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Have you ever wanted to share a scripture with someone but didn’t have your Bible with you, or couldn’t remember the reference? Now you can have all the scriptures of your favorite study series with you everywhere you go. You can always be ready to make the most of every opportunity!

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” 1 Peter 3:15

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If you don’t see your church’s study series in the app, have someone in your church email a copy to support@cheapbrain.com and we’ll put it on our to do list! Meanwhile, use one of the other study series — they are all good.

By the way, we need volunteers to help convert study series into the HTML format we use in the app. If you would like to help, email us at support@cheapbrain.com.

You might ask, “Why aren’t the study series free?” Well, there are costs involved in developing the app and supporting the servers the studies are downloaded from. We’ll keep the prices as low as we can, but by purchasing the study series you are helping support these costs and future development of the app! We have many ideas and plans for the app. For example: the ability to annotate studies with your own notes and additional scriptures, and the ability to share your annotations with your friends. If you have ideas about how we can make the app more useful, let us know. And thanks for your support!

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Helpful Tips:

• You can expand any underlined scripture reference to the full scripture by just tapping on it.

• You can get the definition of almost any word in a study by tapping and holding on the word to select it, then tapping Define on the selection popup menu.

• You can copy part or all of a study and then paste it into another app or into an email to send to a friend. Just tap and hold on the text you want to select, then use the blue selection dots to expand the selection to as much of the study as you want. Then tap Copy on the selection popup menu. Then switch to the other app and paste into it.

• You can change the text size in the studies by tapping the settings button (looks like a gear), then tapping the little A to make text smaller, or the big A to make text larger.

• You can use the app and the studies you’ve purchased on multiple devices. For example, if you’ve purchased a study series on your iPhone, and you want to view it on your iPad, tap the settings button in the 1st Principles Store and then tap “Restore purchases”. Note, even if you try to purchase the study series again on your iPad, iTunes will not charge you for it, it will just unlock it so you can download it for free. This assumes that you are using the same iTunes account on both devices.

• If you see any formatting or content errors in any of the studies, or if you have ideas on how we can improve the app, tap the settings button in the 1st Principles Library or Store and tap “Email feedback”.

Customer Reviews

  • Super helpful!

    by catsch1

    Studies at the tip of my fingers? Yes, please! Thanks for keeping it simple and user friendly.

  • Great options and information

    by Cyu1234

    Love it! Would recommend for next update print options once purchased.

  • Loving this App!!

    by Momof4_notime4muself

    I actually just looked back on this app, thinking it was only (the traditional) 1st Principles studies. I didn't realize they updated it to add in study series from other churches!! I was so encouraged to see studies from all the different churches we've been apart of over the years! Even more, their are SO MANY extra studies, from so many different sources. I'm looking forward to using one of them in my study tomorrow! Yes, they are $.99. WELL worth it. Thank you to everyone who has worked on these. Makes me feel closer to my brothers and sisters to see what they are teaching in their churches! :) I'll be checking it regularly to buy more!!

  • Best dollar you could spend!

    by Craw4d of Arrington

    For less than the cost of a Pepsi you get a great study series, with commentary, scriptures comes up by a touch. Great as reference during studies and for personal review. Just went over the Holy Spirit study by Hampton Roads and saw some insights that I will include in future studies. Look forward to seeing what perspectives other churches have on these foundational topics.

  • Great resource

    by rdalbritton

    Great resource for studying the Bible with our friends

  • 1st. Principals

    by tomisasap p

    I'm so great full that God communicates through us. I just downloaded 4 more books and I'm loving just knowing that my Lord and God Jesus Christ is still loving me. This statement may or may not sound like it make sense but it will the you read Gods word.

  • A Disciples Toolkit!

    by eschram

    A must have for every disciple! Get it now!

  • Soooooo grateful!

    by Ivy Brog

    So grateful for the Lord Jesus giving you brothers the wisdom and SKILL to do what only a fraction of us could! Thanks for using your gifts <3

  • Cool

    by The Dude is taken

    Good idea and a good resource, but not a fan of the prices.

  • Super Awesome Bible Studies!!!

    by Ezekiel Torres

    Love how we finally have an app for all the bible studies!!! Great Job on the layout and design it looks great! You definitely should download and buy some biblestudy series on the app :)


    by It's a winner!

    So grateful to have an app like this! What a blessing!

  • First Principles

    by GowPow


  • Thank you for the accessibility!

    by Syntcha

    Excellent way to share the wisdom and creativity of different churches in their unique study of the fundamental teachings of Jesus. I look forward to more churches sharing their insightful way of sharing the good news!

  • First Principles app

    by Brandy Sammons

    Thank you for making these studies available to download. Now I can use my iPad to help others know Christ!

  • Well done!

    by NateCahill

    I was delighted to see how well organized, functional, and wonderfully simplistic this is! This will be an extremely useful tool for any person with the heart to help others to know God's word and for students of the Bible. I see so much potential for the depth of resources that can be made available with apps like this and I gladly pay that tiny fee to help make that possible and sustainable. MORE PLEASE!!

