Cheats for Bejeweled Blitz Reference App Review (iOS, $0.99)


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Seller: BlueBayMob LLC.

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Get the most used tips and tricks for Bejeweled Blitz.

* Grouping 4 blocks.
* Grouping 5 blocks
* Earn speed bonus
* Destroying 10 blocks
* and lots more...

Works offline too.

Legal Notice/Disclaimer:

This guide is an unofficial version and is not endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this video game or its licensors. This application complies with the US Copyright law guidelines for "fair use". All characters, their names, places, and other aspects of the video game described within this application are trademarked by their respective owners. This application does not copy any portion of the game, nor does it contain screenshots of the game, only original text descriptions. If you feel there a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesn't follow within the "fair use" guidelines, please contact us directly to discuss.

Customer Reviews

  • what

    by jtykgktdeykxdfhldhj,ft,gjkyfuk

    i already know these cheats just by playing the game

  • This is a rip off!!!


    I should have read the previous comments before buying!!! This is absolutely a worthless app is a rip off enjoy the .99 cents you will not get another cent from me!!! Apps like this one should be banned!!! .I. -.- .I.

  • Wow.

    by Oritron

    I REALLY should have read the reviews. This crook just stole my money for rules that I already knew! Apple should be ashamed for selling this. This author should be banned for fake junk apps. There was absolutely NO CHEAT INFORMATION WHATSOEVER!!!! Well live and learn. Who's next for the vasoline job? Thanks for nothing. Didn't even feel good....

  • Stop don't buy

    by Dale az

    Totally not what I expected! It's a rip off! Wasted money! What a joke!


    by CeeJay67

    Don't waste your money or time on this app! It tells you nothing but basic instructions which you already know and are given for free with the game-this app was made by thieves pure and simple and they should face criminal charges!

  • Thieving app

    by 1234qwertyuiopasdfghjkl

    How can it be legal to steal 99 cents off of every person that fool into buying this whoever you are you're nothing but a con artist you should do the world a favor and stand in front of a bus!!!


    by James1219009r

    I want my money back it is not at all what I thought this was

  • BS!!!!

    by NellyPule

    I want my money back!!! This is useless!!!!!!

  • Waste!

    by Tommy Despo

    Waste of $.99!!!!! Refund please. This is instructions NOT cheats!

  • Dude

    by Big slick 209

    You guys are str8 wack!!!!!!

  • Waste of money

    by bandped

    There is no cheats

  • Cheats for Bejeweled Blitz

    by Maggisan

    Unless you need "Bejeweled Blitz for Dummies," forego this app.

  • Stupid

    by Chevois

    Fricken con artists

  • Complete rip off

    by deerdens

    Don't waste your money

  • Rip off!!!!

    by Mano-74

    Give me mi money back!!!!

  • RIP OFF!!!!!!!

    by Mz. Flip

    You should be ashamed to say that this is cheats for Bejeweled blitz!!!!! This is a rip off, this is not even tips because if you play the game you would know this already!!!! No rating for you

  • Bejeweled cheats

    by Nikfen

    This was a rip off!! The only thing this app did was give u instructions how to play! I do not recommend purchasing this app!!

  • Knapper

    by Ahoes

    What a total rip off!!!!!!! Should have read the reviews first!!!!!

  • F#*k this

    by Diggy8256

    Worst app ever I want my money back you guys rip people off the real reason this is called a cheat is cause it cheats you out of your money I hope apple take you out of the store

  • Crap!

    by TyDxD

    This gets -5 stars and I want my money back! I been playing for months. I don't need instructions. Especially ones I have to pay for! Where is the cyber police!

  • HATE IT!!!

    by Runneesha

    I wouldn't give this crap a 1/2 star!!!! No help what so ever!!!!

  • Don't waste your money

    by Jbtransit

    Do not buy this app like all of us, we are stupid for buying. You'll regret it!!!!!

  • Cheat?

    by Korgimom

    This is a rip of its not cheats! It's how you play the game! Don't waste your money!!!!

  • Terrible!!!

    by Alphamalemat

    Tells u how to play, no cheats included.

  • Don't worry

    by Fed agent2

    Based on recent complaints and our investigation.... Soon these scammers will be caught

  • Garbage!!!

    by kg sollin j

    Not a cheat helper!!

  • This is fake Is not a cheat code!!

    by Irisboom

    Not a cheat code

  • Not

    by Donald Hernandez

    Not worth it at all.

  • Not worth it what a rip off.

    by Boogieman808

    I want my money back. Paid a dollar for instructions on how to play the game.

  • Keep your dollar.

    by Top Taz

    This is not worth it. Give the dollar to charity!

  • Bejeweled blitz cheats

    by Gmomjeam

    It does not open

  • Waste of a buck

    by d<3gUrL

    This is not even cheats. I already know how to play the game, I didn't need to pay a dollar for these idiots to tell me.

  • Cheat scam need to revise this, its a mess

    by susan wallace

    Bought this mess and couldn't even use it. Wow it will catch up the scanners. It don't even deserve one star!

  • Should have read reviews first

    by Naplis

    What a rip off. App won't even open. I see others are in the same predicament. It's an electronic mugging.

  • Rip off

    by Agcfp

    When I try to open the app it won't open. What a rip off

  • Cheats

    by Mulechaser

    This is rip . Even for 99 cents . This isn't a cheat . It's just the rules to the game.

  • No cheat

    by Laumart

    This is not a cheat it just the rules of the game not worth the time or the $.99

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