Basic Genius Reference App Review (iOS, $17.99)


Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Chinese

Seller: Densisouken Inc.



"Genius easiest to givin fun. I recorded a lot of boilerplate dialogue example, the conversation practical and also incorporating the katakana pronunciation notation simple and straightforward. Illustration of the word meaning of basic words, such as Q & A column to answer questions, ideas packed to ensure understanding. 

The relation between an intransitive verb and a transitive verb and the relation between the [U] noun and [C] a noun are illustrated.
""A prefix and a suffix list"", an ""irregular conjugation noun table"" besides ""guidance of grammar"" which addresses in easy language, etc. are mentioned in an appendix.

◆The main functions are as follows.
・Incremental search.
・Jump function.
・It supports a Retina display.
・A search history function.
・[Setting]Background color can be changed.
・[Setting]ON / OFF of the sound


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