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Fixes various definitions & conjugations

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Brown's Spanish Verbs will help you learn the most important verbs in Spanish. It is useful for students of all levels.

Here's what students are saying:
"It is very comprehensive and the layout is very clear!"
"It is one of the best organized and straightforward verb learning applications."
"The cues for irregular conjugation in red were simple logical brilliance."
"[It's] designed very well and extremely helpful in learning Spanish."
"[It's] truly user friendly."

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* Over 2,600 Spanish verbs
* Full conjugations in all tenses
* Irregular verbs highlighted
* Full definitions with examples
* Related adjectives and nouns
* Subjunctive and how to use the past tenses
* Search in English (suggests Spanish verbs to look up)
* Free PDF with more Spanish verb phrases – essential at the beginner and intermediate level
* Favorites feature: bookmark any Spanish verb for fast reference later

We offer great email support. Our staff replies to most emails within 24 hours. Propose new features or tell us about any difficulties. Most of our improvements have been suggested by students. If it's a good idea – we'll put it in! Report bugs or errors directly from the app.

Students love our support:
"Thanks for the quick response!"
"Your response time is incredible. I know that any errors are rapidly addressed."
"Thank you very much for your timely answer."
"Thanks so much for providing me with such a quick, well-informed reply."

Other important features:
* No Internet connection required
* Frequent updates
* Hyperlinked entries for quick reference
* Verb patterns help you memorize irregulars
* Complete explanations of all the Spanish tenses

Still uncertain? Visit our website and ask us a question via the contact form and check the FAQs. We're here to help.

Coming soon:
* Full iPad support
* Full VoiceOver accessibility integration - approximately 70% complete in this version
* Verb-of-the-day
* Detailed guides on "transitive" and "intransitive" parts of speech

Meet your language learning goals with Brown's. The next step to fluency.

Customer Reviews

  • THE Best!!!

    by Mr.Higgs

    I have a plethora of Spanish dictionary and verb apps and THIS is my GoTo app each time. It's the best. It's fast and tells you exactly what you need to know and more. Seriously … this app rocks. I can't wait for the iPad version so I can use it full screen on my mini. :D

  • Perfect For Beginners And Beyond

    by Soggybottom

    Easy to use. Straightforward no nonsense explanations. Quick startup. No Internet needed.

  • Well Worth It

    by Palandri

    I was initially a little worried about the cost, but the app turned out to be worth every penny and then some. I've used it regularly since moving to Spain. It has a good layout and is easy to use. The concise and clear explanations of each of the verb tenses is almost worth the cost all by itself. Now that i've got an iPad to go with my iPhone, what I would really like to see is full screen iPad support built into the app.

  • Judy learning

    by Jose in MN

    Great app! Easy to use, great format, color coding to highlight irregularities, and example usage that is very helpful. Lots more verbs than the most popular books recommended these days and i can carry it with me wherever i go. Once I showed this app to my classmates, they all wanted it.

  • Works excellent

    by flacattack

    It has so many verbs and all the uses of them I highly recommend it. It's for all levels and explains uses of preterite imperfect etc.

  • Excellent Tool

    by Summathetes

    I have many Spanish Apps, but Brown's Spanish Verbs is the one that I rely upon the most. It is extensive and gives excellent grammatical examples in how to use the verbs.

  • Very useful

    by Ken. Will in va

    It made carrying around my verb book obsolete. Great definitions and it has all the conjugations.

  • So helpful

    by Downcycle

    I haven't found a single problem with this app so far, but I will keep looking. I find the layout to be logical and the interface to be intuitive. The only thing I would add (which would just help me when I make a mistake) is the ability to change which language I'm searching after I've typed something, for when I forgot to specify. They put a lot of time and thought into this, well worth the price.

  • Tronadora

    by Finca BL

    This is the best verb app ever, and I've used many. Solid, no crashes, very nice layout, great ability to personalize with the favorites and on-target definitions. I use it daily, it's worth the price.

  • Great program

    by Nash4343

    We downloaded this program and have found it very useful. We would like to have sound and have been told that "the audio feature is planned for a future release". We like how the favorites is laid out as well.

