sdk IQ for iPhone Reference App Review (iOS, $7.99)

  • Category: Reference
  • Publisher: Cygen
  • Updated: Mar, 31 2009
  • Version: 1.6
  • Size: 6.79 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Brett Romero

- Fix iOS5 crashing when navigating back to main view.
- Added six tutorials (3 for iOS category and 3 for Developer Environment category).
- Renamed 'iOS 3' category to 'iOS'.
- A couple of documented bugs are introduced with this version. Please see details on these minor issues here:

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As an iPhone developer aspiring to be the best at what you do, investing in the growth and enhancement of your skills can't be measured.

If you still find that you are constantly spending money on books, videos, classes and seeking out code snippets across the web only to find code doesn't compile or it's difficult to follow the author's reasoning, large snippets of code that have been left out, or you can't see how a particular example would ever be used while trying to finish up your soon-to-be great iPhone app?

Be frustrated no more...

sdkIQ turns this entire experience on its head.

"You can even ask for advice from the support team if you get stumped on your way to making your App Store fortune!"
- [4.86 stars]

"Highly recommended for current and new iPhone application developers."
- [4.40 stars]

"sdk IQ for iPhone is an excellent resource for both seasoned app developers and those new to the iPhone app game."
- [4 out of 5]

- [90 out of 100]


This app is awesome for newbies such as myself!!! It will help you begin developing great apps! Also the support is amazing! Cygen held my hand through many issues! I have been to many forums and none of them helped me like cygen! Thank you!!! -veryGreatfulThankYou

The video tutorials are awesome for learning how to put together apps. Very well structured app and easy to use. Thanks!!! -devdev01

I had written to several developers with questions about app developing. Brett was the only one with any read, solid advice. He was very informative and prompt with his responses. If you want the best here it is. Download it now before the price goes up!! -LionArch007

Now I finally know how to program a table view... -MIReview

These app is very helpful. It payed for itself in 5 min. Very easy to use and much easyer layout than the apple devsite.

Support is supper fast, and helpful. -Penny89

sdkIQ 1.3 currently in development. Follow its progress on twitter @cygeniphoneapps. Or visit

See a video demonstration at


As an iPhone developer aspiring to be the best at what you do, investmenting in the growth and enhancement of your skills can't be measured.

sdkIQ for iPhone replaces all of those expensive books you're carrying around, provides practical examples that can be easily understood and allows continued development of your skills no matter where you are.

Here are just a few of the invaluable features in sdkIQ:

- No more heavy books that break the bank.
- No Internet required.
- Real world examples. All on your iPhone.
- Learn new iPhone development skills or polish up on ones you already know, no matter where you are.
- Don't just read the tutorial, use our video tutorials that follow along, providing a simple method for understanding.
- Easily send yourself the complete tutorials via sdkIQ and see how it works.
- Still trying to bridge the gap? Submit your programming related question to Cygen for a personal response.
- Useful code snippets provide a great quick reference
- Adjust text size to your liking.

Topics include:
- iPhone Programming 101
- Developer Environment
- SQLite
- Cocoa & Objective-C
- Cocoa Touch
- Miscellaneous
- Getting into the App Store
- Video Demonstrations

Updates are always free. Keep in touch with the latest product developments at Follow us on twitter: cygeniphoneapps.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome Tutorials!

    by devdev01

    The video tutorials are awesome for learning how to put together apps. Very well structured app and easy to use. Thanks!!!

  • Awsome

    by Mlreview

    Now I finaly know how to program a table view I think it would be cool if you had some instructional videos for making games with unity and stuff

  • Good but ....

    by BlueBlute

    I like this app but it is a bit light on content. I hope it is updated often with additional content.

  • A bargain at 99 cents

    by Pentatonic145

    This is a great resource for wannabe app devs like me!

  • Needs more content - REVIEW ** UPDATED**

    by ManFromTexas

    - REVIEW ** UPDATED** The app has been updated and has some great new content and better organized. Thanks, can't beat it for .99 to have a quick reference handy anytime. I'd like to see an app (or added to this one?) that has a listing of the classes with descriptions available. There is one for ActionScript, why not Objective C. Thanks again for the update and keep making more!! - OLD REVIEW- Everything about this app is good except the fact that it doesn't really have that much content all. I expected more, not expecting a book or a complete guide on iPhone dev but far too little IMHO to charge for it. Add more content, stars and purchases will go up.

  • Decent - Needs A LOT more.

    by netsyd

    There's a few good tidbits of information in here, but it definitely needs a lot more. Most of this is fairly basic information or things you could pick up from Google after a minute or two of looking. The layout is good, nice job on getting a lot of information into a single view, but for now the information is just too limited for this to be a "go to" resource.

  • Ok

    by Hello Mom 89052

    Ok. But not for game development

  • Not what I expected

    by Tyler3593

    Was missing allot of information I wanted on the meanings of the properties to better learn how to use them.

