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Seller: Concentric Sky

- APOD movie support
- Retina support
- 4" screen support
- Updated UI for iOS 6

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Developed in partnership with NASA, Astronomy Picture of the Day for the iPhone/iPad brings the vastness of space right into your hand. Browse through decades of high resolution NASA space photos hand selected by NASA astronomers. Jump to photos by date, save them to your photo roll or share them friends. Want that latest Hubble photo as a background? Then APOD is for you.

New pictures every day. Shake for a random image!

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Customer Reviews

  • Nice App... However

    by Us7300

    It has always disappointed me that the app loads the lower quality scaled down version of the image off the web site rather than the full sized image you get by clicking on the image in the page. This doesn't matter so much on older devices like the iPhone 3GS or iPad 2 but is definitely noticeable on devices with retina displays. Would be nice if there was at least an option to select which image is loaded. Like a quality selection.

  • Love NASA

    by Working all day

    Astronomy pictures are great joy for me. Thanks.

  • breathtaking images

    by Wijsneus

    as a longtime photographer i cant cease to be amazed at the quality and drama these images offer. tax dollars well spent!

  • Amazing

    by Henry Da Bomb

    This is a great app and every day it is a different and spectacular picture

  • Not working in iOS 7

    by ShinyStarlight

    Doesn't get past the picture loading screen in iOS 7 :(

  • problem with loading anything

    by owbfvowifbvpbv

    I loved this app until nothing would load

  • Does not work with iOS 7.

    by Josh Wilson

    I had this app a month or so before iOS 7 was released. Worked magnificently before I upgraded, so I give it 3 stars for that, but could be 5 if it was compatible with iOS 7.

  • Gov't Shutdown

    by NotSoJazzyAnymore

    The app is working. The gov't feed from NASA is down due to gov't shutdown. Thus, no photo of the day.

  • Fix?

    by Lightwiz

    Great app; but now broken for several weeks. I miss the pix and don't understand the lack of communication from the developer - or the App Store.

  • Update?

    by Mtnlion667

    Running iOS 7 on a 4s. Now I can't open the app. Just keeps spinning the "loading image" but nothing comes up. This was happening before the government shut down nasa in favor of the NSA and DHS.... This app was one of the few I opened every day. Please fix it!

  • Wrongly Claims Connectivity Issue

    by Sciencenerd817

    Love the app, but for weeks now I can't access the daily pic. Other apps access the Internet with no problem.

  • Another victim of Govmnt Shutdown?

    by D451d

    This app gives me so much entertainment and it's a shame the Gov funding is halted. Can't you finance it by a charge for the app? It's easily worth a few $ (and no ads)

  • No pictures

    by Lookin uo

    Since october 2nd, there has been no pictures. Is it my ipad or are you all on vacation!?!

  • Great App

    by Flub27

    Sad to believe that spoiled idiots in Congress have stopped the photos.

  • .

    by MasterCannon

    Can't view photos. Nothing loads. I've tried on 3G and 2 different wifi networks. I'm using an iPhone 4S. Please fix this. I really enjoy this app.

  • I love this

    by Laraine Walker

    Astronomy picture of the day has provided me with beautiful and interesting and "cool" wallpaper for years. Thank you NASA. Get this. You will be so happy.

  • Great App

    by Patrick from atl

    This app has Beautiful pictures & great explanations. Definitely download it. I've had it for 2-3 years and I've looked at it almost every day.

  • by SeniorSista

    Love this app!

  • Apod

    by Mr 75

    You can't put a pretty picture or any picture on a camera roll WHY ???? Still waiting on a answer to this question? I would like to rate this higher but can't just yet , can't get pictures on camera roll

  • Happy 18 birthday

    by puzzlefrance

    Thanks for this excellent application

  • Doesn't work with iOS 7.

    by LuckyDragon9

    I love the pics on this app, but since I've upgraded to iOS 7, it has not worked so far. Please upgrade APOD app!

  • Please update for os 7

    by Jbomber82

    I love this app but now it doesn't work since I've updated my software to os7. NASA please help!!

  • iOS 7 Problem

    by Backfire400

    Since the iOS 7 update I am no longer able to download ANY images.

  • Um....

    by This is katiá... Yes.

    None of the pictures will load on my 4th gen iPod...

  • Version 2.0. iPhone 5S

    by TheBomber347

    Will not load pictures. Says there is a bad internet connection. Which isn't true.

  • Doesn't work

    by wgwest

    APOD doesn't work at all now. What happened?

  • APOD

    by richiehoe

    Not working. App cannot connect to the internet Problem started after the last update

  • App won't connect to internet.

    by MacOO7

    It was a nice app until it quit working. Now it says it can't connect to the internet. All other apps connect just fine.

  • Not Working

    by ctcargile

    When I open the app it just keeps trying to load the picture. I'm pretty sure it's not my internet. The app hasn't worked since I downloaded it months ago.

