Wiki Offline — A Wikipedia Experience Reference App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Thai

Seller: Avocado Hills, Inc.

- Bug fixes
- Fixes for internet connectivity issues

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* If you use iOS 7, please get Wiki Offline 2, not this version *

Wiki Offline delivers flexibility and joy for the Wikipedia experience. The full text of all Wikipedia articles are stored to your iPhone/iPad/iPod. You will literally hold the world's knowledge in the palm of your hands. No more worrying about slow internet connections, overage bandwidth charges, or traveling to areas without internet, because with Wiki Offline, Wikipedia will be there for you when you need it.
Join the myriad of scientists, teachers, frequent flyers, vacationers, parents, and knowledge lovers whose lives have been improved by Wiki Offline.

Wiki Offline brings joy to the reading experience. No more squinting at tiny text, no more eye strain from staring into a bright screen -- the entire display is customizable. Personalize your Wikipedia experience by organizing your favorite articles into folders for later enjoyment. Mark articles to be "read later" and build up a queue. Automatically import the latest text and images (internet required) and enjoy a beautifully formatted take on the legendary encyclopedia.

- "I've used all of the other Wikipedia apps and Wiki Offline is by far the best! It's faster, prettier and works better." -- Carl, Principal
- "This app settles arguments for me (I usually win)" -- Arrie, Businessman
- "Wiki Offline on an iPad is the closest thing yet to a real Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! You have to admit that being able to hold that much knowledge in your hands is amazing." -- John, Software Engineer
- "I can't be the only one who feels like this app should have cost a lot more!. To have it so brilliantly designed with such a touch of elegance makes all the difference in the world. Way to go avocado hills. I love you guys." -- Jean, teacher in Haiti

- Enjoy the full text of all Wikipedia articles
- Use it in bed, 30,000 feet in the air, or 20,000 leagues under the sea
- Amazingly fast -- faster than an internet connection
- Embed images in articles (internet required) for the most beautiful experience
- Find terms within the page
- Full screen viewing for best reading experience
- Organize your searches into bookmarks and folders
- Full page history, reading queue, and table of contents help you navigate
- Personalize your reading experience by customizing the font, brightness, and color
- Available in English, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, Czech, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian, Turkish, Thai, Polish, French, Hungarian, Farsi, Japanese, Hebrew, Korean, Swedish, Danish, and Slovak!

Upon launching the app, you will be prompted to download Wikipedia onto your device. It has been meticulously compressed (English is 4.0GB) while maintaining all of the data in every single article. (Note that pictures and tables are not included, but can be downloaded from within the app). This download is fully resumable and hosted on high speed servers located around the world.

The initial download requires WiFi. If you don't have WiFi, you can email support for instructions on how to download the files and transfer them through your computer.

After the initial download, you will be able to browse all Wikipedia articles without internet access.

You can download the latest version of the database in the app, or you can download additional languages. Please note that there is a nominal $0.99 fee to partially offset our costs to deliver such large files.

- Instantly scroll to the beginning of an article by tapping the status bar (the very top of the screen)
- Double tap in an article to switch to full screen mode
- Pull down on the top of an article to lock the screen orientation
- Pinch an article to change the font quickly
- Pull down on the language list in the settings to check for updates

Don't be afraid to get in touch with us. User input is greatly appreciated -- in fact, most new features are suggested by users like yourself!

Customer Reviews

  • Nice app

    by tbbnbb

    I like having reference material on my smartphone. I spend a lot of time in places where I cannot access the internet. It did take a long time to down load. Expect to download overnight. Anytime there is a problem with the program, tech support is VERY helpful.

  • Wonderful app!

    by almare2

    Love this app, use it all the time! And tech support is great! With the last upgrade, the images download fine again. Yay!

  • My best app

    by Marcelovine

    By far this is the best app I have on my I-pad.

  • Great Resource

    by Peer review

    I don't know what I'd do with out it! Information at my finger tips all the time. Thank You so much!

  • Excellent presentation and completeness

    by Breach21

    Great tool for offline. Quick and complete.

  • Needs tweaking

    by Just take my review

    Excellent informational source! Extremely detailed in depth! The only problem is the search capacity is extremely narrow. If you do not nail what you are looking for in the search line, it will not branch out to help you discern what it is you are looking for.

  • Works Perfectly

    by Daniel Kozuch

    Does everything I had expected. Great search and randomizer functions.

