ESV Study Bible + Reference App Review (iOS, $14.99)

  • Category: Reference
  • Publisher: Crossway
  • Updated: Jul, 29 2010
  • Version: 1.7
  • Size: 48.39 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Crossway

This update increases the minimum supported iOS version to iOS 5.1.

- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements
- iPhone 5 support, and compatibility improvements through iOS 6

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52 Ratings
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384 Ratings


The ESV Study Bible at your fingertips. Carry your ESV Study Bible with you wherever, whenever, and share with whomever you want! Crossway is excited to provide:

• The highly regarded content of the ESV Study Bible which includes:
-20,000 notes-focused on especially understanding the Bible
-2 million words of Bible text and insightful teaching
-Over 50 articles
-Over 200 full-color maps
-200-plus charts
-80,000 cross-references
-40 new illustrations

• Audio. ESV Bible Audio to supplement your bible readings (Internet connection Required)

• Use. Offers a fantastic user experience. Finding a verse is fast and easy. Just click the Browse button.

• Read. Scroll through the entire Bible in landscape or full screen modes and enlarge or shrink font sizes to fit your needs. The ESV Bible App emulates the same unique typography users encounter with print versions of the ESV.

• Search. Ever had a verse on the tip of your tongue but can’t remember where it’s found? Search for it with the Bible App’s comprehensive concordance.

• Write. With the ability to record notes, you can capture your thoughts and observations in a sermon or personal Bible study.

• Highlight. Highlight verses by simply pressing on them. Save them in your favorites for future reference.

• Share. Share verses with friends and family

• Manage. Add, delete, or reorder your verse favorites. Save your own user-defined preferences.

Created by Crossway, publisher of the ESV

Customer Reviews

  • Love it.

    by Do.It.All.For.Him.

    Great, easy to use resource!

  • Not quite there yet

    by yer customer

    Needs: - iOS 7 design and update. The non-study version of the app has already been updated. It seems like the developers are kind of spreading themselves thin having two apps to maintain. That's why I think they should just have 1 app and make the notes an in-app purchase. - Note syncing across devices (including desktop). - Reading position syncing across devices (including desktop). - A way to disable landscape mode without using iOS's orientation lock from Control Center (similar to Kindle app). - Night reading mode (black background) or a capacity to dim the screen past the Apple-allowed point.

  • Update needed

    by Nurssteph

    Best study notes/ in bible commentary around I would have given this app 5 stars if the text could go larger than extra large, its really not that big at all!!! I need big letters! It's also hard to copy and paste multiple verses. Dragging down when copying often is interpreted to sliding left or right to either my notes or study notes. Fix this please and I will change my review

  • Link to online account

    by Murryadams

    Great app I like it a lot. It does need a place to allow users to log into online account where I could access previous notes and highlights on my computer. Also need a better way to highlight and add notes. This is the best bible reading app out there.

  • Good but needs work

    by Ol Mac

    Great bible app but needs to be updated to reflect iOS 7 design, multiple color highlights and notes sync. Notes are fantastic and lots of great resources with easy navigation.

  • Great app

    by Matthew Birdsong

    Great app would give 5 stars when night mode is added

  • Nighttime Viewing

    by Scubaproflip

    No nighttime viewing mode. Five stars when that arrives.

  • Love it! PLEASE sync w website content !

    by Father of infant

    The only reason I am still looking for my perfect bible app is because this won't sync with my online content. Please include sync & please let us know when it will be available. Thanks!

  • Please update!

    by 취업준비생no.1

    * highlights and notes SYNC! * night version! * smaller font size!

  • Great App!

    by The_Ric

    Absolutely one of the best Bible apps out there! Currently having issues posting to Twitter though. Says: "Tweet Failed" "Your tweet could not be posted at this time"

  • So far my favorite Bible App, some suggestions though

    by Scot I Evans

    To Make this the perfect app: 1) Make it possible to sync up your highlighting and notes with the website and across all iOS devices via your esv account. 2) include different highlighter colors 3) have the option to have the ESV Study Notes/Commentary be on a split screen at the same time with the Bible. 4) be able to customize the categories of your notes. Things this app does better than other apps: 1) texts automatically follows along with the audible reader when you select play 2) very intuitive and clean interface. Easy to navigate. 3) when you select a verse, a screen comes up with all of the references including notes you have made on that passage. Very convienient! Keep up the great work! Definitely worth the 15 dollars.