  • Quit working

    by DanMiller1

    I loved this at first. Great pics. With the update of iOS now not working. Says failure to connect. Check internet connection. Disappointed.

  • What happened To Apod

    by Green for all

    I have enjoyed this app for some time. But now it does not work. Only app on my iPad that will not longer connect. No way to fix. After all this time. Wasted app now. Hope iOS 7 did not fix me up turn me out of my space odyssey. Hope it works for someone.

  • iOS7 = APOD No More

    by JeaniBrent

    Since I downloaded iOS7 to mu iPad, when I click on my APOD App, all that happens is it gets stuck in "Loading Image" and eventually times out. What's up, APOD? Jeani

  • Connection failure?

    by happyjamdotbiz

    Was working fine until Oct 1 when I started getting connection failure messages. No problem with my Internet connection, but APOD can't seem to connect. Deleted, re-installed, but same problem.

  • Memory hog

    by Neffilicious

    This is a good, easy to use app with beautiful photos and movies. It is easy to use and navigate. However, it has one serious flaw. It is a total storage space hog. Even if you use the Clear Image Cache feature, it will continue to hold on to space in your device. I have made it a habit to delete and reinstall the app whenever it exceeds 500mb storage space. The app should be updated so that clearing the cache actually releases storage area instead of continuing to use more and more space.

  • Thanks for great update!

    by Sherap6

    Great Info. And application.

  • Many good features, but the ads are distracting and undermine the experience!

    by AstroPaul

    I came to look at beautiful space images and learn about the science behind them--not to be bombarded with ads when I tap on the info button! Do we really want to see a banner ad about dandruff shampoo for men?!! So much for the other worldly experience! What makes this more troubling is that the app is now a NASA service and has the NASA logo on it--our publicly-funded projects and government efforts should not be open for advertising dollars! Happy to donate to NASA or the app developers, but lose the ads! Other issues: Could use a thumbnails view spanning weeks. Could use a single button save photos to the camera roll. Could use a full screen mode, so the image takes over the entire display. Now that the app uses the NASA logo for its icon, it means it looks exactly the same as other NASA apps--which is visually confusing. Still, it has two key features that make it better than the other leading astro pic of the day app, TwilitSky. It can save the photos and doesn't have the fractured glass image that appears repeatedly in TwilitSky. As a result, it's still the apod app I use most often! It's also a universal app meaning it works well on the iPad, too, providing great views there.

  • Wwwwwwooooooooowwwwwwwww

    by Collinsnovell

    All the pictures that they put are all amazing and very clear

  • Awe inspiring

    by ltc26

    Fantastic app, beautiful and awe inspiring images

  • original ipad

    by dew222

    i have the original ipad with the 5.0 ios. when i do an update check it lets me know there is an update for the ios6 ipads. how do i tell the updates this one does not apply and not to tell me it needs updating?

  • Finally, retina support!

    by MarbleMadness

    Glad you got the update. Enjoying the pictures!

  • Navigation Controls are Gone

    by Sumixam1969

    Why were the navigation controls removed from the app? The only way to go to get to another date's image is to swipe through them. So now if I want to go to an image from 5 years ago, what do I do? This upgrade was a step backwards for me. There's no improvement over the prior version I was using and you removed a feature I used often.

  • Nice. Could be better.

    by dwcouch

    I used to have a bookmark saved to the home screen. And sometimes I still use it due to the ads in the app. The interface is smile and meets expectations. A 4 without ads. And yes. I would pay for an app without ads.

  • iOS6 requirement loses iPad 1

    by derekbaker

    I'll have to delete this from my iPad now (bought before Mar 2011), or else keep getting the reminder badge to update an app that won't work with anything before iOS 6. Another lazy developer strikes again.

  • Improvements!

    by DrMatt_Music

    UI now uses standard sliding gestures instead of on-screen arrows. Movies now work. The only thing I could really ask for is to launch hyperlinks from the Description text over to Safari.

  • Disappointed

    by oreopie

    Always enjoyed this app, but now I am unable to update being an iPad 1 user so, now i need to delete, so the app is no longer useful! Will minis this app please remember those of us who cannot afford new iPads!

  • :D

    by moviecrazy123

    Tears of joy are spilling from eyes after this update. I've waited years for retina support and the removal that white line along the right edge of the startup screen. The new icon is also amazing. Yay!

  • Yay! Thx for update

    by •Ray•

    Thanks NASA been waiting for this update

  • Great app

    by Steves69ls3

    I love everything this app offers My one concern is some pics are actually videos and the description tells you to click the image to watch but nothing happens

  • Hide feature needed

    by Edward McLane-Haraz

    The app is great so far, and I appreciate that they took the time to deliver this amazing content to new devices. The only problem is that for an image-viewing program, it's strange that there's no way to hide the buttons, text, and bar at the top. I expected that stuff to disappear upon tapping the image.

  • Not loading

    by Hamsami1

    Great app, five stars, until it not able to save to photos.

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