Thesaurus Rex by Reference App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English

Seller:, LLC

Updated for iOS7
30,000 new words & synonyms added
1,000 synonyms for modern words like epiphany & stakeholder that cannot be found in any other thesaurus

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Thesaurus Rex by revolutionizes the thesaurus for the first time in 160 years. We’ve added modern content and synonyms for new words such as epiphany & stakeholder, plus 30,000 more new entries. WORKS OFFLINE.

Save time with proprietary features: Sort synonyms with filters such as Relevance, Complexity, Length and more. Create personalized lists of your favorite synonyms. Quickly refine any style of writing & find the perfect words.

TIP: Student? Find the perfect word and synonyms fast with our “best match” feature. Writer? Refine and sort your synonyms by Length, Complexity, Relevance and more. Poet or songwriter? Rhymes & Syllables is only available here and will help any lyricist.


* The only advanced English thesaurus with modern content, with over 550,000 new and modern synonyms, antonyms and definitions from and
* Refine & sort your synonyms & antonyms across 4 different filters
* Get recommendations for the “best match” words with Relevance feature
* Find a more difficult or simpler synonym with our Complexity dial
* Shorten or lengthen your synonyms with our Length feature
* Save personalized shortlists of all your favorite synonyms
* Offline access-no Internet connection needed for most content
* Audio pronunciation
* Learn new words in context with Word Origin & History
* Improve your writing with Examples & Tips (available via in-app purchase)
* Rhyme and sort by exact syllable count with Rhymes & Syllables (available via in-app purchase)

Customer Reviews

  • Great app.

    by Simon Gandolf

    Very helpful to me.

  • Great app

    by ama52212

    This is a great and very useful thesaurus. My only complain is that it is not comprehensive in terms of different uses of a word. Usually contain the definition for one of it uses as noun or a verb, but not both!

  • Love the presentation but would like more content

    by Nosh_US

    The one thing I hate most about thesaurus apps is that they just throw all the together in one messy paragraph. T-Rex is refreshing in its approach, the adjustable list format is brilliant and it's my go to app. However, the volume of suggestions offered doesn't even come close to the "English Thesaurus" app, so if I'm not satisfied with T-Rex's suggestions, I fire that one up. It would be nice to have it all in one app but we don't live in a perfect world. ;) Both apps are reasonable priced and make for a great combination - one for quick, convenient lookups and the other for an in-depth lookup. I recommend getting both.

  • It's good

    by Cazi Reyez

    Fow shizzle da wizzle padizzle. (Sentence created using this app)

  • Smart App

    by Phillip Zubia

    The only thesaurus app you will ever need ! Gives u a plethora of words and synonyms...even has a complex meter to give you words that are better for writing letters and what not.

  • Amazing

    by Zxxeeee

    Just perfect. A lot of help..

  • by HelloKittyFreak7

    awesome app for anyone who writes college essays

  • Best writing app-

    by Lynnie1106nyc

    This is one app that I use daily. It's always on the mark and very simple to follow

  • Love It!

    by Shmoozle


  • Author's Best Friend

    by St. Tray

    So handy when I'm writing stories and I can't quite come up with the right word!

  • Great potential

    by Buhrock42

    This app has great features already and a good start, but I wish it had more. One thing that would change the world for me would be allowing me to favorite the word that I searched for, rather than just the synonyms or antonyms of the word. For $3, I expected something not so basic.

  • Love it!

    by Andy Freshest

    I use this app all the time, both to find words and to understand words better. I love how you can filter for specific meanings.

  • Cannot live without this app

    by ReBoooot

    Love it love love, yes 3 times the love

  • Very useful

    by PAnderson in GR

    Not flawless at finding the perfect word, but very useful.

  • Use it every day.

    by TarynElliott

    I love this app. It's so much easier than flipping thru my Synonym finder and way more accurate than the tool in Word. The PERFECT writing companion.

  • App used DAILY

    by MilleLunes

    This app is a must for anyone. I write emails and reports, essays and papers. But even if you don't, spice up your writing with the variety of the English language. This is such a great resource!

  • Unexceptional

    by smis7

    It is a good thesaurus, but adds nothing. There's no reason to purchase this to supplement your dictionary/thesaurus app from or Merriam-Webster. The touted filtering functionality is not useful. Increasing the complexity results in more obscure, yet unsophisticated references. If you want to improve your writing, this is certainly not the way to go. That said, you may value the additional premium content for rhymes. Unfortunately, I have no use for this.

  • update is great

    by nothingreal

    more words are a good thing.

  • Word Up!

    by liesel shair-singh

    One of the best word apps around. Well done!

  • Increases my working vocabulary!

    by JamesCalvin

    This thesaurus helps increase both my working vocabulary and my understanding of the nuances of word meanings.

  • Well designed but thin content

    by Jrock626

    I want to like this app, but as a pure thesaurus this app is weak, and the rhyme add-on is beyond weak. I can think of more rhymes off of the top of my head than this provides. The design is mostly good, though. Here are a few suggestions: Add a wider range of synonyms, and add a section for loosely related words. Add the pronunciation option for the word the user is looking up. Add definitions for favorite words, and beef up the favorites feature in general. Add better definitions. Add many more rhymes to the rhyme upgrade. Overall, this app has lot of potential, but as it stands, it's not worth $3, and the rhyme upgrade is worthless. That you charge $2 for that is ridiculous.