  • Awesome app! Especially with different bible study guides from the different churches for 99c each!

    by Jordanplus1

    Seriously 99c each is not a problem getting all these helpful guides on the go! Thanks!

  • Excellent

    by Matt Rollins

    Awesome job. Thanks guys. Sad to see complainers about the $1 price tag on the various study series. If you don't like it, don't buy it. No need to paint the good service they're doing in a negative light.

  • Great app! I can't believe people are complaining about paying a buck!

    by code-chimp

    Seriously, people pay hundreds of dollars to Apple for an iPhone or iPad, and they pay for other apps like Angry Birds, but they complain about spending a buck to support the development of an app to help spread the Word? Their lack of gratitude and sense of entitlement surprises and saddens me. I'm a software developer, and I know making an app like this takes a lot of time and effort. And, as Matthew 10:10 says, "The worker is worth his keep." I love how they've made the studies look good on an iPhone and iPad, despite the different screen sizes and resolutions. And being able to tap a Bible reference to see the verses is awesome! They've made a great looking and very useful tool, and I look forward to the ways they will enhance the app in the future. Keep up the good work guys. I'm happy to support the development of an app like this!

  • Great App

    by Gophersouls

    Such a helpful app to reference during bible study. Thanks to those who made it.

  • Great resource for soul winners

    by Son of Camille


  • Paid Twice

    by Linkson

    Paid to download the app, got a store? And now I have to pay for the actual study. No thanks I'll program another.

  • A toolkit with a price

    by Sinulog

    The apps you download is like a bookshelf of guides that you have to buy individually to help defray cost for maintaining servers, etc. Good price for .99cents each. Could be for serious students but does not apply if you are just seeking to supplement your personal bible study.

  • Not free

    by Stefanos Gatdoulos

    It used to provide the 1st principles for free. Since the last update, you have to pay for anything and everything. Sorry. I will delete this app.

  • You have to pay for what SHOULD be FREE

    by Delilah Cole

    Now you have to pay for the studies. This is ridicules.

  • God uses App to his Glory!!!

    by jd_guam

    Great job guys! I love how you can read the scripture by touching it! Saves time switching to your Bible App! We just ran out of excuses for not saving the lost!!!

  • Thank you

    by llullaby3

    Thank you to those who had a vision for and put the work into this project. I love the creativity of disciples:)

  • Cleveland, Ohio

    by ElaineToth

    I'm thankful for you making this app! I use my phone for everything...and the best part is just touching the verse it opens the scripture!!! Excited to share with all who are seeking.

  • Amazing App!

    by Sariesae

    This app really helps me on the go when I'm in bible studies I have not been in for a while and need help remembering the verses!

  • Great App.

    by Rajun Kajun

    Awesome, this will be a helpful reference tool.

  • This is great!

    by Aerylsa

    You guys should do this with the new and improved version of the studies! Awesome though, this will be a big help. Thank you!!!

  • Awesome!

    by Malstigger


  • Soooo cool!!!

    by Analcuevas81

    Thank you for doing this. I believe that this app will help those who forgot their booklet.

  • Thank You for putting this together

    by Christophhall

    Great job and I look forward to future releases.

  • Aaaaaaammmmaaaaazzzziiinnnggg!!!!

    by Anjelice

    I am so excited to see this app because it is a way to have the studies on me at all times without having to take forever typing it into my phone. I love the plan for the different versions that they are working on because I totally need an app to do soo many things. Thanks guys for taking the time to make it!!! :D

  • Love this app!!

    by Jw2shay

    Very cool and very helpful. Love the future release plans! Would love to see the Repentance and Baptism studies added! Also, some Prepared to Answer content would be awesome as well. The potential for this is tremendous! Great job in making this happen!

  • Amazing

    by lilbiggy

    This app is amazing and I know is going to help train people to study and also great to study with people as well. There is very easy access to get to the scriptures and the diagrams are great!

  • Great Start

    by SassyCassy969

    This app is a great start to long awaited sharing of the studies. I cant wait to see where God takes this. Version 2,3,4 ..... Great job!

  • Thank You

    by Brian Tenicela

    Thanks for helping us with resources like this! Major Step Forward!

  • Two words A-Mazing!!!

    by Robbie Miles

    What a wonderful tool. This will help us to, once again, become unified as a family across the globe. Next update: the ability to translate into any language with the push of a button!:-)

  • Awesome Awesome Awesome

    by Life4799

    You all did a great Job with the app. But also this app is an incredible weapon in the fight. Thanks

  • Thanks you!

    by Patton77

    Thanks for the hard work on this. Jonathan Perkins

  • This is awesome!!!!

    by Carrkid

    Great job with putting this together! I look forward to more studies

  • Great!

    by FranceRX

    This is really helpful, thanks for creating the app!

  • Fantastic!

    by Cong Lam

    I've missed this since the days of my old Palm. I'm glad we now have it on our iPhones.

  • Clear and Convenient

    by 1cor1023

    I am so glad to have this study series app! It is so convenient to have a "pocket 1st Principles" with me wherever I go. Not only is it an accessible reference to study the Bible with others anytime, but also a great review and study for myself. The studies are clear and straight-forward with inline scriptures so I don't even have to leave the app.

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