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  • Publisher: 2nd Vote
  • Updated: Jan, 17 2013
  • Version: 1.5.1
  • Size: 9.95 MB

Languages: English, German, SE, Spanish

Seller: 2nd Vote Incorporated

bug fixes and improvements

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The 2nd Vote app is a consumer tool that helps you "vote" with your shopping dollars. It reveals both the companies that fund the conservative causes we support, and the liberal causes we oppose, on an issue by issue basis. This app is useful whether you are conservative on one issue or every issue.


• Companies are scored based on their direct or indirect financial support of liberal or conservative causes. 
• Provides background information to support scores. 
• Pledge to support or not support a company. 

New scores are added weekly. 

Customer Reviews


    by Overwater

    Thank you JESUS. Now I can be smug and always confident that my discrimination will be Right On The Money.

  • Pleas add

    by dennis powers

    A review or comment section on the app. I'm a disable vet stuck at home who wants to fight back for my country but I feel blocked everything I try doing. Thank you for this app maybe we can get more companies to do right with this app thank you Chris Walker.

  • Eye opener

    by Ydamon

    Great job. I am a little sad that some of my favorite stores are donating in direct opposition to my beliefs. I will think twice before giving them my hard earned money knowing it will go to support killing energy jobs. Bummed a bit. I am educated now!

  • I appreciate what they're trying to do but...

    by Stadtmann

    All that this app is really doing is making me depressed. They seemed to have changed/updated the ratings, and now, I think about 99% of the companies on here are now "red" or "yellow". Basically, the app says, if you have heard of it and it isn't Chik-Fil-A or Hobby Lobby, don't shop there - it will be red, sometimes yellow, but most of the time red.

  • Share doesn't work

    by GodsGraciousGift

    I like this app but the share option doesn't work. Please fix so I can share w/ others. Thanks!

  • Great App

    by A good Traveler

    A must have!

  • Great App!

    by Bigdon2013

    Great, conservative app. I am able to make an informed decision on where to take my business. It is unfortunate to see some of my favorite companies as actively liberal, and they will no longer be getting my business. Great job with dev on this app.

  • Great app

    by cannowspeakspanish

    Awesome way to vote with your dollars!

  • My new favorite App!

    by idig4au

    Knowledge is power arm yourselves with this great App!

  • Action for freedom

    by M fano

    I like this app b/c it allows me to see quickly which business I want to invest in.

  • Christian Values

    by LindseyYJose

    Now I know which companies have the conservative values I respect and appreciate. I no longer have to fund the immorality and sinful ways of today's society!

  • way worth it!

    by Art-90

    Definitely worth while. It`s appalling to me, seeing what some of these businesses support. five-star, most worth it!!!

  • Bite the liberals!!

    by Qwintar

    Now we know where to spend our $$ to support Christian values!!

  • Great app!

    by Cybrary Card

    Good work :)

  • Hmmmmm....

    by Dave Beadles

    Ratings are incomplete ... But a start. I have some so called liberal & other called conservative views - the people identifying themselves as liberals here are slinging hate more than talk show hosts. I thought 'liberals' encompassed & accepted all groups-diversity. Sad. Dave :-)

  • Great app

    by Tri-Dent

    It's great to be able to find companies that support conservative groups, and avoid ones that support causes that are against my religious beliefs. Really though companies should stay away from supporting either side and stay neutral on such things. They should give money to help the poor and suffering. By the way if you call someone a bigot and know nothing about them, or group a bunch of people together and generalize them on a particular idea...well you are the very thing you are calling them.

  • Been waiting for something like this

    by Randolphrsw

    As an anti republican all I can say is thank you very much for this gem. Now I'll know which establishments favor oppression and how to avoid them. Thank you

  • Get this

    by Nadbuster

    Good way to avoid the left-wing fascists who think business ought to help the state steal from us and control us. I can now stop (accidentally) contributing to these statist vermin who wish to destroy America. Conservatives far outnumber liberals, and if our money talks, they will shrink back down to the little rats they are. Businesses that contribute to these Nazis must fail.

  • Nobama

    by The original xion

    Now I can boycott hateful racist liberals. Good.

  • Great app

    by Leak273

    Would love it of the app rated military support.

  • Cannot login as a new user

    by Goshendavie

    I tried multiple times to login and kept getting error messages. App needs to be debugged. I will delete. What a shame.

  • Not much value

    by jjarmstr

    I could find no useful information other than everyone seems to lean left

  • Co

    by Mtnvw

    I have never seen a app that asked for do much personal information. Not comfortable with that.

