25,000 Baby Names Reference App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Reference
  • Publisher: DMBC
  • Updated: May, 13 2009
  • Version: 1.5
  • Size: 2.58 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Roger Lichfield

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287 Ratings
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25,000+ Baby Names

-Includes Boys and Girls baby names

-Includes Meaning of the Baby Name

-Includes origin of Baby Name

-Search By Boys Names

-Search By Girls Names

-Search By Both Boys and Girls Names

-Search By Name Meaning

25,000 Baby Names once installed requires no internet and can be viewed completely offline!

List of Origins Includes:


Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by mcr81


  • Useful

    by DancingMachine95

    It's useful, bit they didn't have to change it, not to this.....

  • Awesome

    by Aro818

    This is the only name app that has my name and with the correct origin and meaning, don't know why everyone is complaining, it also has variety of names which I like. And it's free so people really I don't see the problem here.

  • Good...

    by Chad-RS

    But "categories" for different countries and ethnicities need some work if that makes sense.

  • Amazing!

    by Zenzi3

    I love this app so much! mine works perfectly so I don't know what everyone is complaining about!


    by Master Mitchell

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! I love this app! I have finally found out so many things about my friends names! Like how my friend Jerrad Johnstons last name(Johnston) means from John's farm.Or how I learned that my Italian friend Cohen Sotte's name is actually German, or even that my friend Donald Soiler was actually the Irish king of the underworld! Oh! I also found out about John!(the one who owned the farm Jerrad was apparently from). Next, I want to talk about making your own name. Man, was that hilarious. Me and my friennd Cohen Sotte made up the name Quagmire. We made up that it meant he was a studmuffin. His origin was gigity. And popularity N/A.That is one of my favorite things to do on the app and is really cool. Finally, if I ever have a child some day, I will probably use this app to name the baby.One final word........GIGITY!

  • Weird categories

    by kramacam

    This app is OK but agree they to do something about the mispelled names and duplicate/non sensical categories. Do this and it raises me to 4 stars.

  • Repeat

    by JLLuis2

    All names seem the same

  • Annoying quirks

    by Cmdub1233456

    This app has tons of great names, yes, but it would be better if the names weren't repeated so much. Different meanings and origins should just be all together under one name. When you do click a name and then go back, you have to start at the very top of a ridiculously long list. You can't remove favorites - which is irritating because I accidentally favorited a name and am now stuck with it on my list. And what is up with the all caps name list and then then repeated non-caps name list? What is the point? Having to pay $2 to search is ridiculous, especially when this app is very poorly set up. It could be such an amazing name app if they would just fix those things!!!

  • Lame

    by Hostler1

    Expected for more....

  • Favourites

    by AlejaWeasleyGranger

    The app should enable us to remove favourites. I have two repeated names in my favourites and I can get rid of them. Change this, please!

  • Horrible update

    by Sara0413

    Don't download worthless app. Update is horrible...don't even know where to begin so I won't.

  • by Hermione2001

    No name app ever has my name I have downloaded like all the name apps in this app store and none have my name!!!

  • Bad!

    by Madam capulet

    You shouldn't of updated this, it's just horrible now!

  • Not worth it

    by Marco Britti

    Just bad

  • One star is too much

    by Kayleighkaos

    You guys need to make the search free again. This app used to be one of my favorites but now its one of the worst. I highly suggest you make it free again. If you didnt already lose all your customers when you charged for it you sure will soon.

  • Don't waste your money

    by patsfann21

    Use to be a good app. Updated and now they are charging for what was once free. Very deceiving. Charge a fee to new customers.

  • Grr

    by AngR80

    I USED to like this... BUT IT KEEPS CRASHING!!!!!!!! FIX IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!

  • Ridiculous!

    by baron1984

    They took a good app and made it worthless. Deleting...

  • Waste of time

    by Proteus72

    Search is terrible. Have to scroll through the names and if you look at one it starts you back at the top of the list. Save your time and keep looking for a better app

  • WAS a great app

    by OkieInJp

    Before I would have gladly given this app five stars as it was great for looking up names by boy or girl, country, or meaning. NOW it has been taken away and the new way of searching isn't worth getting for free. I am really, really disappointed. And the cost of getting the old app back...quite pricey in my opinion. Just not right that an app you install is changed into a different app and the old one you have to pay for.

  • Seriously?! Not cool.

    by Kikideath

    I've had this app for the longest and I loved it. It isn't perfect by any means, but it worked wonderfully for me. Now, I can't use it for my purposes at all because they want $5 bogus dollars for a search function that until now was free. That is beyond lame and this is not worth the price they're asking for. Do not buy! I'm deleting it after this review...

  • OMG!

    by Ginathejeannie

    I had this app since I first got my iPod then I did an update now the names are weird and I can't even search for names unless I buy it for $5!!!!!!!! Do NOT buy!!!!!!!!! >:(

  • one word....

    by jdudbjsirhdjosb

    crashed. :(

  • Terrible!

    by Andi0208

    Shouldn't have to pay to use a FREE app!

