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Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by  PeppermintPrincess

    This app helped a lot after they fixed the bug problem thanks!!!!

  • Clear and easy

    by Soccerlover617

    This app is easy to understand and it gives you clear answers to whats the word. 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    by Abaker448

    NEEDS TO BE UPDATED but other than tht it's a good app

  • Need to update

    by Red Pooh

    The puzzle shouldn't be this hard. Some of the pictures dnt match up.

  • Update needed ASAP

    by Shatavia1999

    I'm on level 271 && stuck on a cheat, but of course there's no app for me to refer to!!!!

  • Great cheat

    by Bstarr1020

    Great app but needs updated.

  • This app is great

    by Funkvolumee

    They just need to update it more often. But other then that its good

  • UPDATE!!


    This is a good app it gives u the cheats for everything, but it doesn't have the cheats for the theme packs so can u PLZ update it

  • Okay, needs LOTS of improvements

    by Who??????? Someone????!!!???!

    Sometimes it crashes out of nowhere. And the last level wont work and Im really stuck on that one. UPGRADE SOON! it needs some fixing. But it works okay.

  • Good but bad..

    by Cere :]

    It sometimes click of the game out of no where. And all so the last level (177-187)doesn't work. It clicks off also... And also the levels are not in order...

  • Worked great

    by V-lo3

    So I love this app. It helped me get to level 177 then it crashed when I try to get the cheats to any level further than that

  • Best cheat app ever

    by mich_1996

    All the answer I needed it was in this app

  • Nice Update

    by Hawk man w117504:)

    Thanks For The Update!Really Great App.And Thanks To This Im Have The Bragging Right For All My Friends!Thanks!

  • Helpful

    by Michelle Palacio

    I love it so haters shut up

  • Ughhhh

    by shoepirate 

    This app won't let u get past 1-16!!!!?!?!! It's says it has all solutions but it lies?!!!!?!?!?!

  • Waste of time.

    by apgold2323 


  • Crash much?

    by Peace sower 

    Crashes every 30 seconds, and it doesn't have more than 16 random answers. Says it has groups of 16 in each one, but they are all the same crap. Do not get!!!!!!!

  • Fix it!

    by bluebirdDenver444

    Can't go past 1-16 after I click on it!

  • Awful

    by Teh Awesome Wendy!1494

    Only shows 1-16!

  • :/

    by ckr913

    This app is kind of, weird and messed up I guess you could put it. It doesn't have the right pictures and answers. For example, 21 is a picture of all these ships and stuff but the cheat says barrel with pictures of barrels!?

  • Ok

    by spooky43 

    You can only see like the first 16 levels not very helpful

  • Pass 1-16 much!!

    by  Mfercha

    Everyone else is right fricken I am on level 51 really gay!!!

  • what r u talking 'bout?

    by MeSoMad!700000000! 

    this game is a piece of trash!!!! :() please I'm writing this just to help people who r on the App Store! please take my review seriously. I'm not lying!!! -------- ----- -- -

  • Need to fix bugs

    by  rtwolfe

    Can't get past section 1-16?????

  • Doesn't work

    by chrisj1976 

    Only has 1-16

  • Terrible

    by Zephomaru 

    Only loads 1-16 I'm on 103!!!

  • by Cutecheatah

    This is the worst app ever doesn't barley have the right words or pics

  • Terrible

    by Slaaapchop 

    Don't waste your money on this junk it doesn't even work

  • No Good

    by JennyAbeyta 

    Horrible app only has 1-16 don't waste your time.

  • Terrible!!!!!

    by Gymnasticsgirl 123456

    I would not recommend this app for ANYONE!!!!! I don't like to cheat, but I have spent over 2 hrs trying to figure out a level that the cheat skips!!!!!!!

  • Bad

    by Watergirl98

    Crashes too much

  • Crashes

    by Jeffxrifles

    App is always crashing. Most of the solutions aren't in the game. Takes forever to find the puzzle you're looking for

  • Horrible

    by 41096

    This cheat doesn't have the same levels as the game. Didn't help at all!

  • Has not been updated

    by ARD123456$&

    Had none of the words I have needed

  • Chrashy and incomplete

    by Equestrian_Gal

    Maybe toy should update this app. It crashes every five seconds and doesn't have all the answers! The one I'm stuck on is nowhere. This app claims it has all the solutions, but they should take that claim down because it is a lie. Don't waste your time and your divices memory by downloading this!!!

  • App Crashes all the time

    by CarlieDavis

    Would work ok if it would stay open. Bummer

  • Helps some but app closes a lot.

    by Caryrae

    Not every set of pictures for the puzzles is there and most times when you look at the set of pics and back out the app will close.

  • Horrible

    by Dj3545

    Don't waste your time on it you can't find what your looking for and it crashes every time I use it

  • Seriously?!

    by KatyBaby28

    It shouldn't be that darned hard. The puzzle numbers don't match up with the game and the app crashes. C'mon!

  • New levels???

    by JennJudge

    It doesn't go above level 243. I am on level 260 and need some help, when will more levels be added??

  • It not good

    by Toucan24

    It does not have any of my words!

  • by Soccer girl 87

    On #105 the cheat didn't match up with the actual problem

  • Update Soon????

    by Pixi3Fairydust

    When will you have the update? I am way past level 200 and wish you'd update it and make sure the app doesn't crash.

  • worthless

    by PandaPuffles

    it doesnt show all the levels upgrade it!!!

  • Update please!

    by CTheresa

    It keeps crashing when I try to go to the last group of answers! And not all of the puzzles are on here! Fix it!!

  • stupid

    by Joe richy

    does not work. after 176, it cuts off wen u try to enter. please update. i want to finish.. - from-- un satisfied customer

  • Terrible

    by Legodude50064

    Skipped a level that I don't know!!!!!!!

  • Wow

    by Hshshzha

    Worked perfectly at first but then the puzzles got out of order

  • Not worth it


    Stupid. Keeps cutting off. And it doesn't help me!! Delete!!!

  • Suckssssssssss

    by CheC333


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