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  • Publisher: 3ight LLC
  • Updated: Nov, 12 2010
  • Version: 5.0
  • Size: 12.04 MB

Languages: English

Seller: 3ight LLC

-Upgrade to Support iPhone 5 Screen Size

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"LIMITED TIME - 50% off!"

★★★ Ultimate collection of Cheats and Tips for Xbox 360 for all your favorite Games! ★★★

Cheats for Xbox 360 contains cheat codes and game tips for over a thousand Xbox 360 games. If you can't find cheats for a game you want you can make a request and it will be added in future updates.

All the cheats for the latest Xbox 360 games are here including:
+ Halo: Reach
+ Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
+ Call of Duty: Black Ops
+ Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
+ Fallout: New Vegas
+ Fable 3
+ Plus many many more!

+ Gorgeous User Interface
+ Favorites
+ Search
+ Mail
+ No internet connection required
+ Copy/paste support
+ Built-in Chat. Share cheats/tips with other gamers.

As always, all future updates are free.

Also, check out what others have had to say, and when you have had a go, why not leave your own review. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us to further enhance the product for you.

Customer Reviews

  • Hhhh

    by Ligkshcdy


  • Hi

    by AlooneyQT

    Hijihihifidjehehrnrjrjrntbtbt TNT tbv

  • Major update

    by Ediddy17

    This app needs a serious update before keep wasting people's money.


    by Quinton Terrell

    This app needs a serious update.....$2.99 -wasted-

  • Great app old games

    by Spartan skull

    Need new games like gears of war 3 or batman arkham city

  • People

    by AustinPatar

    People stop complaining I know ur like oh won't open well when it takes you back to the home screen click it again it's not the app it's the device because when you close one thing and go to the other it will lag u out only because the thing u close out still runs for a little while so yeah stop complaining this app is great the only thing I don't like is that it has updates only a couple of times great app though

  • Great

    by Himynameisguy

    But add all the new games like modern warfare 3, skyrim, battlefield, and assassins creed revelations

  • Great

    by Evolution app

    It has over 1,000 games. And pretty decent cheats!

  • Calm Down

    by Annoyed potato

    All you haters need to calm down. Not every game has any cheats and so what if it only has achievements for some games. Maybe those games are newer and need more research or there are no cheats or tips for it. So just be happy with what you got. I only wish for an update, but I will be patient and be thankful that I have all this already.

  • WOW!!!!!

    by Lololololol rofl man 333

    This app is a very good app but needs an update!! There are many new games out there!!!! PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love it

    by Alcatraz Mason

    It only needs some updates but it is absolutely fantastic. It has all the stuff from them apps that cost ten times as much and then some. Plus no Internet.

  • Great

    by Dylan Bryl

    The tips are very good on this app. :)

  • Xbox

    by Austin rules

    If you've got WAW and palringo join xbox live zombies.................,,,,......great app

  • Best cheat app

    by Jacob A. Morgan

    Ok, for all those people that are considering buying this, read the list of reasons that you have to get this: 1) No internet required 2) Almost countless amount of games 3) Updated often YOU MUST GET THIS APP!

  • Good but....

    by J•sh

    ..... It would be perfect if it had Easter eggs and how to get them, other than that, perfect!!!

  • Stupid

    by Trentius

    Don't buy if u wanna know black ops cheats.

  • Great

    by Ace Steiner

    lots of games!!!!!!! but it has stuff that u already know. have more info and it will be a 5

  • Great app!

    by Austyn1616

    This app is amazing! There have been mixed reviews about it because some people complain there that there is only an achievement list for each game. This is true for a few games, but there are countless tips, tricks, and cheats for so many games. Some of the newer games don't have many, but I'm sure they will be added soon. Great app though! I use it all the time!

  • Awsome app

    by xCOCROACHx

    Totally worth .99 gives you Easter eggs cheats ec. I recommend you buy

  • Updated

    by UperCutz

    Good app and just got better with the update. I hope more are on the way.

  • Terrible

    by ICU81240

    I thought it was bad before the update. Now look at it i might as well use yourube or google

  • Worthless even it's free

    by Maxxkemper

    Feel so sorry for those paid for it. This thing is so outdated.

  • iPad update

    by AbuSaleh84

    Other Xbox cheats updated theirs to iPad when will this be updated god we in iOS 6 and if not now then when .... I give one star ... Till updated to iPad then i change ratings

  • Thought it be better

    by Bkgvdjch

    ) :

  • Not good at all

    by Hbgjj

    I does no have ceats but tips tho Bad don't bye it I 9 I know now

  • Bug

    by KooKoo Bird

    You NEED to fix this app + I want my $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$back NOW it crashes I am soooooooooooo mad U r horrible

  • Not if u want black ops or reach

    by Blah icky

    It has no cheats only crap

  • Terrible

    by Matyt9

    I knew everything that was on this app. There's not one cheat

  • WOW!!!

    by D ROQ

    I paid 99 cents for this and it doesn't even launch

  • Worst app

    by Gfjfgg

    Want my 99 cents back

  • What the frik?!

    by Da AwesoME MUZIK lUVER

    Not ONE cheat!

  • Don't buy

    by Cmccoy1300

    This is horrible app it doesn't even give u cheats

  • Money back!!!!!!!!!

    by Unkown2

    I want my money back it's just a list of achievements I want a refund I would give it 0 stars if I could

  • Not good

    by Da rita

    If u are looking for cheats/cheat codes dont buy this. All it has is the achievments for a game . I want my .99 cents back so i can buy a real app

  • What

    by hnichol6

    What the hell give me my money back it won't even launch it crashes

  • Do NOT buy

    by Stalkel

    This app just crashes every time you start it.


    by Hockey player123456

    After a second or two it exits out of the app!!! I paid for this!!! FIX IT

  • Not working

    by rossboy&&

    It opens to the first green screen but crashes after 5 seconds.

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