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The Army Sniper app is the U.S. Army’s official field manual and provides information to train and equip sniper and to aid them on their missions and operations. Army Sniper includes over 800 pages of great content.

This app is organized as a reference for snipers and leads the trainer through the material needed to conduct sniper training. Subjects include equipment, weapon capabilities, fundamentals of marksmanship and ballistics, field skills, mission planning, and skill sustainment.

Learn about:

* Sniper weapon systems
* Ammunition
* Sniper sighting devices
* Communications equipment
* Marksmanship
* Ballistics
* Effects of weather
* Engagement of moving targets
* Camouflage
* Movement
* Selection of sniper positions
* Target detection and selection
* Range estimation
* Insertion
* Extraction and recovery
* Tracking and counter tracking

Army produced complete, clear, and thorough guide to map reading and navigation available and we’ve brought it to the iPhone.

About ClearCut
Sniper is powered by ClearCut. ClearCut is a smartphone publishing platform and visual reference information reader that presents content tailored for the iPhone and iPod Touch. ClearCut’s user interface is clean, simple and unobtrusive to enhance and facilitate the user’s interaction with the content.

In addition, ClearCut allows readers to use their fingers to flip through pages, pinch to resize text and images. Tap the center of the screen to access table of contents, search and bookmarks.

ClearCut is connected to a publishing system that enables content to be quickly and efficiently converted into an app and published on the iTunes App Store.

ClearCut delivers the next generation ebook and publishing system.

Customer Reviews

  • Helps a lot!

    by Afrofox*2

    Thanks this help my sniping skills at the shooting range.

  • Amazing

    by XhellX

    Amazing for sniper g

  • Great!

    by AirborneDM

    This has helped me become a much better marksman. If it were possible, I would give this a 4.9 because the only thing wrong with it is a few grammar errors.

  • Good value

    by Joe998a

    Great insight for the beginner shooter, but there are some obvious spelling and grammar errors throughout. Also, navigation when zoomed is awkward on the iPad, u have to unzoom before u can turn the page.

  • Great reference!

    by Camotez

    This app does a great job at showing the proper shooting positions and technique! I highly recommend it for paintball players too, as the camouflage system is easily utilized for the marksman. Overall great buy, for the plinker, hunter, or special forces operative! 

  • Almost there

    by Kybor

    Would be amazing, but the pictures need to be higher definition.

  • Great

    by TheVig88

    I have the hardback version as well and this is awesome and identical

  • The Price is Right

    by Surge0116

    I'm just picking up High Power Rifle again after 15 years using my NM M1A. This publication is an excellent tool for re-learning windage and ballistics. Also very interesting reading overall.

  • Best app

    by Ploopy07

    Ive read most of it this would help me to become a marksman. I have a airsoft rifle ive gotten better with sniping only get if you like sniping

  • Wanna be sniper

    by dman_3

    I absolutely love it. My dream is to become a sniper one day and this has helped me become a better marksman. And I will know alot before I even go to training.

  • 11B B4

    by 4-6IN Sniper

    I've been an army sniper for 4 years now, and im wrapping up my second tour in Iraq in 2 months. This is one heck of a handy app. As a sniper theres a lot to know, which means theres alot to forget, if you dont stay on top of you game certain things can slip your mind. This is a big hhelp. Especially when refreshing the new guys.

  • Genuine army manual

    by wittenburg door

    It's great to have a field manual in this format.

  • Great Read!

    by Pwn3dlol

    After getting off COD4:MW2 I, being a slightly overweight 14 yearold have the same fantasy as all others, being a sniper... Very worth the buy :)

  • niice

    by One replibull

    this is quite educational. i trully enjoy it. Hope to see more like this one

  • Review

    by Army Sniper disappointment

    I thought it was the game and its an actual book or reading material. Wasted money.

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