  • Great

    by Halferuzhga

    Works with compressed dumps - so it's better than most offline Wikipedia services on desktop computers. The interface takes a long time to get used to, but it's OK

  • It's good

    by Keeverplk

    It's thorough it takes a lot of memory but thorough.

  • Pit

    by Pitotoua

    the search section is not function in the new update. When i press my finger, nothing happen. Please fix it. I still give u guys a five star.. I know u can. Thank u.

  • good

    by Angel201211

    Excellent app

  • My Favorite App

    by Mochacino 42

    Would give it 5 stars, but lately it's been 1 problem after the other. I can't even open the app right now. Please fix. Thank you.

  • Love it

    by Kenushka

    I love the app; it's handy for a college student. I wonder why you released Wiki Offline 2 ... Why not just update this one to accommodate iOS7?

  • K7GDM

    by K7gdm

    Excellent program. I have removed all other history books, other than my Holy Bible, and use it frequently. It's a large program but worth the room.

  • Excellent Application

    by عبدالقادر احمد محمد

    Excellent application, it is very useful when internet connection is not available.

  • Worth the money!

    by SPX300

    No internet connection, limitless information, a beautiful UI and fast results really make each penny worth it into this app. I no longer have to use my internet to search something up, my phone now literary holds most of the information in the world! It's incredible. I really recommend it.

  • Search function does not work for the Russian database

    by Fiodor R

    Search function does not work for the Russian database

  • Wiki

    by Rx447

    Does not load on iPad.

  • Encyclopedia in a pocket

    by Fr. Ignatius

    I have been using this app for years. Whenever there has been a problem...the developer has been VERY supportive. Wonderful app, wonderful developer.

  • Completely worth the price

    by JYARTA

    I'm on the move a lot so sometimes I have access to wifi, sometimes I don't. The app is great to look up something when I'm studying. It actually allows me to have a life since I'm able to get studying/work done during train rides, breaks, etc and not have to wait to look up something until I have wifi. I'm also able to quickly search and the save feature let's me save pages that I might need to come back to later. Highly recommended!

  • Crashes constantly

    by Mrs Zebra

    They came out with a wiki offline 2 and ever since the first one is junk. Won't even open-simply crashes every time you try. Unreal.

  • Will crash after a few days

    by CrashTastic99

    These dopes added a 'rate our app' pop-up that causes the app to crash EVERY TIME the app is opened. It's now a $10 and 4GB waste.

  • Looking for alternatives

    by Thiand

    Developer added pop-up spamware to try to force current users to buy his new app. I paid for this!

  • Crashes

    by Gimme Some Truth

    Crashes every time I open it. It used to be good, but now u can't use it at all.

  • 4gb download never goes through

    by thespeakingtree123

    App requires a database download that fails. App developer doesn't respond to complaints.

  • Not working

    by Nevil Clavain

    Database error on almost every link. Tried reinstalling. I'm using a 5S with IOS7.

  • This is Crap!!!

    by CrispanXXX

    bought this yesterday and for 2 days i cant download the English Language full. i give up and bought another wiki app. I lost my $9.99

  • Great apps to learn anything during commute

    by NYC-2010

    Very good app. Still a couple of issues to display equations but overall it's a great app. Enhancement suggestions: 1. to synchronize automatically over wifi articles related to the ones already read 2. to synchronize automatically over wifi the most popular articles of the week/month from Wikipedia

  • Fixed the crashing

    by rothb

    Latest release fixed the issue with finding articles that start with "T". Doesn't crash.

  • Better

    by RawwrBag

    Rescinding my previous negative review. App is now compatible with iOS 7. Still a small bug here or there — back button sometimes switches functionality with forward button, can't close extra pages after opening them — but no big deal. Can't wait to take this abroad.

  • The gold standard for offline Wikipedia Access

    by markbyrn

    Whether you’re on a plane, a boat, locations without cellular or WiFi access, or the connection charges are too expensive, this app gives you offline access to the entire Wikipedia. Of course you’ll have to download the database first and it doesn’t include article photos. However, if you are WiFi connected while browsing articles, it will automatically pull in that information as well any more current article info - a great feature. The only downside is having to pay for database updates if you want most current offline database possible.

  • Sorry... Crashfest

    by bigdpdx

    I gave this a 5 star rating some time ago. Long time user. Now... Well... I'm not even a user anymore because it doesn't do ANYTHING BUT CRASH. Why are you guys SO slow to respond to issues? Sadly it makes me wish that you had a competitor because I would have jumped ship long ago for all of the times this application has been gimped or rendered useless while we wait MONTHS for an update. Here comes the long wait again for just the most basic functionality (read: an application that actually works).

