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Just 150 years ago the world was an entirely different place: the British Empire stretched from one corner of the globe to the other, whether the theoretical 'flying machine' could really be created was a matter of fierce debate, the US was on the verge of civil war, colonial powers warred over territory in Africa, there was no motorized car, no Sherlock Holmes, no Bram Stoker's Dracula, no telephone, no Statue of Liberty, Iran was Persia, Turkey was the Ottoman Empire, conflict was rampant, and yet the total world population was scarcely greater than that of China today.

In '150 Years of History: Snapshots of the Past' we watch the world change one year at a time, as it moves from the late Age of Empires through two world wars, the Cold War, and modern times. While years such as 1914, 1939, 1945, 1969 and so on are ingrained upon the minds of most, every year carries its own importance and this app focuses both on the large defining events of history as well as some lesser-known but still important developments that took place.

Customer Reviews

  • Brilliant

    by Sunny Daisyyyyyy

    A concise and brilliant view of the last 150 years. This app includes major discoveries, events and other occurrences that shaped who we are as people today.

  • Want more...

    by Murdock Scott

    Unlike some other reviewers, I like the somewhat random selection of images. If it was more textbook like, then the editors would have been compelled to put in the 150 "major events" that we all should already know, and it might have ended up pretty stale if not boring for those of us who paid attention in class. I do agree however, that it's a pretty small sampling of events/information. It would be better if it had at least 2 events per year to begin with and then maybe an in app purchase to fill it out even more. As it is, I doubt I will recommend the app to friends.

  • Nice

    by Jrodriguez81

    Would love to see more than one event per year but still a great app for just a buck. Also, no mention of 9/11 attacks in 2001? Really? Anyway great pictures!

  • Fascinating

    by sutergirl

    For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you get a nice collection of images capturing an interesting variety of historical moments. Fun for browsing, or to fuel the imagination, inspiring us to dig deeper into various historical periods...great little app!

  • Best History App

    by gerrard8liverpool

    What a great application. I learned so much interesting history from this application. If you are interested in history at all, you should try this app. Great education app with much fun. 5 solid stars and well worth 99 cents.

  • What happened with 9/11

    by wchoreo

    Why is 9/11 not mentioned? It changed travel, security and life as we now know it!

  • There should be more apps like this.

    by Robert6

    I wish there were more apps in the store that covered history like this.

  • very entertaining and educational!

    by gyenom

    great app worth way more than 99 cents. so much to read, see, and study from this app. i love the contents and how each content is linked to Wikipedia for more details. Full of interesting stories and histories. I love it and recommend it to all. Five solid stars

  • Random Facts

    by Lee1943

    No logic or consistency to the succession of individual topics and photos. The app, in my opinion, is really kind of pointless.

  • Brief slideshow

    by Asdf145

    This app has just one picture for each year. Each page works as a starting point to learn more through a provided wikipedia link. But the result is a pretty random way to teach history. A good history app should impart context, motivation and consequence. Those things require the insight of a well studied author. In contrast, this app could easily have been assembled by a 'bot. Two stars because the pictures are pretty good and the price is low. But there are much better ways to spend time.

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