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This is the lite version of the popular BFBC2 UU App!

Do you love piloting UAVs, arming M-COMs, and driving bradleys? Then BFBC2 Ultimate Utility is for you!

BFBC2 UU lite contains:

See how to unlock each weapon!
(Full damage stats available in paid version)

See how to unlock each gadget!
(Full stats available in paid version)

This unique feature will tell you how many more kills you need to get to improve your K/D Ratio. The paid version will also tell you how your K/D Ratio compares to other players!

This amazing feature allows you to talk to other users in real time. You can make new friends, discuss strategy, trade tips, or anything else you can think of! The lite version only allows you to view messages from other users, but the paid version also allows you to send messages.

View HD gameplay and tutorial videos! More videos will be added in the coming weeks.

Keep up to date with the latest news about both BFBC2 and Medal Of Honor, from the official source!

See what other players think about topics such as, what is the best kit, best map, or favorite gun.

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This is an unofficial reference guide designed for use with Battlefield Bad Company 2. Brass Monkeigh Apps is in no way affiliated with the publishers of the Battlefield games or DICE.

Customer Reviews

  • Hi

    by Bunny worrior

    Hi hi h hi

  • Black ops two is cool

    by Flyer face

    There's new guns and stuff

  • Read, I can help!

    by Beasty playa

    Exp is for the computer, PS3, an Xbox 360 versions.

  • Nice job

    by The one8436248

    Lots of stuff. Good app.

  • Best

    by EvenstarKnight1

    This is by far the best free bfbc2 app.

  • Great app

    by BullDog781

    Really good for being free. I already bought the full version.

  • Dr m

    by Rev blanchard

    Waste of time . Wont do anything

  • Bad

    by Amandazzle


  • Pretty Useless

    by Hey Kool Aid

    Not much info here. Just a list of weapons and items.

  • Information posted is in game

    by Valkrye Marie

    All the information in this app is located under the weapon stats in the game. Also in the game once you unlock a weapon you can read the details about the weapon. The same applies for all vehicles, and it even tells you what weapons work well against what. I guess the chat room is okay, but you have to buy the full version to respond. You can calculate you own k/d spread by using simple math. The graphics are good. But I think the creators will see more use from the app if they allow free users to chat. It may also be helpful to some if there were tips posted about aiming (bullet drop). Perhaps you can add screen shots of the various maps, with information about good sniper positions, and using the team tools supplied for each class (med kit, defib, ammo box, motion sensors and wrench).

  • Lite version is pointless

    by Johnnyis

    Maybe the paid version is useful, but the lite one is nothing more than a list of weapons and gadgets with no additional information about them. Useless.

  • Ok....

    by Mr.awesomeness

    But yeah, how do you get exp

  • Good but...

    by 1lane

    How do u get experience points

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