  • Excellent Product!

    by Lov4mu6

    Very useful! Works great!

  • Won't get past language settings page

    by Lovin' it in France

    If this app works in the end, I'll change this rating, but for now I've just spent $9.99 for an app that won't work & appears to be stuck on the initial page (language settings), a page that won't load. Ugh!

  • All of Human Knowledge in Your Pocket

    by Jojodon

    Smooth, easy to read, fast, and reliable. Can't imagine life without it.

  • Magnificent!!

    by SpockofPi

    Absolutely mind-blowing!! The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has become reality! That's all there is to say ... ;-))) One P.S. on behalf of all members of the physical science & mathematicians: This app natively renders (both on- and offline) all equations and similar stuff in full LaTeX, meaning full textbook quality typesetting (instead of the standard ugly low-res jpegs of Wikipedia)!!! Absolutely gorgeous on a retina screen!! Wikipedia itself in a browser still does not offer this by default (only as a beta feature for registered Wikipedia users after logging in to your Wikipedia account you can turn this stuff on, and its still much slower than in this app)!! Why Wikipedia itself is still sticking with the ugly jpegs I have no clue ...

  • Wiki Offline

    by Tyler Coy

    This is by far my most favorite app on the App Store. I frequently find myself without an Internet connection, so this comes in handy a lot.


    by imakir

    This app is a must have as it is simply carrying the whole in the palm of you hand... The best part is it works offline. I use it every day. Go get yours today...

  • Crashes all the time

    by 22steve

    Don't buy!

  • Most useful app on my phone

    by MattNYU

    I use this app to quickly look up info whether on the subway or in a dead cell zone. As a busy student this app has saved me hundreds of times in just a few months that I've had it. The new update fixed a few bugs. Best money I've ever spent on any piece of software.

  • Great offline reference for iPod Touch

    by S&RMN

    We don't have a smart phone, just a regular cell phone and an iPod Touch 2G. I've had this app for several months now and it has proved to be an indispensable tool for answering trivial to important questions when offline. I've used it to see if a particular band played a song, to answering questions in business meetings. The current version is much faster and support from Avocado Hills is very responsive. -7/21/2013 update: still using this app all the time, although we have a 4th gen iPod now. Tokens are back so those that don't need the data up to data as often have an affordable option. Avocado Hills is very responsive to user feedback which is what makes this app great.

  • Like a portable Encyclopedia Britannica!

    by Sierra Mac

    I travel a lot, often to where there is limited wifi and where I don't have a local SIMM card for cellular coverage. Now, in preparation for a two month trip to Africa, I want to be able to look up towns, animal preserves, etc. when I have no Internet connection. I've been testing this app for that purpose on my iPad and it seems to work wonderfully!

  • Wonderful

    by Augustaace

    It's great having this resource off line. I use it frequently and see no down side.

  • Great App

    by Gjs15

    This app is awesome especially when traveling to countries with limited or no Internet access.

  • Worked fine until recent update

    by Jd18032

    Recent update caused it to crash continually, uninstalled and re-installed but database refuses to load more than a few seconds before stopping. As with other apps I believe extensive testing needs to be done before updates.

  • Very useful!

    by Open Mike.

    I have an iPad without 3G. I use Wikipedia very often, so this was an obvious app to buy. And I've been very happy with it. Especially with the update that rendered equations. (I'm a mathematician.) I could quibble about a few things, but it does what I need and doesn't get in my way.

  • Some browsing problems

    by insbjbh

    This app is good in most respects however when using multiple pages sometimes it locks up with a white screen. Also sometimes when using the back button it does not go to the previous page but some other page from a different browser window. Also sometimes the back button is simply not available. All of these bugs break the flow of reading and detract from the app. However it is the best offline reader I have used and being able to have multiple browser windows/pages is usually worth the sometime frustration.

  • One Needs This

    by NYC-12345

    One looks at Wikipedia frequently, does one not? And sometimes, inevitably, the connection is slow or there is none at all. Is it not so? Then, ergo, one needs this app, which places the collected knowledge of the world in one's hand. Imagine having this 2,000 years ago. What is that beast chasing me? Indispensable. Just as it is now. One recommends it.

  • Wonderful app

    by Petenajaw

    This is one of the best apps available and really useful for everybody with all the information fast and reliable.

  • Excellent app

    by Kurama uchiha

    Awesome, you can use without Internet

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