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*Check, manage your Instagram followers/followings by InstaFollow.
*Manage and analyze your Instagram following and followers by simple steps.
*Use Instafollow to check who is following you, who unfollowed you, who don’t follow you back.
InstaFollow even can help you to GET FOLLOWERS, analyze friends’ post habits and help you to MAKE NEW FRIENDS!

- Get followers.
- Check new followers / lost followers / who I don’t follow back.
- Check my best / worst followers and most popular posts.
- Check hot tags.
- Check my secret admires.
- Check who doesn’t follow me back.
- Check who might interest me.
- Find new nearby friends.

* You need sign in with Instagram to use this app.

What are you waiting for? Install InstaFollow right now!

Customer Reviews

  • great

    by rileyy222


  • Instafollow

    by Pacman player 314

    This app is amazing

  • Fun to use

    by Jennifer McCray


  • Love it!

    by So many names taken

    So easy to get fallowers

  • Nice

    by Salem :)


  • Hello

    by Shay ♥️

    This app is ok !!!

  • Review

    by Pocket_tee

    This app is great except the minor set backs it has when you refresh it

  • Needs fixing

    by Msdebonairedivawrotethis....

    I really love this app, it shows how people other than celebrities get "insta famous" however, now anytime I like something it says there is an error and doesn't give me my coin for it. Please fix this bug;)


    by Jesus OMB

    I love this app good way to keep track of followers and gain them!!!


    by Ricobeleuchi


  • Good

    by Juan Henley

    Good app for getting followers

  • Thanks

    by Aubious

    This app is so awesome it's like in starting from the bottom now I'm here

  • Awesome

    by CMalogic

    Easy and actually works

  • Coin Balance Wrong

    by @_amber_alicia

    I had 534 coins. I paid 60 coins to allow a mission to start, then 200 coins to get ~50-100... now my coin balance is 34!!!! Can I please have my coins back that I PAID for?!!

  • They sometimes unfollow

    by Even 111

    Evan Ott

  • Awsome

    by farzan14

    Awsome app

  • Great

    by yannamae94

    It's great


    by HazeSantana


  • Yay

    by Y8246

    Love u

  • Great app

    by Ajm1235678

    Exactly what I was looking for.

  • Waste of money & time...

    by AmberInOC

    Penalize unfollowers for more coins!! Wasted money on this!

  • Trash

    by Billboard Music Planet

    I got 1000 likes in 30min, lost ALL of them in a period of a week!

  • Forbidden

    by Jay Vee

    Says forbidden whenever I tried to sign in. Can this be fixed???

  • Bull****

    by Mr. Kushman


  • Awesome

    by JoJo Camarillo

    I love it!!

  • Excellent

    by MooseyMoose77

    Great way to keep up on your profile.

  • Great

    by 1NPPU

    Great great


    by Drewboii517470


  • Instafollow

    by Jessicalshadoan

    Best app

  • Best

    by Cool124566

    Best app


    by READ Immediately

    The app denied me access to my own account even though the password and username were correct. If you follow about 10 people in a row the app will say an error occurred trying to follow the person. IDIOTIC! BUGGY BUGGY BUGGY!!!!!!!!

  • Best app ever!!

    by Spanish_learner

    Before downloading I had about 280 followers and after having it for about 2 hours I have 609 followers!! I recommend this app to anyone and everyone with an instagram

  • Cool

    by Hghajhsbzbbwbay

    It's great

  • Pretty good

    by XgamerII

    Good app

  • Awesome

    by LIM502

    Awesome app for getting followers

  • Great

    by RichBoyZarii

    I like this app

  • Great app

    by Finds ghosts 17478

    Give lots of followers all around good

  • Insta follow

    by x_arkansasKush_x

    Well it works .

  • Love It!

    by Miguel Chiquete

    Easy and sufficient!

  • I was like...

    by Joshinua

    Wow, idk what to say lol 30 followers in 5 min...

  • trill babyy

    by Nic Oyarzabal

    hahaha id say fresh

  • Awesome.

    by Schon Family

    Good app.

  • Tf

    by LaZi.B.Madonna

    This app is ABSOLUTE bull don't waste your money decided to waste mi money an by $10 worth of coins to see wat the followers where about ....all 400+ muthafuckas unfollowed the VERY next day like I would have rather wasted that 10 on a stripper


    by fuzzelerpuzzelerwuzzeler

    This app is amazing

  • this app is P E R F E C T .

    by blah♥

    i love it . not only does it show who unfollows you , who you follow but they don't follow back etc. it can help you gain followers .

  • Great

    by vica6231

    This app is so amazing it works 100% but one thing they need to fix is some bugs like I changed my insta name and loges back onto this app and it said error so plzzZzz fix that cuz I really love this app it works great -thanks

  • Good

    by Dandandan45

    Easy to use.

  • Review

    by Aydinaaaa

    Awesome app!!!!

  • Yay

    by Brina123Sabby

    Great App! Tells me who doesn't like my pics too! Awesome.

  • Easy to get followers but...

    by iPhonemaniac123

    It's a great way to get followers but harsh when they all just unfollow you and you paid your coins.

  • Awesome app

    by Woohoo fun game

    This can help many people get more followers instantly !!

