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Seller: Apperleft Ltd

IOS 7 Update
Minor bugs fix.

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Angry Birds Walkthrough Center (+Videos)
Complete Walkthrough for all Angry Birds Games and Golden Eggs Including:
- Angry Birds StarWars + All Bonus eggs (131 Levels)
- Angry Birds Space + All Eggsteroids (147 Levels)
- Angry Birds Seasonsx3 + All Golden Eggs (319 Levels)
- Angry Birds (Original) + All Golden Eggs (303 Levels)
- Angry Birds Rio + All Golden Fruits/Awards (192 Levels)
- Golden Eggs center - Golden Eggs of All Angry Birds games

- Easy to follow
- Great Level Browser with Golden Eggs
- Quick Updates
- Step by Step guide for 3 star solutions
- Everything is here!
- iPhone 5 Compatible

Using our tips you will be able to finish each level successfully with all three stars and achieve all Golden Eggs and Awards.

Notice for version update:
If you experience difficult with the app, please delete and reinstall it
you will be able to restore your previous purchases for free by pressing the "Restore Previous Purchases" button.

*Free updates keep coming!

*Cheats and walkthrough.

*Original content and graphics.

*Compatible with all devices including iPhone 3/4/iPad2/3 and 4s

*Retina display compatible

Now you will be able to achieve 3 stars on every level!

Legal Notice / Disclaimer:
This is an unofficial guide to Angry Birds. This unofficial guide was created by ApperLeft. ApperLeft is not endorsed by or affiliated with Rovio Mobile Ltd or Clickgamer Technologies. Neither Rovio Mobile Ltd or Clickgamer Technologies nor has anyone else authorised, sponsored or sanctioned this unofficial guide. It is the sole creation and responsibility of ApperLeft.

All characters and their names and all places and events and all other aspects concerning Angry Birds Seasons are the property of their respective owners. All trademark and copyright concerning Angry Birds. are the property of their respective owners. We make no claim to and do not have any rights to any of the foregoing.
All images were cropped and used only to convey what the application is about,

In creating this unofficial guide to Angry Birds, We assert its rights under the "fair use" doctrine pursuant to United States copyright law and the equivalent in other jurisdictions. If you believe that there has been a contravention of your proprietary rights then email details to

Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by Papa.joseph

    Accurately followed will get you 3 * on every level.

  • Need more chapters

    by NinjaKitty56

    This guide is awesome and all but you need the new chapters like short fuse in regular angry birds. Other than that, the app is great.

  • Pretty good

    by Mocoma

    Not 100% but definitely helps

  • Pretty good app if your having trouble getting all three stars on all levels.....

    by Jkupcoolcat

    Pretty good app if your having trouble getting all three stars on all levels.....

  • Great App

    by RevStew

    Very helpful

  • Perfect guide

    by BigDaddyTony

    You guys did a good job, excellent guide

  • Fantastic!

    by Starfruity8

    This app is an amazing help for getting 3 stars in levels. The tutorials are accurate, easy to understand, and work perfectly! The only reason I am rating 4 stars and not 5 is because some levels are not up to date, because they were changed at one point in an update.

  • Nice

    by Ratsknowmath

    It helped me a lot but the ads blocked the back button

  • Helpful

    by Just Me42

    Helpful App when you stuck between a rock and hard place. Lot easy than searching online in hopes that solution would be there.

  • So far so good...

    by Haunted Spit

    It has helped me thus far, however I've only just begun using it. It seems solid and helpful. Of course there are additional charges if you choose and ads to ignore. But overall a very good 'sponsor' for my bird addiction.

  • Good


    Needs angry birds Star Wars 2

  • Great app!

    by janeking

    Love this app.

  • Great app

    by UndertakerRick

    Great help for a great game!

  • Its grate

    by Blargensnarf

  • Isnowman

    by 69snowman

    Would not stop bugging me about rating so hear it is some of the solutions are not in the correct order have to pick around to find and some of solutions are just impossible shots but it's ok

  • DiegoXP.luvsit

    by D-SAWw

    Luv it ditto! ditto!!

  • Would get another star or two if...

    by KMCvet2be

    I seem to be having a lot of trouble getting the videos to play more than once they freeze or don't load at all. Also it would be great if the minimum points needed for three stars was given. I like to know what I'm shooting for. If these two things were fixed it would be three stars all the way!

