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Engineering Handbook
Engineering is the discipline, art and profession of acquiring and applying technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge to design and implement materials, structures, machines, devices, systems, and processes that safely realize a desired objective or inventions.

Historically the main Branches of Engineering are categorized as follows:

1. Aerospace engineering - The design of aircraft, spacecraft and related topics.
2. Chemical engineering - The exploitation of chemical principles in order to carry out large scale chemical processing, as well as designing new specialty materials and fuels.
3. Civil engineering - The design and construction of public and private works, such as infrastructure (roads, railways, water supply and treatment etc.), bridges and buildings.
4. Electrical engineering - The design of electrical systems, such as transformers, as well as electronic goods. Also, depending on the countries (UK and France for eg.) could refer to an area of statistics or Applied Mathematics (eg. Statistical signal processing).
5. Mechanical engineering - The design of physical or mechanical systems, such as engines, powertrains, kinematic chains, vacuum technology, and vibration isolation equipment.

Customer Reviews

  • Do not purchase

    by Dr Breakey

    The application is missleading it IS NOT a referance. Extremely unsatisfied and want my money back !how can people get away with this kind of crap to much money isn't worth the time even if it was given away!!

  • Waste of life

    by Ssssssssssp

    Crashes after reading for 5-10 seconds. Should be priced MUCH LOWER

  • The Engineering Handbook

    by ChoiJohn

    I purchased this app and was very dissapointed. It leads one to believe it is a reference that typically would have formulas associated with an engineering dicipline. The data was simple definitions of various engineering diciplines. Twenty hours of reading is a joke. This app would cost too much if it were free. It is a very misleading and expensive mistake.


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