ACE CROWN E-J/J-E DICTIONARY Reference App Review (iOS, $19.99)


Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Chinese

Seller: Densisouken Inc.



☆New school term sale!!(2012/04/11~2012/05/10)
◆Ace debut of study English-Japanese.
▶The total included 50,000 Japanese-English Japanese-English 23,000 items!
▶"Ace Crown English-Japanese dictionary" is a dictionary of new concepts
▶The new device which swells an image and can be learned in a dictionary is a full load.
▶ The abundant columns which do not have an example in similar book .
▶ Many collect the conversation example and the compound word and the derived word that can be used soon.
◆ Corpus careful selection Focal page .
▶ The most important word thorough explanation by making full use of corpus data!
▶ This was only shown in a special layout of the most important essence of language want to wear.
◆ Japanese-English dictionary
▶ Maximum "Japanese-English dictionary" of the similar book. total 23,000 items!
◆The main functions are as follows.
☆Incremental search.
☆Jump function.
☆It supports a Retina display.
☆A search history function.
☆[Setting]Background color can be changed.
☆A Kokuban dictionary is easy to use. You can use it without setting it, But it will be more fun if you setting it.


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