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Learning a new language to fluency is a process that takes years. The language you choose to learn will become your constant companion during the time it takes to learn it.

Unfortunately, far too many choose which language they want to study on a whim, and set about the task under the assumption that one or two textbooks and some time in the classroom should be enough to become a fluent speaker. Language learning is a much more complex (and also much more interesting and rewarding) task than this. In essence, learning a language is the creating of another self within you, another self built up using the cultural heritage from another people, and thus there are two things you want to get right.

1) choosing the right language,
2) learning it effectively.

1 is crucial because choosing the right language for you will beinstrumental in your future activities, travel and career, and 2 is just as important because learning how to learn a language effectively and with interest will make the difference between:

- the wrong approach: a language you encounter only within the textbook (study time, something you can't wait to finish up so that you can get on to other things), and

- the right approach: a language that you encounter in all the things you do, a language you enjoy reading, listen to music in, chat with your friends with, and eventually make into a permanent part of your life.

101 Tips for Learning Languages has been created for just this purpose. Detailed tips on how to learn languages as well as how to pick the right one in the first place, this app may make the difference between picking the wrong language and giving up after a year, and picking the right language and learning it to fluency.

- Learning languages through music
- Immersing yourself in your target language as much as possible when online
- Ways to best use Google and other online tools to aid your language learning
- How to practice speaking a language in a country where most people already know English
- Studying throughout the day
- Making your own frequent word list
- Making use of your target language to learn other subjects


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