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- Support for legacy devices.
- Fixed scrolling issues on iOS 7.

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A classic C programming language for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Programming language is a perfect tool for studying, complex mathematical calculation, entertainment and many other useful tasks. The application is especially useful for learning the C programming language. You have to buy compilations inside the application. Internet connection is required.

- The great programming tool on the AppStore.
- Your programming language for iOS is amazing!


- Compile and run your program.
- Text input before program run and text output.
- Enhanced source code editor with syntax highlighting, line numbers, auto indentation, search and replace, undo history, color themes and additional keyboard.
- Online language reference and several program samples.


- Internet connection is required to compile and run a program.
- Graphics, network, file system and real-time input are not supported.
- Maximum running time of a program is 15 seconds.
- Arrow keys on bluetooth keyboard don’t work.
- Use Copy when keyboard is hidden and Paste when it's visible.

Look for the "C++ Programming Language" on the AppStore too. Thanks for using the application!


C (pronounced like the letter C) is a general-purpose computer programming language developed between 1969 and 1973 by Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Telephone Laboratories for use with the Unix operating system.

Although C was designed for implementing system software, it is also widely used for developing portable application software.

C is one of the most widely used programming languages of all time and there are very few computer architectures for which a C compiler does not exist. C has greatly influenced many other popular programming languages, most notably C++, which began as an extension to C.

C is an imperative (procedural) systems implementation language. It was designed to be compiled using a relatively straightforward compiler, to provide low-level access to memory, to provide language constructs that map efficiently to machine instructions, and to require minimal run-time support. C was therefore useful for many applications that had formerly been coded in assembly language.

Despite its low-level capabilities, the language was designed to encourage cross-platform programming. A standards-compliant and portably written C program can be compiled for a very wide variety of computer platforms and operating systems with few changes to its source code. The language has become available on a very wide range of platforms, from embedded microcontrollers to supercomputers.

The initial development of C occurred at Bell Labs between 1969 and 1973; according to Ritchie, the most creative period occurred in 1972. It was named "C" because its features were derived from an earlier language called "B", which according to Ken Thompson was a stripped-down version of the BCPL programming language.

The origin of C is closely tied to the development of the Unix operating system, originally implemented in assembly language on a PDP-7 by Ritchie and Thompson, incorporating several ideas from colleagues. Eventually they decided to port the operating system to a PDP-11.

The original PDP-11 version of the Unix system was developed in assembly language. By 1973, with the addition of struct types, the C language had become powerful enough that most of the Unix kernel was rewritten in C. This was one of the first operating system kernels implemented in a language other than assembly.

In 1978, Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie published the first edition of The C Programming Language. This book, known to C programmers as "K&R", served for many years as an informal specification of the language. The version of C that it describes is commonly referred to as K&R C. The second edition of the book covers the later ANSI C standard.

Customer Reviews

  • Help me

    by Im dat broski

    Ok so im in the 8th grade and im currently learning C. And i wanted to know if anyone could possible help me if you could please write a review telling me. Thx

  • Scanf problem is fix

    by SwAnFarm

    You can use scanf by press the input button below the program !!

  • Dont even try it!


    It was fine until I realized you have to pay. Honestly your better off going to - Codepad.org

  • Scanf Problem

    by baimrahman

    It's a great app for me. But I have a difficulty when I use scanf. The compiling process is fine but when the program is running I cannot input anything. Whereas the aim of using scanf is that we as users are able to input some integer, string,etc. Please help me!

  • Good app

    by Dje4322

    This is a decent app but needs to be able to run offline

  • Pleasantly surprised

    by Houssam2

    Considering that it costs $2.99, this compiler works rather well. I can work on my small programs anywhere, and as long as I have an Internet connection, I can compile and build. Nice C documentation so I can quickly look up a standard library call. There are definitely a few improvements that can easily be made. For example, you'll need to write "int i; for(i=0; ..." instead of "for(int i; ...". And it's not easy to cut and paste. But overall it's a steal. I wouldn't mind paying more for some enhancements.

  • My mark is 4

    by Graffiti*instincts7085

    I agree with the previous comment. In fact, I don't know all comments are fake or not but this app isn't perfect. Yes, it is a good idea and it is convenient. My opinion is that there is room for improvement.

  • This app is good

    by Simakowski

    To tell the truth, I am an amateur. I started studying programming a few months ago. This app is a quite useful tool for me. Maybe I will see some disadvantages of it later but now I am completely satisfied.

  • Like.)

    by Jane Warren

    Actually, I am not very good at these things but my boyfriend is a programmer. He is deliriously happy to use this app for his purpose)) And I am glad that I downloaded it for him.) He said that this app is awesome) And I believe him because he is a professional.

