Biblical Tell-Tale Time-Line Reference App Review (iOS, $12.99)


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People are looking for quality resources and witnessing tools that they may carry with them at all times. This app will provide at-your-fingertip graphics to tell the complete story and assist in sharing the love of God.

The Biblical Tell-tale Time-line is a road map for travel through the Scriptures’ unfolding narrative, and serves as the basic foundation for all of Crossways International’s Bible overview courses. Twenty-two frames with explanatory notes covering the stories of creation, the patriarchs, exodus, judges, kings, prophets, and more! The Biblical Tell-tale Time-line takes the user step-by-step through all the graphic elements and details in over 250 frames. It is ideal for self-study or as the center of a group study.

This app also includes the powerful 8-frame witnessing tool, The Divine Plan. It sums up the key points of God’s plan of salvation for humanity, with notes on each frame to explain its message.

Customer Reviews

  • Sr. Pastor Crown of Glory Lutheran, Chaska

    by Pastor Matthew Bersagel

    I just walked through the time line as depicted in the new App. I can't with to use it with a Biblical overview this fall in the congregation. I have taught this course several times from the more conventional manuals and I don't know of a better overview of the Biblical themes and dynamics. But many of our participants now use iPads and iPhones for the information that really matters to them. This will connect. And for those who aren't into the technology, the color manual from Crossways International is really a pleasing way to follow along. I especially appreciate the ease of highlighting and annotating the images on an iPad. I will use that a lot. Thanks to Crossways International for a great Bible Course on iPad/ iPhone. I plan to teach this in a 5-6 week sequence to allow for plenty of conversation. Also, The app took about 20 minutes to download, but it runs very well on my 16 gig iPad 3.


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