  • Great app!

    by EliNOVA

    Excellent, concise, and practical app for all those looking to learn iOS programming or just looking at some sample codes for tips. Use the app regularly in my learning and found very useful. Keep the updates, the tips and the video tutorial clips coming! Support from the developer/s is also great! Highly recommend it. Check out the Lite version also.

  • A break in the clouds.

    by TinkersDime

    As a newbie I'm working in a cloud bank, sdkIQ has given me some rays of sunlight. I might actually get this stuff with Brett's quick support advice and sdkIQ's help! Buy the app, best five bucks you'll ever spend, Thanks!

  • The best app! Worth every cent!

    by Amleonard

    This is the best IQ in the whole world! Helps you so much! The best customer service! I can't believe there could be such a good app in the app store!!!! Pay $4.99 And get $1,000,000+

  • Average

    by Sldice

    It's a good start, but for a beginner I would love a lot more information and step by step in understanding what you are doing in beginner terms (ex. @property, @synthesize). Definitely the best info so far that has helped me understand.

  • First Impression: It

    by frankroshi

    I want to make my first iPhone app. I was a programmer years ago. Programmed in Natural (a 4th Generation Language... if that means anything anymore) on an ADABAS database. Wrote programs for the University of Texas at Austin Office of General Accounting and for the UTCAT library cataloging system. Here's why I don't like the app. I'm developing the app on my MacBook... I'm looking at the tutorial on my iPhone... it says, "Paste the following IBOutlets, properties and IBActions..." How do I copy text from the tutorial on the iPhone (I tried) and paste it into Xcode on my MacBook? If I can't do that, am I supposed to type each character and hope I don't make a typo? I used to hear horror stories about debugging COBOL programs where you had to read through hundreds of lines of code to find a period out of place... This strikes me like that... I don't see how skilled C++ programmers like this app... I must be missing something. It was too expensive for how hard it is to use. 2nd IMPRESSION: OK. I'm back. I tried typing the lines of code in instead of pasting them and I found out how good Xcode is! I love how Xcode guessing what command or property I am typing and autocompletes it! 5 Stars for Xcode! I think I'll learn something from this tutorial. I agree. It needs work. I didn't think it was a good deal... but I spent 5 bucks on a Starbucks several times a week... It's all a matter of perception...

  • Wonderful

    by Hockeystud1333

    Great app And even better customer service. This helped me create my first iPhone game!!!

  • Great for beginners!

    by Kevinelius

    I've only just started out with Objective-C and the SDK, but this app has already helped me feel more comfortable with putting together apps. I ran into syntax trouble in my 1st tutorial, and Cygen was quick to respond, reviewed my project, and explained clearly where I went wrong. I still can't say I know my way around, as I'm just starting, but this is easily as good as or better than most other tutorials out there that I've found... and conveniently, it's nicely bundled for the iPhone. If you're starting out, this app's a must-have.

  • great app

    by theduker4114

    exactly what I was looking for, best app I have bought on this topic, btw the sounds in the transitions are stuck in my head because they are awesome, great job whoever developed this!

  • Average

    by jophoe

    Don't like the way this program is made. Seems very average or sub par for a Ed app on programming. Don't recommend it.


    by CEO Tane

    i think i bought every app about SDK education, u name it. and finally i can say im learning! the app have a lot of info and even if doesnt have it all you can ask a question and the answer come fast. from easy basic dummy learning to "ready to make a real app for sale" i love it and i read it everyday. u wont regret!!!

  • Excellent App Highly Recommended.

    by Karatela

    This App is indeed very helpful. This is an excellent App that I found more useful than many books around. The information is very well prepared and the layout and presentation of information is superb. Moreover, the team is very helpful in responding to email questions. With this level of support you will be completely satisfied. I am!.

  • There's an app for that!

    by Inertia186

    It's just what I needed.

  • Won't run... Flawed

    by Crazymonk8

    I bought this app a few weeks ago and it has never ran it crashes every single time I try to open it. I reported the problem early on and still nothing has been done about it. Will never buy anything from this developer again until issue is resolved. Don't buy this until another version is released! Get it together developer!

  • Great idea but poorly done

    by Schneebly

    I'd pay alot more than 99cents for someone who took this idea and followed thru with it. 1. Please explain what your doing before you do it. 2. Please provide an explanation of what it is exactly your doing and why 3. The video and text are not always in sync. You follow different steps. Please make them in synce so we're following steps in sequence. 4. The video + text are a great idea but you barely have any videos. Only like 6 I think? The rest are nothing but text and links to others work. 5. Think about your audience. Were not all coding pros yet. Don't just say "I'm pasting this code here" and expect it to be useful. Explain what your pasting and why. 6. Slow down in the videos. You starting coding before explain what your doing. I give you props on a great idea. I give you one star for being lazy and throwing something together to sell.

