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  • Publisher: 3ight LLC
  • Updated: May, 27 2010
  • Version: 7.0
  • Size: 17.83 MB

Languages: English

Seller: 3ight LLC

-bug fixes

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The Ultimate Collection of Blonde Jokes available for the App Store

This app contains hundreds of hilarious blonde jokes to bring a BIG smile to your face :)

Each joke is painstakingly selected by fellow joksters to ensure you have a GREAT time!!

A video section has been added with some of the funniest blonde videos we have ever seen. More videos will be coming in future updates for free.

+ Simplistic user interface
+ Favorites
+ Search
+ Facebook
+ Mail
+ No internet connection required
+ Copy/paste support
+ No Advertisements
+ iPhone/iTouch support

Also, check out what others have had to say, and when you have had a go, why not leave your own review. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us to further enhance the product for you.

The videos linked in this application are available for free on Youtube. The cost of this app is levied by 3ight LLC and not Youtube.

Customer Reviews

  • Jessica Gilcher

    by Melanie Sausalito

    Can't wait to use the app

  • Great

    by myronhfrm

    Great.It is ultimate collection of blonde jokes available for the app store. I can easily share these jokes to my friends. I like it very much, it gives me a lot of joy.

  • funny

    by shenghand

    everyday read one joke in this app is funny and make me young,but i think the font is need to adjust,now it is not beautiful。

  • Blonde jokes

    by Dakus1

    The kiddies love this app. Humor and entertainment in a nice format. We like it.

  • BlondeJokes...

    by Dmk1

    Nice design and content. Highly recommended.

  • Funny app!

    by lgulhd

    It is a very funny app,with hundreds of jokes,simplistic user interface and easy to use,i can share these funny jokes to my friends via facebook and email.

  • great

    by habmqcqm

    So cool,this app contains hundreds of hilarious blonde jokes,all these jokes are very funny,and let me have a happy mood,i really like this app.

  • One problem...

    by SaphireRobin

    The only bad thing is you have to go to settings to change the font size. You should really fix that ( making bad reviews )

  • Eh

    by Mario77677

    Please remove from my downloads

  • Cool

    by Rister20000

    Cool jokes

  • Finally

    by Occdghjftjvdfjjdd

    I finally found why its not showing up u have to go to settings at the top it looks like a gear and change the font size to the right because its all the way to the left

  • Wow, the jokes do show up on the screen!

    by MeDi96

    for those who can't figure it out! Only if you're a blond you won't be able to figure it out. Hahaha


    by Kellycutie;););)

    My god, I'm a blonde and I read some of the reviews and there like "omg this is soo offensive" for thoes ppl, CHILL OUT! It's just a stereotype!!! I'm getting the app for fun. It's funny! Okay everyone who's not an idiot knows its a stereotype. CHILL OUT BLONDES! I'm one too! Just a joke

  • Lol

    by Ur girl megan


  • Great

    by WheeziestGuide4

    Really funny

  • Ughhhhhh

    by 56maniAC

    I downloaded the app it was awful some of the jokes don't even make sense!!

  • Waste of time

    by Kookimonster739

    The jokes are not that funny. Please remove from purchased list

  • Ugh

    by The 1 girl from the 1 place

    I can't get the jokes to load

  • Gay

    by Terminator7208

    This app doesnt even how the jokes

  • The jokes don't show up.

    by StocktonLynn

    I don't get to read any of the jokes.

  • Blonde jokes

    by whitneynixon

    The jokes don't even come up on the screen.

  • Blonde Person

    by Dog Lover forever

    I'm blonde and I got Honors,Math award,and the principal choose me to read my writing.Just because we are pretty doesn't mean we're not smart. This app is mean and offensive to blondes.To anyone that is getting this app DON'T

  • Dumb

    by Tegsgdggvwd

    Itz stupid u can't even read the jokes don't get the stupid app

  • Stupid

    by Caitlinbug26

    This App is stupid

  • Ughhh

    by Moodster122

    This app is so stupid

  • Urgh

    by texcap

    Most of the jokes are so stupid they don't even make sence!!! Don't waste your time!!!

  • Ewww

    by Mom78016

    That was the worst app ever I wanted blonde jokes not the worlds worst sex jokes

  • Where are the jokes?

    by Seatac33

    I don't consider these to be blonde jokes, they're just dirty sex jokes. I was looking for "dumb blonde" jokes, not filth.

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