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If a dog is "man's best friend," then it must also be said that cats are "man's best companion." More than pets, cats are true companions. Different cat has many different special features. For example, the Ragdoll's sweet temperament is probably its most outstanding trait. Here are some points you should consider when deciding which cat is perfect for you: origin, body type, length of coat, etc.

With these points in mind, browse through the cat breed profiles and discover which cat will be a perfect match for you. Then share the photo of the cat to your friends on Facebook and email.

Finally, welcoming a cat into your home will be a wonderful addition to your family. In a very short time, you will realize exactly how special these cats really are! And you will understand the excitement that all of us - those of us who already own one - feel about the breed. You will wonder why more people do not know about them!

Customer Reviews

  • Full of ads, less than ten breeds

    by Rustyshacklefurt

    Don't bother.

  • Too Short

    by emily123_the_mod

    Only 10 Breeds? Really?

  • Poor content and execution

    by Coffeecat

    Fewer than 10 breeds are included in the Lite version of this ad-riddled app. it's a shameless come on to purchase the developer's other products. The poor quality of this app - sparse content on the few breeds included, uninteresting layout, shoddy construction, overbearing ads - provides no incentive to invest in the developer's paid apps. A complete waste of time and discouraging the app store even allowed it to be offered.

  • Nothing even worth a look..

    by Christa1212

    Apparently only the cats starting with the letter 'A are here. Very stunted offerings. Everytime you flip a card or go forward/backward you are inundated with an annoying "want to buy a dog app?" High schoolers can develop a better app.

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