  • Citcat1998

    by Livvy0202

    This thing totally sucked!!! I mean I searched for american names of all genders and if came up with like Drylen for a guy and Jayden for girls... It even had some that I couldn't read!! Words to describe this app...  horrible waste of time dont get it (even though it's free) if u already did... Sorry, dude. We can't save you now.

  • Not pretty.

    by Cheriberrynotmary

    They grouped Latin names with African-American names, I mean,honestly? And all the pages I looked at had only one name. It was awwwwful.

  • .....Seriously.....

    by MusicChic97

    The Duplicates: I believe that is because of the feature of adding a name (which I like to an extent) Example: if Bob in Ohio adds "Greg" and Kim in Florida adds "Greg" it pops up on my iPod 2 but..... The creator should be able to fix that Arabella is in there 3 times If you want a worth while name for a child u have to search hard on this app which is hard to do because it is sooooo slow There are good names like: Kiara(my name), Arabella <---- Great name But it takes forever to find. The first names u see r "trgguyt" (my point exactly) from "Japanese, Latin, African, Italian" origin (my point exactly) If a parent names there child from the first name they see on this app chances are the child will have a hard time in school.

  • ...

    by LittleRedBeard

    I downloaded this app to compare it to another app of the same type, but I waited at least two minutes after opening and it still wouldn't load! I'd say it's not worth your time. glad it's free! but if you want a free baby name app that works, search "baby names" and it is the first or second one. now THAT is a great app.

  • Not worth your time

    by Harryestee

    Bad interface

  • Ka'he Zuna...

    by AliciaGD

    I deleated this app. They have the wierdest names!

  • Names

    by KKK...

    Velmi hlupa aplikacia nezodpovedajuca realite :-(

  • Too Slow

    by Basslover4

    The app was extreamly slow and extreamly glitchy. If you search by orgin, there are very view with just one orgin you need, for example, Japanese AND Arabic. You can't do just Japanese. So lame!

  • Useless

    by Ryan S in Ca

    Useless search function! Not worth free.

  • Poor searchability

    by JRaikou

    Tried to search by gender. Looked like such was an option, but always resulted in both genders. All around subpar.

  • Crashes frequently, poor interface

    by Skylaser

    No good


    by Caitlin102

    it was amazingly lame and it was SO SLOW!!!!!!!! i had to hit search like 10 times before it finally searched!!!!!!!! grrrrr

  • Plain STUPID!!!

    by Cutechick21

    It gives names that i havent even heard of its just so lame!! Dont waste your time on downloading this app! Every time that i hit search it does not give me what i want!! STUPID!!!

  • Soooo dummmb

    by 134tee

    This is dumb everytime I try to find my name on this app it goes back to my menu and the search doesn't even work

  • Stupid!!

    by Lucur

    Stupid app didnt open after i installed it. Back to googling baby names!! Id rate less than a star but it wont let me.

  • Many improvements needed

    by Tuxsuti

    Frankly I was an still am dissapointed. The interface doesn't flow well and the speed is not what it should be. As for the names themselves a nice selection except there are a number of duplicates. There is no reason for the name Christina to be in there three times. There should be an over ride that merges new entries into the previous one and the constant cap locks should go as well. On another note, the names are not always accurate in their meanings. You should look into that. One upside to this is that you can add names and meanings. I like this feature since I'm into less traditional names and prefer ones that I find randomly. The developers have a chance to really make an awesome app here if they really try. I hope an update or two can fix the issues. Perhaps even a full rehaul of the interface. Other then then that the app is Useable. You can search names and see one meaning. Which is good if. Your Name only has one meaning.

  • Worse ever!!!

    by gma2

    This the worse app. I have!!! I am so glad it was free. I do not find it accurate or user friendly.

  • Stinks

    by Sdfgg

    Horrible my name is Megan and it said the meaning was strong and capable it's not it's a pearl stupid app don't get

  • Terrible

    by Dr. Fitzwell

    What a waste.

  • Awful!

    by michaeljoe

    This is terrible, don't bother!

  • Epic failure

    by Davies Itunes

    This app is a waste of time! Half the names I have never even heard of, and they don't make any sense! My name is so common and it wasnt even found, plus it gives incorrect meanings! I had this app for less than 5 minutes before I trashed it! I wish you could rate negative numbers this would be a -10!

  • omg

    by Tiffy176

    omg...u guys there is different ways of spellin names!!!!

  • waste of time

    by amandie93

    this sucked! it repeated names! and it was confusing. it was a waste of time. one of the worst apps ever!!!

  • Crap!

    by Cosmik4242

    It's unbearably slow and names are repeated and spelled wrong! Half the categories they have only contain one name.

  • Bad

    by Kenna3649164828

    They didnt have the name Kenna or Meleah And you pronounce thoose names kin-ah and me-le-ahIf the name you want is not in the dictonary don't waist your time getting this

  • Uhhh...

    by +gothgirl^^+

    My name means 'light and dark.' This app said it means 'dear child.' I only have one word for this app. Fail.

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