  • Great ap

    by Scott in New Mexico

    No fluff or extra scenes. Pure beef. I like the favorites and the look up. Did not crash for me.

  • Terrific App!

    by Patriciados

    An excellent reference that is well worth the money. I'm very happy I bought it... By the way, the customer service is outstanding (I had a question, not a problem).

  • A marvelous dictionary! ¡Un diccionario maravilloso!

    by Ryzard

    This app is without doubt one of the best purchases I've made. Having a good verb dictionary is an absolute must for everyone who is serious about learning Spanish. When you're reading Spanish, easy access to a verb dictionary makes it possible to quickly determine what conjugation of the verb is being used, and this is an enormous help in tamping the best, most effective, and most accurate uses of verbs into your brain. When you're speaking Spanish, easy access to a verb dictionary lets you verify a tricky usage so that you can get it right, and the more you are able to do this in the moment, the better you will be at distinguishing between the right conjugation and the almost-right conjugation. The problem for me has always been being able to have a Spanish verb dictionary at hand whenever I needed it. Finding Brown's Spanish Verb Dictionary app for my iPod Touch has changed all that. Now I have more than 2600 verbs - fully conjugated and defined - in the palm of my hand. Brown's is incredibly easy to use and very well organized. See all variations of a verb with the tap of a finger, and toggle back and forth between the simple, compound, and command forms. The definition screen also includes words in other parts of speech formed from the verb. On top of the fact that this is an incredible tool - the app has fast and friendly support service. I've sent a couple of questions to them and have been extremely pleased with the timeliness and helpfulness of the reply. If there's a verb you're looking for that isn't already in the dictionary - send them a note and they will include it in a future update. ¡Cómprelo - estará alegro que lo hizo!

  • Great app!

    by peacehammer123

    Great program! They fixed bug immediately and app runs better than ever! Lots of verbs! Well organized and explained. Worth the $$!

  • Best Verb App Available

    by mrchitown

    Well, I have downloaded so many iPhone apps, I should get a couple free already. Brown´s Spanish... wow. Not bad. I have to say thanks, it is just fantastic.

  • Somewhat expensive, but worth it!

    by BoboMojo

    If you're a fan of the reference book 501 Spanish Verbs, this could be a better and more convenient tool to use if you always have your iTouch or iPhone with you. Whenever I come across a verb that I don't understand, this APP has been nearly 100% effective in giving me the definition and its conjugation forms. I almost didn't buy it because I thought it was too expensive, but it's worth every penny. Another good Spanish verb APP is Conjugation Nation Spanish for testing yourself on conjugating verbs.

  • get it for the grammar explanations

    by Oboehack

    Although it does a great job of listing conjugations, the real beauty of this app is in the great discussion/insight of grammar points in easy to understand language with many examples.

  • Zurcir

    by I like reading classics 0467

    To concoct, not concot

  • Fully backed

    by Jkinka

    I fully back this app and recommend it to anyone trying to understand the spoken language. Learning conjugations is critical because I'm working on conversation myself. What's useful is the definitions with examples written in blue. Definitely worth it.

  • Lighter than 501 Spanish Verbs and Better Definitions

    by sjhocart

    I bought this verb dictionary to help with learning the various verb conjugations in Spanish and have been very impressed. It takes the place of 501 Spanish Verbs well, with extensive definitions and explanations of the uses of the different tenses. The definition hyperlinks to words with similar meanings are very helpful to better understand the nuances. I have no hesitation in recommending this excellent Spanish language application.

  • Excellent

    by Lee14k

    The right tool for the right job. I have a full dictionary app too, but that was lacking for conjugations. With this app I see multiple tenses per screen. The definitions are helpful when curious about little differences when translating. Serious students will find value immediately. Highly recommended.

  • Well worth it

    by Travelation

    Very easy to use and has everything you need. Very useful for school and work. Thank you for well done app!

  • I recommend

    by Rob grig12

    Great app! I tend to forget verb tenses a lot when doing hw, so it's nice to be able to look them up when I need to

  • Brown

    by ET45

    Over 2500 verbs, with irregularities in red. Easy to switch between tenses, moods, and imperatives. Definitions are a nice bonus. A great companion to the Oxford Spanish Dictionary!

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