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  • Publisher: FA53
  • Updated: Oct, 25 2011
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 1.45 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Gregory Motes

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United States Army Awards puts your awards in order for wear on the Army Service Uniform (Class A or B) and shows the placement of authorized devices for each ribbon. Great app for Soldiers and leaders. Simply put in an awardee name, save it, and start adding your awards and devices. Rotate to landscape to view awards in a ribbon rack.

Product Features:

- search for an award by name or an acronym (ie. ARCOM for Army Commendation Medal).

- separates awards by individual and unit awards and places them in order for each category.

- adding an additional award will add either an Oak Leaf Cluster, Service Star, Clasp, or Numeral as appropriate for the award.

- will present any special devices such as "V", "M", or Arrowhead devices if authorized for the award.

- rotate to landscape to see the ribbons mounted in a ribbon rack. Swipe left or right to see unit or individual award ribbon racks.

- includes awards for all US armed services and selected civilian awards as authorized for wear on the US Army Service Uniform. Automatically places them in order as directed by Army Regulations 670-1 and 600-8-22.

- search the Military Time Hall of Valor for Valor award recipients.

- read about award descriptions and criteria


- iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 5.0 or later

- Internet connection is required to download images of more Army Apps

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Kipndale

    Great app would be better if it had state awards. Not just the federal ones.

  • Good job

    by Rickapotamus

    The only suggestion I have is to give the NATO ribbon the ISAF option.

  • Add NG Awards!

    by Qazwsxedc1-.2/,

    Awesome application! Please add all National Guard awards too!

  • Add NG Awards!

    by Qazwsxedc1-.2/,

    Awesome application! Please add all National Guard awards too!

  • Pretty nice

    by Smallpound

    The App is pretty simple, put in the soldier, add the awards and then rotate he screen, presto! The awards are already set up by order of precedence, HOWEVER THIS APP IS NOT OPTIMIZED FOR THE iPhone 5

  • Cool, but needs improvement

    by Michael Nolan

    Need to add National Guard Ribbons.

  • Needs a new update!

    by XanderDark

    I really enjoy this app being I use it for myself and my Soldiers I have under me currently. Alas, you really need to fix the Good Conduct Medal being the ribbon itself don't count as 1 and it should have 1 knot on the ribbon itself to count as 1 GCM. When you get 2 then it will be 2 knots and so forth as you get more every 3 years. Please fix this so I can use it properly with my Soldiers as they earn more than 1 GCM.

  • Needs bigger database

    by Sgt_to_Lt

    Very good app, but needs a bigger award database. For instance, I could not find the Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal.

  • Go Guard

    by Jaime Day

    Great app. Would be even better if it included more state specific awards for the National Guard.

  • SSG

    by Alguacil

    Good app

  • Good App But....

    by Valencia Theadore

    Great app but needs the different types of certain medals. I.E.: the NATO Ribbon has a few different types. Mine has the silver stripe down the center of white stripe.

  • Awesome

    by Jiggly M4 juiCE

    Great app, it's been said already but the addition of badges and RDI's would be awesome.

  • Great

    by Tjlyman

    Great app but always double check. I don't think 1SG will take "but the app said so" during your inspection.

  • Army

    by JTA7967

    Nice app; consider adding badges such as CIB, EIB, jump wings, foreign wings, etc. It would also be nice to see all awards not just ribbons.

  • Awesome App

    by CrazyEazye

    I love the app but it needs a few things: 1. Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal along with Stars 2. Combat Action Ribbon needs Stars instead of Oak Leafs. 3. Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation needs Stars instead of Oak Leafs. 4. Navy and Marine Corps Sea Service Deployment Ribbon needs Stars. And I would love to see a way to add in Badges so as to get a solid way for ribbon and badge precedence.

  • Reed

    by Leoneo88

    Nice app

  • Awesome app

    by Anonymous combat soldier

    Good app but doesn't have my ISAF medal for Afghanistan

  • Marine Veteran/Army Reservist

    by Gunny P

    Love the APP! But it's missing the "Selected Marine Corps Reserve" medal (SMCR). Without it, I can't complete my ribbon bar.

  • Rating

    by Andre-3000

    I really like this app!!

  • Great App!

    by AndrewRink

    Great and usher friendly. Would love to see Guard ribbons too.

  • Army awards app

    by Waymon Charlie

    I think this is a good app and definitely meets the intent. As an Army National Guard soldier, I would like to see state specific awards added. Also, would love for badges to be added.

  • Great App

    by PrivateDEM

    Fantastic. The order of personal ribbons is reversed from my grandfather's gear, but that could be a holdover from WWII. Otherwise excellent.

  • Awards app

    by Ziiams

    Great App! Best by the FA53 program. Please keep it up to date.

  • Army awards

    by lusbyyy

    This app is GREAT!!!

  • Sgt

    by Nathaniel Cruz

    It's a very good app, but you don't have all of my awards here, and some of the other branch medals are misnamed, would love to see this updated.

  • Good Awards App

    by Webb R

    Serves it purpose. Badges need to be added.

  • Nice

    by Greens818

    Very nice!!!

  • Good app

    by ChuckdizzleSGT

    Love it

  • Army Awards APP

    by My NeNe

    Nice app at you fingertips

  • Great!

    by Damon Knauss

    Great app! Thanks

  • Use it

    by Kba yay

    Very useful, explains qualification for award

  • Good tool.

    by Ddrill

    Great app. Very useful.

  • Very good

    by TNjoe74

    Works well

  • Please include ALL military ribbons

    by Culicomorpha

    Great app! However, there are people that served in one of the other branches prior to serving in the Army. Could your team please add more ribbons to the database (such as Air Force training, Air Force longevity, overseas service short tour, Air Force expeditionary service w/ gold boarder and Air Force good conduct) on the next update?

  • Awards


    Great useful tool and very user friendly.

  • Good but could be better

    by Lencor Tactical

    It's a pretty good app but it would be even a better app if it also included reserve and states national guard ribbons also.

  • Great app

    by Siul60

    Great tool for Soldiers to get their awards order right the first time. Easy to use.

  • Beautiful

    by Lauren Lynn

    Easy to use, tracking multiple awardees, great App for leaders and soldiers.

  • Best Awards App!

    by Ksd_7

    Being a Sergeant First Class in the US Army, this is the best app for awards, ever! KSD_7

  • Excellent

    by omarrcm

    Great App!! Recommendation: add devices ( oaks leave, Arabic numbers etc).

  • DSL

    by Makocat2000

    Great, handy tool!

  • Missing ribbons

    by Roland2188

    Great App but missing alot of ribbons, I'll be waiting on the update

  • Easy to use

    by Boredomusa

    Very simple and easy to use!

  • Most not all

    by GunnyCampos

    Would like to see all available awards from all services. This is for interservice transfers. Serves in Marines and didn't have SMCR medal.

  • Awesome

    by Top of the chain

    Great app. This should be valuable to all squad leaders so they can keep better track of their Soldiers awards.

  • Great App

    by Jrub0520

    This is a great app that allows you take with you on the go. I can also keep track of my other soldiers and there racks.

  • Great tool for the army!

    by jollyrogerkorea

    This app works great. I can take it with me and use it on my Soldiers for on the spot checks. Wish you could email the final picture to yourself for a leaders book?

  • Great app

    by Jabbahonky

    Good for on spot class a checks

  • Awsome

    by I'm awesome a howe

    This app is so cool. I was in the army I had four oak leaves

  • Great App

    by mgn1sg

    Great App for young soldiers.

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