  • Good BUT . . .

    by Molly Forsyth

    It's great and it gets followers swell BUT the number of followers you get compared to the number of people you have to follow is unrealistic and that it costs 200 "coins" for 50 to 100 followers. That's kind of dumb.

  • Easy but there's some cons

    by Rosebudd38

    This app is a really easy cool way to get followers. Although, a lot of the followers you get are really inactive... And at first you might get a lot of followers, but quite a few of them unfollow you the next day or the in next hour.

  • Like it so far

    by raawrpris

    I like the app so far, but you guys should change the daily limit to hourly limit.

  • Good

    by Memetere



    by The real kayla

    This is the best app I have ever downloaded!

  • Cool app

    by Jeriel0422

    Yeaah it rocks cool app

  • Not useful anymore

    by Maribug191

    I unfollowed a lot off ppl and now it's not useful cause it's past -50

  • Really good app

    by Tjjizzle

    This's the app everybody should have

  • Actually works

    by Thebigdealdamian

    Wish I could get more coins tho:/

  • This app is amazing!

    by Nicole that's me

    This is a great app because when you start a Instagram account it is very hard to get followers but not with this app. This app Absolutly solves all of your problems and it is so easy to figure out. You don't even have to tell friends to follow you. I went of my phone next time I went on it I had 30 more followers after 10 minutes! AMAZING! This app is by far my favorite app!

  • It actually works

    by Howard Shelton

    I love it

  • Yup

    by Gggggggggmmmmerioooo


  • Great

    by PrettyasPoison

    Love it

  • Great for monitoring

    by heyykaye

    I use it to monitor my instagram shop & it has a lot of features which are paid in other apps. One thing though, it takes too long to load and sometimes do not even load. I still love it though.

  • Best instafollow app

    by Thisisreallycomplitcated

    Truly amazing

  • Really works

    by BreAnna Hall


  • Good but

    by Vasculardoc

    Good but the people that follow you end up unholy owing you

  • Ok

    by Tesha hands


  • Appssbghhhhnnnvsx c vm

    by Meme meme,eme


  • Instafollow

    by The Prodi-G

    This app is so good I love it was at like 585 followers now at 653

  • Horrible

    by Hockeywang

    I liked many peoples pictures and followed people. I clicked on the get followers for 80 follows. And what do you know no one has followed in 4 weeks

  • A1

    by Lanay

  • Really good

    by Tinkylarue

    I say it's a great way to track and gain followers

  • Pretty good

    by Nati parisella

    Pretty good

  • whatever

    by Riaah❤

    its not accurate , my worst followers are my best followers because ive checked . && once you gain followers you lose most of them in less than 10 minuets . not recommended

  • Great App!

    by FatalGiraffe

    I found this app a really good way to gain Instagram followers. If I had to point out one flaw it is that you pay for the followers (which I don't mind) but then a lot of the people will unfollow you which seems like a waste of money. Otherwise I greatly recommend this app!

  • Angry

    by Tree on mpuntain

    This app makes me disappointed because right when people follow you, the next thing you know is they un follow you. You guys should take away about 10 coins from them if they unfollow.. I know it will be kinda harsh but you don't want bad ratings on ur app right?

  • Great

    by Frolof


  • Pretty cool

    by jaydee bot

    Even if not for the followers option. It offers cool info.

  • Really Great App

    by Prodigy#1 girl

    I love this app!!!!!!!

  • Great app except.....

    by McNasty_33

    I am having a problem when I spent 80 coins for 20-30 followers then I fast forwarded it for 60 coins and got no follower at all I also waited two days. If you guys can fix that somehow that would be great.

  • 1

    by Martinezj90

    One star because the app wouldn't stop bugging me to rate it. We'll there you go! Other than that good app.



    This is sooo sick and this app is like the best to get followers and find followers and check on your stats

  • I like it

    by Cnkjf

    It works well and does actually what I need it to. But a lot of people do unfollow afterwards.

  • love ittttt!

    by Jessicaabernall

    had for 10 minutes and got 30 followers, cool!!!

  • There have good and bad

    by ShahramOnline

    Good Quick get follower and very simple use tools Bad 1. When I get follower then after few mins there again unfollow me 2. 2000 coin pay and will get 200 to 600 follower but I get less then 200 that lot i pay for nothing.

  • get this app

    by complicatedmess

    I love it c: I can definitely keep up with the number of followers I have and the unfollowers ;~;

  • App

    by Lillexo

    Great app!

  • Fjvfhn

    by Mikeyb316

    It's maddd good

  • Followers

    by paris_mo


  • Awesomeness

    by Camo10201

    This app is awesome not that many of these apps work but this one does although I wish it wouldn't take so long to get them but I understand it does take a while

  • Love it

    by Antonio Rodriguez

    App is awesome

  • Great

    by Big daadyy463


  • Great app

    by MissBA

    Amazing way to get followers

  • Eh.

    by Xorania

    It really works but a lot of people will unfollow you.

  • Ehh

    by Mares j

    Why is there a share coins button if you can't use it?

  • Not bad

    by shakes321

    It works for the most part. When you get the followers some unfollow so you slowly decline. But then you stay at a constant number.

  • Love it

    by Thtrealnigha

    Like it follow me on IG TheOfficial_Kellz i follow bck

  • Awesome

    by Jdnbevdiwhs

    Super great app. Works crazy well.

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