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The ultimate resource for anyone who wants to know how Rangers think and work.

Army Rangers specialize in airborne assault, raids, recovery of personnel and equipment, and airfield seizure, among other difficult and dangerous missions. The U.S. Army Ranger Handbook app offers the latest techniques and tactics used everyday by Rangers. Now with the latest February 2011 manual and full support for retina displays, this app covers deception, stealth, communications, escape and evasion, ambush operations, booby traps, demolitions perimeter defense, counterintelligence, and much more. This manual was designed so Rangers could easily carry it into the field.

Chapters include:

+ Leadership
+ Operations
+ Fire Support
+ Movement
+ Patrolling
+ Battle Drills
+ Communications
+ Army Aviation
+ Waterborne Operations
+ Military Mountaineering
+ Evasion/Survival
+ First Aid
+ Demolitions
+ Urban Operations

Learn from the best soldiers in the world.

Customer Reviews

  • Ranger_BREEZE

    by rob-baker

    This is an excellent RHB brief, but could be better; as our creed states, "100% and then some". As stated in previous review, some visuals would help exponentially, i.e., slides, vids, quizzes, PT log, voice recorder in-app for recitations, (creeds, cadences, etc.). Memory and practice tools for hand signals, emer sigs, et. al. By, R. Baker MSG (Ret.) -3rd BTN 75th RR Bravo Co.

  • Engineer

    by Vacardi@$

    Needs a check on learning after every subjects, implementing videos demonstrating some of the movements and patrol subjects would be helpful for the more visual learners.

  • Ranger Handboo

    by Terrence Staples

    Very useful!

  • Perfect App

    by This is grest

    Most up to date version of the RHB. Easy to use and you can bookmark favorites for quick reference.

  • Boss

    by Snipethekingpin

    Great for quick classroom training

  • Good App

    by scthunt

    Seems complete, well laid out, easy to use. Delivers as advertised. Theres another group of apps out there thats just a rip off. You can spot the rip offs because all the raters of the 'lite' version how enter 5 stars, posted all on the same day.

  • Pretty good app

    by Honeybear and Poohbears Account

    The app is pretty good. Some things are miss labeled but like someone said in an earlier post it would be an excellent app if these problems were fixed.

  • ?

    by bd1389

    did this dude really compare the RHB to the boy scouts? did u really think that was a logical comparison why dnt u think about stuff before u say it

  • Good

    by helloiammacintosh

    As an Eagle Scout this App is something that would be useful and is similar to the BSA Field book.

  • Ha

    by Tosh0


  • Great Layout

    by Mic Shawn

    No doubt if you are buying this Handbook, you probably already have your pocket one close by. The odds are you won't buy this app to read the whole Handbook, because that's what the pocket one is for. But it's a great quick reference to have if you need a refresher. Coupled with the Knot Time app, my iPhone feels complete. I give it 4 stars even though you can sync a free Adobe version, because the layout and effects make it more of a pleasure to reference through. Good work. Now if you could create the iBook version to be like a virtual SH 21-76, then I'd be willing to give 5 stars and more $. But still a good app.

  • Active Duty

    by Ol_shamus

    This app is good for a quick reference guide, but I noticed certain discrepancies between the official RHB and the app. At a quick glance I noticed Battle drill one is listed as react to contact rather than platoon attack and all the others are mislabeled as well. If these problems were fixed, I would definitely recommend buying the app

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