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The popular Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides are now available on your iPhone and iTouch!

Discover the truth about Bible prophecy, hell, death, the soul, salvation, and so much more in this powerful, step-by-step series that will radically transform your understanding of God’s Word — all backed by Bible verse after Bible verse!

There are 27 Study Guides in all, featuring in-depth studies on a wide-range of intriguing Bible topics, such as …

- 666 & the Mark of the Beast
- The rapture
- The Ten Commandments
- The millennium
- The devil
- The nature of the soul
- The state of the dead
- … and even keys to a happier marriage!

Amazing Facts is an international multimedia Christian ministry that’s been sharing God’s message for 45 years. We are committed to giving you the very best Bible material available to help you make an informed decision about following Jesus Christ!

Download this free app and find out what we have to offer, and have fun as you learn about God’s incredible Word!

Customer Reviews

  • Great app!

    by Nortonmakeup

    Great study guide! The devil is getting mad! This app is very informative on the tactics of the devil!

  • Great resource

    by Happy SDA

    A fantastic resource to have on your fingertips when looking to study your Bible. Written in a simple Q&A format that is easy to understand and share. Highly recommend this these studies and this app!!!

  • Scriptural and sound

    by Ldolmt

    I agree with those reviewers who said to test this against the Bible. I have, it is truth, easy to understand and beautiful.

  • Student

    by Zoe_105

    Great app!!! Very handy. The video doesn't work though.

  • Great ministry

    by K-John 777

    Amazing Facts studies are absolutely Rock-solid truths of Scripture and the spiritual propositions contained therein cannot be refuted. You will find that those who wish to stubbornly cling to what these Biblical truths expose as popular errors of the faith will resort to asking in a suspicious tone, "To what church do you belong?".

  • Amazing

    by Chela4026

    Great app!!

  • Praise God!!!

    by Kamkam1986

    Good app this is what we need as youths.

  • I tested all things.

    by DoeJoe

    Spent many hours studying these guides prayerfully when they were released and I have to admit that this is solidly biblical. Verse for Verse, line upon line, I'm so happy that there is a ministry that is dedicated to sharing the unbiased and Biblical truth. Very refreshing and Heart changing. Praise God for shining the Light of truth on a generation shrouded in deception and willing ignorance. Thanks soooo much for changing my life and the lives of my family. God is truly Great.

  • Iluvgsus

    by Iluvgzus

    Simply & intelligently presented and biblically supported. I praise God for this ministry and I believe His blessing is continually on it. Yes, prayerfully study scripture and always ask the Lord for wisdom and enlightenment. Be ready to accept and heed the truth when the Spirit reveals it to you. May all be blessed as you earnestly study God's word. Thanks D. Batchelor! E. Caceres

  • Amazing

    by Leeshinyoung

    A must-have apps.

  • Truth to live by

    by Lerualaum

    Bible-based truth is all I ask for and exactly what I receive reading this information. So blessed that people are able to have this information available on hand. Jesus is coming soon. Let us all be ready.

  • A blessing!

    by []D[][]M[][]D

    Praise God for this app!!

  • Love this app you've got too have

    by Win Hen

    I love this app this explains soooooo much and it gives you verses too make sure what they are telling you is right ! It is like my quiet time for the day :)

  • Excellent Bible Study Source


    These Bible study guides are very well prepared and I found them to be very useful. For those who are seeking to know what the Bible teaches about God and what He is like, this is an excellent resource. I recommend it. R. Fernandez

  • Extremely Helpful Tool

    by by soldier4thecross

    Wonderful application and a must have for all Bible students. Anyone who sincerely studies the Word of God. Will see the majesty of Christ and His truth in these studies and resources. Absolutely awesome. Thanks for the app.. Blessings.

  • Very handy

    by Hotgirlgamer

    Nice app to have on hand, well done! Extremely useful!



    A poorly thought out ministry tool consisting only of opinions not actual facts I am disappointed in this ap!

  • Amazing Facts abandoned this app

    by Jarvis23

    Don't bother downloading, as this app ceased to function a long time ago. It's a shame, as AF puts out quality information, but they have clearly given up on IOS. You are better off getting the Puffin browser and streaming their media thru that browser.

  • Seventh day Adventist app

    by Sparkslopez79

    False doctrine. Surface level to appear to aline with Christianity but dig deep. SDA beliefs are not biblical for example, Investigated judgement, keeping sabbath saves you, they don't believe in the atonement on the cross (that's why they don't celebrate Easter like the majority of Christians) their prophet Ellen G white fails a true prophet test, believe Michael is Jesus, believe in soul sleep etc.... Be careful brothers and sisters!!!

  • Test all things

    by bcbdesign

    Prayerfully study the Scriptures for yourself with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Like a previous reviewer advised; "Take with a grain of salt." My advice is to eat the meat and spit out the bones. Research SDA doctrinal beliefs.

  • Hold it up to the light!

    by Menj11111

    I purchased this app because I was interested in the study about the mark of the beast. In yhe study, there is quite a bit of speculation about the identity of the antichrist, and like some of the other reviewers have said, I agree that we must be very careful about who and what we choose to believe. Be on the alert!

  • Use this app with a grain of salt!

    by o3_eleven

    Much of what I read, which, admittedly wasn't a lot (four study guides), didn't sit well with me and not because I'm close-minded or set in any particular religious mindset. Read the material for yourself and as with anything, see if it lines up with God's Word. Yes, each question has scripture(s) based on that question and an answer based on the scripture(s) but unless you actually dig into The Word and see what God is trying to do/say in a verse, it can be easy to slip into false doctrine. For instance, in the "Is the Devil in Charge of Hell?" study guide, the author states that "Nor would God burn a murderer who died 5,000 years ago 5,000 years longer than one who dies and deserves punishment for the same sin today." Such a statement as the quote above is misleading. The spirit realm does not operate on time, like our natural world does. The spirit realm is not bound by the limitations of time. Therefore, 5,000 years in Hell is still day 1, likewise in Heaven. "The Mark of the Beast" study guide is more speculation, than anything and uses facts throughout history to try and put a finger on the identification of the Antichrist. My point is, get the Amazing Facts "straight" (pun intended, there), dig into God's Word, implement wisdom and ask for God's revelation, then wait and listen for "His" answer...

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