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Fans of PROMETHEUS and the ALIEN franchise now have a comprehensive, spoiler-free companion guide at their fingertips. Simply browse through characters, aliens, planets, spaceships and more to learn more about PROMETHEUS and the ALIEN movies.

Adjust spoilers depending on where you are in the series. With all of the characters arranged in a Contacts-like interface, you can explore every character in the "Alien" movies as well as the characters in the "Alien vs. Predator" series. Dig deeper and read about the different types of aliens, the planets and spacecraft.


+ Set where you are in the series to prevent SPOILERS!

+ Explore the bios of 90+ characters, including the characters from PROMETHEUS, and see the actors who play them

+ Watch trailers for all of the movies in the "Alien" and "Alien vs. Predator" series


Data sourced from Wikipedia under the Creative Commons license.

Customer Reviews

  • Absolutely flawless

    by Dead space survivor

    Love this app I am a huge fan and own all the films. Already saw Prometheus 3 times. Only thin I beg of is that you update this for Prometheus characters.

  • Hoping for Prometheus update

    by here2do

    All movies with the original Ridley Scott "Alien" creature, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF PROMETHEUS, are covered. I'm hoping for an update. BTW, there aren't any pics or drawings that I've found.

  • Please fix

    by steltz3

    Please fix the bug when you click "Aliens" the app crashes.

  • Good tool

    by madparker

    Good way to remind you of all the depth of this series.

  • Alien Series Companion

    by D. Hill

    This is a great introductory app for people who are just now diving into the Alien mythology series whether due to the upcoming Prometheus or a general curiousity of the past films. This is a very good app for already established fans of the series in that it provides them information on what they already know but it can serve as a refresher guide for those going back to the films content in preparation for the long awaited Prometheus. The app also can help in filling in little gaps of knowledge concerning the Alien series and making sure you know every little important and non-improtant detail. The app is smooth in navigation and easy to read. It also has a spoiler restriction feature so users can set the application's information according to how far along they are in the series. The app also provides links to the trailers for all six films that are in someway part of the cannon. A must have for those invested in the Alien series.

  • Title is wrong, but otherwise great

    by Vertaine

    For the fourth spoiler option, don't you mean "Alien Resurrection"?

  • 5 stars when you update!

    by Skafri

    Prometheus came out 5 months ago and still no info on it. Come on! Otherwise, amazing.

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