  • Don't buy this CrApp

    by Chuck Bless

    Trust me. This is a piece of crap. All the other reviews are probably company written. This is a horrible app!

  • Deleted this app right after I purchased it

    by subtleman22

    Was looking for a comprehensive, fairly-priced Thesaurus; this wasn't it. Simplistic, with not very many alternatives. I could have used an online search engine and gotten the same results without spending the money.

  • Great app and very helpful

    by Phresh3dx

    This is a must have for anyone who's in school.

  • Amazing!

    by friskyb

    This app is eerily accurate at pairing words with synonyms that mean the same thing. I don't know how they do it, but it works and I can see using this app all the time when I'm writing. Love the name, too. Rex, the king of words. Clever!

  • Rhymes upgrade not great

    by cathyincv

    The thesaurus is nice, and I like the interface design. I know I'll use it daily. I just added the rhymes upgrade and the results neglect rhyming words I can think of off the top of my head. For the price I'd definitely recommend looking for a dedicated rhymes app. Feel a little ripped off.

  • Couldn't live without it!

    by Metros

    It's the best thesaurus app, hands down! I use it - almost on a daily basis. I write ALOT - both professionally and personally. I've tried just about all of them and this one is the best and easiest. It's also tied into the dictionary app which makes it even easier to use either or both!

  • A total waste

    by ritchjc

    The app suggests Thesaurus Rex as an upgrade. However it has fewer synonyms then the thesaurus module in the app. Deleted it. Asked for a refund. Beware.

  • Worse app ever purchased

    by leapyear boy

    Can never find synonyms for words in search mode

  • Fantastic

    by Morninglilli

    Great app!

  • Creative Director

    by Soren G

    More than I had expected - hands down! This is by far the best and most useful tool in the toolbox when it comes to interchanging words, understanding, pronunciation, and the best and most powerful use of them. Top notch.

  • Great app!

    by Guinevere100

    Very convenient.

  • I purchased today.

    by Sam Withoff

    So far I'm quite amazed on how,this App can increase,your capacity to be more fluent,in expressing your thoughts,while writing Also is an excellent,mind exercising app.

  • Very Useful App

    by Sonic Dave

    I find this app to be invaluable when composing almost any narrative. I like the way it categorizes the synonyms so you don't have to cycle through the ones you aren't interested in. One thing I would like to see is suggested words in the case where I don't know quite how to spell the word I'm looking for. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend this to anyone who wished to communicate intelligently.

  • Surface good

    by S.t.i.b

    Sounds good but leaves you needing more. And the rhyme section is simple at best.

  • Not much of a thesaurus

    by Steve7135

    A few common synonyms . If you have very limited vocabulary this could be useful .

  • Ok...

    by scooter29

    Wish i didn't buy this.

  • a book of words that mean the same thing

    by TheoDawgs

    It is pleasant, fine, reliable and untainted.

  • Fantastic!

    by PianoStrings

    Love this app!

  • Highly Recommended

    by Strohmeyer777

    As a writer, I have used or tested most of the Thesaurus Apps for iPhone and all I use is this App. It is far superior than the other leading Apps.

  • Quick and most helpful

    by MichaelaMEricksen

    This app is fast and useful.

  • Beyond Roget

    by SironaSong

    A quick, well designed app to find the right word!

  • T-Rex, yes! Rhyming add-on, NO!

    by Renna S.

    I love the thesaurus - it's excellent and easy to use. I optimistically added the rhyming supplement... and it's useless. Did you know there are no words that rhyme with "burn"? Sure surprised me! And nothing rhymes with "earn," either. And it couldn't find the word "earning" at all. Sheesh! What a waste...

  • Awesome

    by LadySin

    I loved Dictionary, but this Thesaurus is amazing... Now am I ahead of my peers or what? Lol. Keep up the grate work.. Maybe I'll tell my friends about this awesome

  • Great App

    by grinner1

    Great App has so many options and helps me write better with better choices of words to better explain my thoughts.

  • Thesaurus is very good

    by KVR1

    Very useful for looking up. Works well even if you are offline. Some words are unavailable. Would be great if "phrases look up" were also provided. Very often , you want to replace a phrase, and not just a word. No doubt that would require some effort,but would be very useful as well. Good luck to the developers! They should keep refining the interface and upgrading the database!

  • Waste of money

    by Jon Frum

    Absolutely worthless unless in desperate need of a mediocre offline thesaurus with certain features annoyingly disabled pending in-app purchases.

  • Delicious App

    by BobJcu

    This is a most "liberating" resource. I am now a literary genius!! I can instantly find the word or words to express thought and feeling, like never before! Pure delight!!

  • Found no matches for my first 3 searches:

    by getjackson

    Luddite, technophobe, troglodyte.

  • It is the very best

    by Vernon W

    Useful is every way,every day

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