Bang On - a nice search app Reference App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Derek Kepner

- Bang On now allows you to choose between two popular default search engines. (If you liked the less-popular search engine Bang On used before, I'm sorry. I liked it too.)

- Bug fixes.

- Server changes to allow me to add and edit !bang shortcuts faster.

- More improvements coming.

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Ever wanted to say "search for Bob Dylan on Pandora" and have it work? Yeah. Bang On does that.

- Search with your voice. Tap the dictation button on the keyboard* and say something like "search for apple" or "search YouTube for norah jones" or "search for Angry Birds on the App Store".

- Search hundreds of sites and apps with !bang shortcuts. For example, "!imdb richard pryor" will take you directly to a search at for Richard Pryor. "!instagram sunset" will open Instagram and start a search for sunset.

- Customize the favorites bar with your favorite !bang shortcuts to jump between your favorite search sites and apps quickly without retyping your search terms.

- Settings synced between devices via iCloud.

* iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or 3rd-generation iPad required for voice dictation.


"Bang On is a superb app for search, and it has found a spot on my home screen." - Christine Chan, AppAdvice

"If you like searching on iOS, then this is almost required." - Ben Brooks, The Brooks Review

"What Launch Center is to your iPhone apps, Bang On is to search." - Shawn Blanc,

"With Bang On, you can search more in less time with fewer keystrokes. It’s quite brilliant!" - Tracy Pease, iOS Affairs


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