everyone said, the maps are wrong, and the gun stats don't change (I suspect they are wrong too).

  • Idk what you did here


    I honestly can say i dont know what the hell you guys did here the gun attachments dont change the weapon stats on the graph and the maps are all wrong... Work on it! This has potential!!!

  • By jaysheezy

    by Maps mixed

    The maps are mixed up

  • Alright,I guess:

    by T.reev1101

    It's good information " EXCEPT " The maps,ex.( not sure if they're exactly the maps,not memorized,) It says map Firing Range: but in the map it'd show a map like Nuketown or jungle,besides that its a key information n importance if you wanna master the game,helps with achievements,shows every gun,reload speed,how many bullets it takes to kill, etc. so it's ok to get just don't trust the maps,I've played black ops for years n know the maps by heart,trust me,I see your mistakes

  • 123

    by Mega Mumumamma

    Spam spam I like it in a can. Lol it is good need eggs though

  • Review

    by Stone007767

    Provides good intel if you want to know what is a good gun to use and is useful for finding intel in the single player story mode

  • Maps

    by Ronald Mickey-d

    Everything is good except that all of the maps names pictures sizes and descriptions are WRONG!

  • It's ok

    by kathryngallagher

    I'd give 5 stars but the ads are so dang annoying!

  • Gg

    by zachery wheeler 1435

    He would get sued if he put the real names so if he knew the guns names then get of his fu.ckin back

  • Thank you

    by The playerofthis game

    For this app :) updates soon??

  • Really good

    by Hug2305

    It is really good but it should include the guns in action but other than that it is really good

  • It is ok

    by Ghuggi123

    It is pretty good only on complaint sometimes if a gun has a lot of attachments it won't let u scroll

  • Black ops

    by William2098

    Cool guide

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