English-German Larousse dictionary Reference App Review (iOS, $5.99)


Languages: English, French, German

Seller: Editions Larousse

Corrective on multitask

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New English / German dictionary application for the iPhone now available from Larousse, leading dictionary and reference book publisher.

- 100,000 words and phrases
- 200,000 translations illustrating all nuances of meaning
- Recorded pronunciation for 250,000 words and phrases (Internet access required)
- 3,000 abbreviations
- Proverbs, sayings and idiomatic expressions
- Useful search history feature
- A hypertext link on every word

The quick search function allows you to look up words simply by keying them into your iPhone.

Convenient : click on any word in the article to view the Larousse dictionary translation

Also includes full verb conjugation tables.

Fast and easy to use on the move, this application can be downloaded in full onto your iPhone or iPod Touch. No need for an internet connexion once you've downloaded the application - access the full dictionary offline (except the recorded pronunciation guides).

Customer Reviews

  • Overall great, but...

    by C.G.987

    I'm a fan of the Larousse apps. I've been using the French version for quite a while and find both very user-friendly and helpful. Especially with the conjugations. However, the German version lacks IPA pronunciations (only the English words have it). I find this strange, as the French version has IPA for both languages. Overall, this app is quite nice, and very cheap when compared to hard copy versions of the same thing.

  • Needs an Upgrade for iOS7

    by JBChill

    I have the three main Larousse Dictionaries for iPhone: French, Spanish, and German, and all worked great before iOS7 came along. Once I upgraded to iOS7, the French and Spanish dictionaries worked fine, but the German is almost non-functional. The search section goes away for no reason and you can't look anything up. I hope they upgrade it soon, because I need it in my work.

  • DO NOT BUY - failed to update MINUS 10 stars

    by frmasist

    If I could give negative stars for lack of maintenance I'd give it TEN stars. I can't believe Larousse still has NOT updated this app to function with ios7. Before the lack of maintenance this was a fabulous app. I used to use it in German class all the time. But having to restart the app every time I want to look up a word does not make it conducive to use. If they ever update it I'll go back and change to 5 stars.

  • Usually a great app but now...

    by Anakin_Sky

    I read the other reviews and will complain as well because this app needs to get updated and fixed ASAP. For an app that cost me $6, I expect more than what I'm getting. Just like the other reviewers said, the new iOS 7 makes the app function incorrectly; every time you need to look up a word you have to close the app and reopen it because the field and keypad disappear after you look up the word. This isn't the case with the other language dictionaries, I have the French Spanish French English English Spanish dictionaries and they all work fine on the iOS 7. Please fix!!!!!

  • Please update the app. Plzzzzz

    by Tarane.gemi

    Please update the app. I have a serious problem with the app after updating to ios7. When i search a word the keyboard disappears and i have to reopen it all over again.

  • Do not buy, failed to update

    by French Lover from the Bronx

    I have the French and German versions. They both worked well until the latest operating update. The French continues to work, but the German version will not let one search for more that one word without closing out the app completely. I wrote to them about it but so far this serious error has not been corrected. Hopefully this review will get them to fix it.

  • Great app, but the search needs to be updated

    by Camelman6

    This dictionary is VERY helpful with easy search (when it works) and spot-on results. The search feature needs updated. I must turn my phone sideways to expose enough of the search bar to activate the search, and the search feature usually crashes after 30 words searches. It is a very useful app, but the search shortcomings are annoying.


    by vaixam

    Dear Larousse, I can only assume you are raking money from customers who bought your app and now you don't feel like updating. FYI, Summer Break is over….so get to it. It is the ONLY App on my phone that has not provided an update to iOS7, which made this App completely useless. Also, your customer service is terrible. I've e-mailed several times on this subject without even getting an e-mail back saying something useless like "we are currently working on fixing the problem with iOS7, but we can't figure out how to make THE SEARCH FIELD STAY VISIBLE"… yes, the most important part of the dictionary…the search field. Best regards

  • So annoyed

    by Smidgen77

    This used to be a great app, but it doesn't work with iOS 7. PLEASE UPDATE THE APP!!!!

  • iOS7 breaks functionality.

    by Meyo80011

    As noted in another review, the upgrade to iOS 7 breaks important functionality. It is now necessarily to kill the application after each word lookup because the search bar vanishes behind the results and cannot be retrieved. This is unfortunate because this is a fantastic reference otherwise. If Larousse fixes this app, my review will go back to 5 stars.

  • Worked nicely until iOS7

    by kllave

    This is a fantastic dictionary with relevant usage examples, explanations of idioms, as well as helpful definitions. However, this app needs an update to work with iOS 7. Since that OS update, the search bar disappears after you select a word. This requires you to force-close the app and re-open every time you want to search for another word. Otherwise, this would be a 4 or 5-star review.

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