  • Unhappy

    by ViMX

    Freezes on all video demonstrators, I have not been able to view a single video....

  • Needs a lot more!!!!

    by M@cM@n55

    This is a good start to get the app up, but needs a lot more. UIKeyboardType, deligates, and so on. Needs to be more of a reference to quickly view the code you need. ---------------------------------- Please tell me you plan to add more? Not near enough here!!! ---------------------------------- Yet another bad review from me. Just went through the First Nav App walkthrough twice, I get 4 errors and 1 warning. Not a very good walkthrough if you ask me! I shouldn't have warnings or errors after a walkthrough. Get this stuff RIGHT! Oh and the video is useless, when you fly threw it by pasting everying thing in, you have no time to see what's happening.

  • Out of date :) ok for beginners.

    by Penny89

    I bought this app while ago. I have used it several time to answer basic questions. But does not offer anything beyond the point of learning Xcode past the three month mark. The icon hasn't been showing correctly since the iPhone update 4.0 and up. I once thought the support was top notch, I stand corrected. No update since last august /2010.

  • too small text, bad for reading

    by sauceolino

    too long lines to read on iphone.os4.3 blank white icon and dumb homepage. really would like to read sompm. Get the free version only!

  • Not really worth $$

    by Spikesnet

    It includes basic code samples, nothing you couldn't find on Apple's website. The video examples won't download for me.

  • Sdk Iq

    by Sdavidsona75

    What a waste of 4.99. I bought this app because I figured for the price they charge it would be very helpful. The paid version has very little more than the lite version Save your money and buy a book, at least you will get some info on iPhone programming. Again dont waste your money I was very disappointed

  • Highly reccomend.

    by TheEvilMachinist

    This app has all you need to know to get your app running. The support is also fantastic. If you have a question, just email him and he will help you in a timely manner.

  • Fantastic app!!

    by MediCalvinMeyers

    I love this app! I especially love that Brett is always willing to help and answer your questions rather quickly. He has the BEST customer service I've ever seen. He covers so many varied and useful topics with very insightful and easy-to-understand instructions. This is easily my go-to app for developing when I have a question. If you're wanting the best app for learning or expanding on what you already know then this is the app for you!! GET THIS NOW!!!

  • For the Beginner and beyond

    by LiveCity

    I know nothing about programming and have been teaching myself objective-C. Eventually, I want to write my own program. sdk IQ for iPhone has been an invaluable tool helping me along the way. Whether you are new or seasoned, get this app.

  • Finally a way to review the iPhone Dev library on the go

    by Lee_in_Korea

    I've been studying Objective C and iPhone Development for a little while now. I have all these books at home but they are all too heavy for me to carry around. But now that I have this app, I don't need to worry about lugging around all my books. Whenever I need to look up something or I can't remember how to do something, all I got to do is look at this app and simply look it up. Thanks a lot for making something like this. I've been unknowingly looking for something like this for a little while now. This makes my life so much easier!

  • Answers many questions

    by ChuckTheDude

    This app seems to have the answers for many things that you would spend time searching for, all in one place. Even of you have several books on SDK and objective C, this app contains very practical examples of stuff that you will need to learn if you are serious about learning how to write an iPhone app. I have a minor problem with some of the movie links not working, asside from that it is well worth the $5.

  • Clear, concise and informative

    by Larrygj

    I have bought many apps for my iTouch, and this is by far the best! Rich and deep with information and code you can email to yourself, with videos that cut through the thickets of iPhone app development, this resource is a "must have". I wish I knew about this app before spending a lot of money on books that left me frustrated. Another good resource are the videos from Stanford U via iTunes.

  • Great once again

    by veryGreatfulThankYou

    Cygen has done it again!!! Love the Custom Table Cells tutorial!!! Thank You and keep them coming!

  • Outstanding support!

    by OneShot1kill

    This app really is helpful for those just learning. The app has great examples that can get you up and going in no time. Also it's great to have this refference in your pocket and ready when you need it. However the most impressive feature is the outstanding support by the developer which is priceless. I've one said that in an enviroment of smoke and mirrors it's a blessing to find someone that truley cares about their customers. Keep up the good work and continue to expand this wonderful program.Videos are fantastic and hopefully more tutorials will come. Must have!

  • Great Help and Support!

    by strekker

    Everyone needs a kick-start when we start something new. This is my first time with iphone SDQ and when I needed assistance Brett came back within a day with the help I needed. He has been of GREAT assistance with his suggestions and support as I begin this new journey. -Hugh

  • It's ok

    by Ipodsoodle

    It's ok for newbies but now after I made about 7 apps it's totally worthless 5 star so more pol will buy this cause the devloper needs money I guess to afford beter quality comp

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