  • Magic Maliang - Great!

    by CCC-SLP

    This story definitely holds a child's attention. It is very useful to me in teaching language skills to 10-year-old boys with dyslexia.

  • ads

    by Allegheny Johnson

    too much ads, I'm ready to pay just to remove it!

  • Good but with flaws!

    by Billacus

    There are some very helpful hints, but several screens answers are missing answers. I also upgraded to the pay version to avoid ads but I end up getting them anyway.

  • Liars!!!

    by charlieg3507

    I paid $1.99 to remove all adds and they are still there! This needs to be fixed!!!

  • Great game

    by Raja209

    None stop fun

  • Good

    by Nonnie1215

    Help alot

  • Helps with the golden eggshell

    by Buzz69696969

    Helps with the golden eggs tremendously!

  • Great app

    by MosBlue

    Great app

  • Good

    by Sean Flik

    Great app but too many adds for full version

  • Great help!

    by Alabamafreddy


  • Missing Star Wars levels

    by Left me hangin'

    Great help, but the walkthrough for the Star Wars Cloud City world only goes to level 20, leaving out levels 21-40... disappointing.

  • Very Helpful

    by AirLow70

    This app helped me a lot. I love it. The only thing that prevents it from being 5 stars is that it's too detailed. I don't need to see pictures of the birds hitting the objects. I just need to know where to aim.

  • Helpful

    by pyroman_1

    It's worked great so far.

  • Helpful

    by Brandon 123

    It is a very helpful app but always wants you to pay.

  • Love the app but

    by CustomElectricAv

    One of the adds covered the back button so I had to reset the app itself please fix this

  • Good guide

    by John mio

    One question though what happened to plh apps? And why has this not updated yet many apps like this usually update within a week or so of new content in angry bird games Good app Thanks God bless and peace

  • Helpful, user-friendly app.

    by Bull96206

    Useful app worth getting.

  • Love it

    by Care Wilson

    Great app! Worth getting!

  • Still have ads after buying...

    by DigiZombis

    I am giving 1 star because after purchasing the full version (for all versions & levels) I am still getting ads along the bottom. Before buying it said ads would be removed after purchase.

  • Best guide ever for angry birds

    by Goofster289

    This app helps you a lot if your stuck on a level. It has videos and pictures

  • Rocker bird8753246951

    by Super monkey runner

    This app is awesome! It helped me through ALOT of levels.

  • Great

    by Slick Maglick

    This is very helpful. It has helped me greatly.

  • Awesome helps me so much

    by Chris:)=-)

    I love this app helps me in so many levels

  • Addictive game

    by Big Tom :)

    Angry Birds is a lot of fun! : ) I have been on public transportation busses and had children sitting across from me saying, "You're playing Angry Birds." A couple of times I handed the child my I-phone and let them play the game, while I sat and talked with their mom. The walk through gives me ideas on how to work on better scores. Different ways to complete the game.

  • It does Notting

    by The Kiser

    It does not show you anything it just wants me to pay. This app is pointless! Why is it rated so high???? It won't show you even one level!

  • All in one

    by Snowstorm46

    This very helpful to get through the Angry Bird series

  • Very helpful

    by M0as


  • Great but...

    by Creeper33

    This app is great and awsome but plz remove adds

  • Helpful but liar too.

    by Add are frustrating

    In Angry Birds Star Wars, i do lvl 30 in path of jedi but the red bird won't fly as is says. Also the ads. It's a pain. >:(

  • So helpful!

    by Linda Graham-Love

    This has really helped to achieve 3 stars in ll levels. You still have to work to get the stars but it is like having a roadmap to get you there!

  • Fun

    by Nathan80058641

    It's awsome

  • Excellant

    by Mal McKee

    Shows me how to polish off properly.

  • Such a relief!!!

    by safmon

    There were several level I just could not get 3 stars on. I play many versions and this app shows all! Thank you!!

  • Works great, just as advertised!

    by Stevesox23

    Works great!!!

  • Am I Missing Something?

    by Brad1025

    Am I missing something? The levels in this walk-through aren't even the same as the game. This needs to be drastically updated- it's currently worthless! I'm giving it two stars instead of one because it does seem like an effective and easy-to-use app... except for the fact that it doesn't actually work for any of the Angry Birds levels.

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