  • Audio Onboard

    by AnotherSeason

    Great app, but the audio needs to be Onboard I cannot get Internet service in Afghanistan or Onboard a ship.

  • Love this app

    by Jesus rocks my socks

    I love the functionality of this bible app! It also has so much potential to be double amazing. Please add night viewing mode, a bible reading plan option with reminders, and account sync with online accounts. If I could I would give this app 10 stars. Thank you again for all the hard work. Peace and blessing to the wonderful ministry you are doing to further the Word of God to permeate the lives of His children.

  • Great resource

    by Lins853685326

    Love the ESV study bible! Have both the app and a physical one, best investment u can make!

  • Best study bible but app can improve.

    by blogiam

    I love my print copy esv study bible. It's probably among the top ever produced. This app could definitely approve a lot. Your paying for the content of coarse but if this going to be a great app it needs cloud sync and other features like night mode to list a few. Other than I love it!

  • Needs another update

    by the preacha

    This app is amazing and such a blessing. But it needs improvements. The biggest thing: sync notes from this app to the site online. I also recently changed phones and lost all my previous notes. I would love for you guys to create individual accounts so that we always have our notes and highlights.

  • Bookmark and Sync

    by 4all2hear

    Thank you for this app. Would like the ability to add a bookmark. Also, syncing notes, highlights and favorites between devices would be very nice. Thank you.

  • Very nice

    by Ppark20

    Loving the app so far, only thing i really wish it had are nighttime viewing and reading plans.

  • So thankful for this!

    by awesomecannon

    I just bought this and already I'm enjoying it so much. I've wanted the hardcover version for a while, but I usually read the bible on my phone, so I was thrilled to see that there was an app. Already finding the notes very helpful and I can't wait to dig in to all these articles! What a treasure trove for only 15 bucks!

  • Very good but...

    by Mejaxi

    Would love love love cloud support. If I could have my notes, favorites and highlights synced between all devices this would be the perfect study bible. Please consider :) thank you!!!

  • Iphone 5 support!

    by @jharris@

    Finally. But STILL no night viewing mode.. For such a pricey app, you sure do update it sparingly.

  • Untrue email

    by sethteegarden

    Email from crossway said that we would see and update within 3-4 weeks, that email was sent October 10th. Please keep your word or at least keep us updated as to why you have not.

  • Sign on

    by AnthonyKroeker

    Love this bible app. Please please please make it possible to sync notes with the website and other devices.


    by Blogger guy

    I DESPERATELY need to be able to sync my highlights and notes across devices. PLEASE FIX THIS. It would make this app 5 stars hands down!

  • Disappointing

    by stevenrbanks

    The ESV is a good version, but the study notes are disappointing.

  • Reading plans?

    by My Lord My God

    Are there any reading plans available through the app? I know the website has them.

  • Needs Syncing

    by Cody Coppess

    I don't really ever use the website version, but at least sync between devices. Notes, highlights and reading locations would be awesome to sync between my iPhone and iPad. And while your at it, apparently lots of people would like the syncing to extend to the website. Other than that, I love it.

  • Useful for reading

    by dbthedoulos

    I enjoy using this app on both my iPad and iPhone. It would be nice if my notes and highlights were synced between devices! I would still suggest this app if you find yourself traveling or using your iPad as a primary reading tool. Over all a great app.

  • Love it...How about Exporting Notes?

    by Iflyez

    I love the print version and now the iPad version...I take all my notes from Bible Study, Sunday School, and Sermons. I'd really like the developers to provide an update that allows me to export my notes to a Word document or other text file to print, email, etc. Thanks!

  • Great app--needs reading plan

    by Iambecky2

    Great app and full of information that is easy to switch back and forth to the bible. Pleasant narrator. If it had reading plans and offered color schemes, it would be perfect. I personally love the ESV bible version.

  • Swipes across modes while highlighting

    by Josh Dyson

    Constantly jumping into my notes or study notes when highlighting (while not in full screen, or always on iPad). Otherwise, great.

