BibleXpress Lite Reference App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish

Seller: Benjamin Spratling

iPad support & some bug fixes.

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All the same features as BibleXpress, but 1/10th the price! BibleXpress Lite contains no copyrighted translations, but provides the ability to purchase additional Bible translations.
• Scripture - Includes ASV & KJV, free access to download & install public domain translations and purchase copyrighted translations. (German, Chinese, Spanish, Latin for free) (ESV, NASB, LBLA for purchase, more soon) Fast-scroll verse index, swipe-to-change-chapters, pinch to resize text, three-finger un-pinch enters full-screen scripture mode, tap to selected a verse to make a bookmark. Red letters, small caps, subtitles, italics, footnotes, in select translations. Reference history, book name & chapter search.
• Searching - ultra fast search with advanced mode for power users. Verse previews, tap to read the verse in context.
• Bookmarks & Notes, organized by you in folders you create, notes by the verse or as a whole.
• Sharing - Send your bookmarks to your friends or yourself as an e-mail, including a link that when tapped opens BibleXpress and imports the bookmarks & notes.
• Prayer Journal - keeps track of your prayers by categories, calendar & contacts.
• Dictionary - includes Easton's Bible Dictionary, 4000 Bible names, places, and religious definitions with tappable cross references.
See the website,, for tutorial videos.

Customer Reviews

  • Really good Bible app!

    by Living4Christ

    I absolutely love this Bible app. There are many other apps out there that are similar, but this one wins hands down with the ability to read, highlight, take notes, keep a prayer journal, and book mark sermons (notes) all together. I really enjoy it because I can go to church and not need wifi to read a bible and take notes. There are only two things I would like to see fixed in an update: the first is that it would be helpful to have a full screen button at the top of the page, for example. Trying to get a three-finger pinch on a Sunday morning can be embarrassing (specifically when you can't get it to work). In full screen more, it would be nice, also, if the marginal notes went away and the text filled the whole screen (only in that mode of course). This would be most beneficial for reading with the pastor on Sundays. The second thing that would be nice is if the notes worked a little bit differently. When the notes are closed after you finish taking notes and you then open them, all the spaces that were there are removed. This is very annoying if I have multiple topics of notes for one verse (sometimes needed. Romans, for example). The notes also don't allow you to add multiple verses. For instance, verses 29-30: (add notes here). Once the notes are closed, it then reverts to original setting: verse 29:(notes). Verse 30:(no notes, no spaces). These are just some features that it would be nice to see an update for in the future. Besides that, I love this app! Way to go BibleXpress! Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Great new features!!!

    by Sumfam Bible Adict

    This adds some great new feature to your bible app. The prayer list and tracking is very nice. I like the clean up of how you select your bible chapters. The option to purchase is a real nice addition. Good job.

  • Please update to work with iOS 6

    by Eggmag

    I used to use this all the time- but now it crashes upon opening. I don't like not being able to access my Chinese Bible. Hope whoever is in charge of this app tweaks it and fixes it soon.

  • No update since 2010

    by Building a Kingdom

    Emailed Ben to see if there will be an update for IOS 6 since current version will not load at all. Have not gotten a reply.

  • Doesn't support iOS6

    by jwhevans

    This was the best bible app. I used it regularly. Now it won't open. Please update and I'll rate 5 stars.

  • Disappointed after iOS upgrade

    by aus129

    I use this app all the time, that is until I upgraded to iOS 6. Now, I've got to find another one. Doesn't open.

  • Not really any better than the freebies

    by AHotelGM

    You only get KJV and ASV... Says you can dl others but they neglect to tell you that you'll have to then pay. Should have just waited for Olive Tree but that's taking WAY too long.

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