  • Interesting

    by Alex Gahan

    I'm not a big fan of programming, but this is sooo attractive app! Thank you guys!

  • Cool!

    by Warher

    The application is good especially for programmers. I've been looking for this for ipad. Thank you! Delete characters are not very comfortable. You have to press a lot of times in a row for this.

  • Cool

    by KrisRadu

    Very handy app-been waiting for it:)

  • It's usable but limited

    by Gilberto Valentin Ortiz

    I am a beginner in C so I don't know what other features are important at this time. However, here is my thought: Pros - gives you some sort of C IDE (hence, it's what it is at a very basic level). You are able to create and compile new programs in C. You can then email the source code to yourself so that you can run it somewhere else. Cons - You CANNOT interact with your program. For example, if you have some user input you are expecting with "scanf", this tool allows you to run the program but skips all instances of "scanf". In other words, it does not let you interact with your program at a basic level. I understand this is a basic utility but it should include some of those basic features. What I would like to see: Dropbox functionality. 1 - This way we can start our code on the iPad and see it later on our main systems to fully test/compile. 2 - Syntax highlighting. 3 - When creating a new file, start with a blank one or template. At this point, you are forced into a template the utility has and you need to erase it completely if it's not what you need. 4 - Allow you to change the background color. 5 - Allow you to interact with your program when you run it (scanf). The program runs well the way it is. I would just like to see some of the other functionalities I stated since it is a paid app. Def good but needs more functionality.

  • Unpractical

    by MNFL2012

    Unpractical. Cannot select copy or paste. Cannot compile properly

  • Seriously?

    by Dbduxjekapqpdpebeqvge

    Pay per compile what a load of crap!!!!

  • Very bad

    by Justincatojr

    I started it up and it said that I had 0 compilations left

  • It won't allow me to purchase!

    by agent83

    To "run" scripts you need to purchase in-app credits, but they were using a test user so it doesn't allow you to make purchases. So... You can't run code so this program is worthless.

  • Sketchy

    by Benssoon

    This could be a useful tool, aside from lots of issues. However, the thing that bothers me the most is that it looks like the creator of the app has stacked the reviews section with fake five star reviews in an attempt to make it more attractive to newcomers. Why don't you just make your app better? All of the five star reviews are written with the same style of poor English (hence why I think it's one person writing all of them) and they all have basically the same subject line. Plus, there are no four star reviews. Makes you wonder why there's no gradient. This makes me really uncomfortable to the point where I definitely don't want to give them money. If you want to make money, do it honestly. Putting fake reviews is cheating and just looks sleazy.

  • suggestions

    by 缺乏新颖的体验。

    Do not have a good experience when using a bluetooth keyboard. At least, moving up, down, left and right should be provided.

  • Dont install, piece of crap

    by Anonymouse22333

    You have only one compile, its just garbage trash piece of sh.t dont install this

  • Greedy seller

    by Okleba

    Right after the installation, I see "you have 0 compile left". Pay $$ now if you want he app to ACTUALLY work.

  • Boo

    by not_chris

    You have to pay for compilations

  • Don't buy it!

    by Michael_Luang

    It's a poor app that wastes your time!

  • Ditto previous comments

    by jax200

    Weaknesses should be addressed.

  • Needs work

    by DragonFire21!

    Overall the app functions but needs some serious work. There needs to be some syntax highlighting and indenting. Also there should be some user interaction. The scanf() function should not be skipped. Even though there is a input page, the scanf() function is skipped completely. There should be a dropbox function that allows you to easily transfer files and you should be able to transfer files while connected to you computer to allow for complete testing. This app needs work, and as a paid app, I expected it to work better.

  • Ridiculous.

    by Jeremy Morgan

    I can't believe I wasted my money on this. Nevermind the limited compilations (I have issues with the app even before we get to THAT) but the fact is that when I make a new file I am expecting to be able to create header files, NOT have the app append a ".c" on the end. I need the developer to get on that. That is the essence of C and if your program can't handle basic paradigms like that it isn't worth existing. User input is paramount too. scanf shouldn't be skipped over, and MAYBE there should be a command line interface too!

  • Not great

    by Dng12

    Spent $2 and their sample program didn't run all the way. Plus you are limited number of compilers per day. Waste of money

  • Complete waste of $2.

    by Barndarter

    This program was a complete waste of $2. Unfortunately, 1 star is the lowest rating I can give here. I wasn't expecting it, so I wasn't counting, but after a limited number of compiles per day, maybe a dozen or so, a message pops up that says you've reached your daily limit. That's absurd. The very essence of good programming is iterative testing. If you're looking for a real C programming tool, look elsewhere. If there was a way, I'd demand my money back; I find it repulsive to provide fiscal support for such a ripoff.

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