  • Great app, but needs some critical features.

    by GLFields89

    Needs: syncing notes and highlights between different iOS devices. Other than these nuisances the app is still the incredible study that use almost exclusively.

  • Love it

    by mrjamesmartin

    The recent update fixes a few issues I had. I absolutely love this app. The study bible is worth the extra money. Must have!

  • Can't search anymore on iOS 5+

    by The David M

    This was a great app, but despite multiple requests on their support forum to fix the search issues (the app simply crashes when trying to see more items in search), no fix has been deployed. For the amount of money this app costs, they should have supported those who support them. I feel cheated by those who released this. Buy the YouVersion app instead. When iOS 5 broke some of their functionality they deployed an update within days. Update: December 2012 As an app developer myself, I know how easy it is to update an application for the iPhone 5 format, but this app has yet to be updated. I strongly suggest choosing another app. Update: April 2013 Well, it's finally updated! I give four stars for functionality and design, but remove one for their lateness in updating things. Most apps were updated months ago.

  • Good Audio Bible

    by edjenn1998

    This does exactly what I want.

  • Great update

    by Ascoughy

    Thank you for adding full screen support- very useful!

  • Thank You Crossway!

    by God'sWill

    Thank you for updating for the increased iPhone 5 real estate. I love this app and use it daily for devotional reading. I am looking forward to having this sync with ESV online notes/highlights.

  • Yes! with the newest update, this is now my fav bible app

    by S Chen

    Thank you crossway for the newest update. I can finally use the whole screen!!!

  • It's about time

    by Football2323

    App looks great. However they need to do updates more often than once a year!

  • Please!

    by Adam Ryan

    Thank you for iPhone 5 support. Please add note and highlight sync! Also when highlighting I accidentally flip between commentary and the bible. There needs to be a better way.

  • Abandoned

    by Garret Prestwood

    They took our money and ran. This app has been abandoned. Don't buy it now.

  • Complete disaster

    by EtymologyBoy

    A case study in screwing up a perfectly good app. This happens whenever and only when some genius in management thinks he knows more about what his customers want than they do. No one asked for this update or wants it. I can't get to my Greek Interlinear despite paying for this privilege. Please fire the management genius, restore my app, and lets move on!

  • Excellent abandoned bible app!

    by jacqperr

    It's been nearly a year since update, and $10 ain't cheap for a Bible app. There has been zero effort to support the iPhone 5 and in the beginning it was said by Crossway that new features would be coming shortly. (even mentioned that in the original review below) Nothing has ever come of that.. this app has zero new features from day one, as far as I remember. This app feels abandoned, seems they are focusing on esv study org instead. --- orig. review below :( This really is very useful! One of my favorite bullets in the app description on their ESV mobile website: Expanded Platform with plans for future resource offerings Looking forward to more soon!

  • Highlighting

    by Matthew Brock

    Everything is great, except that I would like to choose the color of the highlighting feature.

  • Good but not great

    by Robert Levy

    As others have said, this app is not regularly updated which is generally fine considering ease of use, style and the study tools are all top notch. A lack of SYNC-ing ability across devices is my number one complaint. Even free apps offer that. I read on at least three different iOS devices and I can't tell you how great it WOULD be if all my highlights and notes were synced across. Foe the price of this app, that should be a given.

  • Needs iPhone 5 Update

    by delayed apathy

    Nice app, even sexy. But not having it formatted for an iPhone 5 makes it much less attractive.

  • Used to be great now just good

    by welchb

    I rock the esv study bible. And wanted to grab the (expensive) app to read on the go. It's great, but as others have said - the iPhone 5 has been out for many many months. Imho there's not much of an excuse for an expensive app like this to not update the resolution.

  • iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support?

    by bthesmith

    This used to be my go to Bible app, but it's nearing a year since the developer has done anything with it. I won't be using it until it supports iPhone 5.

  • Great App but iOS 5?

    by Nbivey

    Great application. Excellent value to have a locally stored study bible at an affordable price. I love it on my iPad, but when will be get an update to the iPhone 5 screen?!

  • iPhone 5

    by Apple Dragon

    It would be total awesome if you update the format to the iPhone 5. You would be able to read a lot more scripture. Other then that I love to use this app for church and small group and to read on my own or have it read to me so my kids can listen to to the Gospel.

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