  • Only tracks gay marriage and abortion

    by Curtastic

    This app exemplifies the problem in US politics perfectly. There are only 2 parties that control everything and they want you to think they are different when they are actually the same on all important issues. They only differ on these 2 issues that don't matter (as far as control over the populace) and they want to publicize that as much as possible. This app does that. Please ignore this app and the evil people that are backing it, they aren't actually conservative, their goal is to make you argue over pointless issues so that you don't realize who owns you, the nation and the world.

  • Login?

    by TigerB123

    I downloaded this app only to learn that it required that I set up an account. Why do you need my email address to browse through a listing of company data? This should be a reference tool and nothing more.

  • Exactly what I've been looking for.

    by dixiehere

    I now know which conservative businesses to avoid. Excellent app and a great big thanks to the developer.

  • Thank You!!

    by Rob Blue

    As a progressive, I appreciate this app. I can avoid right-leaning businesses now. This is the sort of thing we needed, and you are doing the progressive cause a great service. Thank you!

  • Great tool

    by Moonshadowrain

    Going to make sure all my shopping is done at low score shop for this holiday (oops Christmas) season

  • Helps me be more of a bigot!

    by scottjl

    Finally an app that helps me be a better close minded sheep bigot! Take all the hard thinking out of my head and tell me where to shop where people are close minded just like me! Thanks!

  • 2nd Vote

    by Tybij

    This app is great. I have to give it 4/5 just because it's in it's early stages. But this has the ability to be 5/5. If you are a conservative libertarian this app will help us get out country back on the right track. The left wing radical we have in office is tearing this country down day by day. This app allows you to see a company's view and where they give their money. Perfect app in my opinion. I have stopped buying Nike products due to their liberal score. This is coming from a current athlete, and Nike is very wide spread in athletics across America.

  • Thank you

    by Andrew Emmer

    I'll be using this app to find progressive-leaning businesses. Businesses that believe in equality and freedom of choice.

  • Helps caring people to, by accident

    by Tyrchon

    Awesome, allows me to boycott conservative hate groups and patronize business that care.

  • Great use for Liberals too!

    by Kldlcarus

    The conservatives have created the perfect app to let the dreaded Liberals know which corporations to support or avoid. The intended purpose is to inform the users on which companies support the conservative agenda through their donations but it also allows me to know the same information and avoid the same stores that help to feed misinformation about important issues. Thanks conservatives for helping to keep a little bit of money out of your campaigns!

  • Fast track

    by I am a true christian

    Finally an app for all those who were on the fence about the whole "gods love" thing. Ya this is amazing, like an express lane to hate, skip right past the bigotry. Oh well have fun in hell, that leaves more room in heaven for us true christians.

  • Terrific App for Liberals too...

    by TNRobR

    I prefer to not spend my money at stores that will just use it to fight my equal rights. Thanks for putting them all in one easy to find place. I also support a woman's right to choose, immigration reform, and voter rights for minorities. This app will make funding those easier as well. And, I downloaded it at Starbucks while drinking a Gingerbread Latte with my husband. Happy Winter Solstice!

  • Backfire potential? Very high.

    by 540Lefty

    On the flip side, I can use this app to give my business to stores with low scores. It's a cool concept. Fortunately for the creators, I already know where to shop (shout out to Apple :D) and will not be using it because this app is a mess. Ideology aside, it runs slowly, looks messy, and I assume it wasn't properly tested before launch. This is just what a busy mother needs to be fumbling with while trying to herd a flock of kids through a crowded, holiday-time mall. Kudos.

  • Shop left

    by Daryqueen

    This is great! I can now boycott right wing loons.

  • Useful as a window into a certain kind of small mind

    by gregdeocampo

    Sad and disturbing to view the world in such a simplistic way. And nonsensical. Adobe a risk?because of its commitment to treating LGBT citizens without distinction? Radio Shack is an alternative? It's one thing to know intellectually voters like this exist it's another to be confronted with such documentary evidence. Inadvertently useful for screening out the actively anti-gay. Boggling but not surprising that so simple an app is buggy. Pro-Gay, Pro-Environment, Anti-Corporate Welfare (I'm looking at YOU, Department of Defense and especially YOU, Homeland Security Megabureacracy), Anti-Shooting living things, GD

  • ❤️

    by Loveeee itttt

    If you love being a homophobic woman hater than this is the app for you!!!

  • Love it

    by Tithe_Girl

    For now I know to only shop at stores with super low scores, thanks guys!

  • Use it against the racists and beat them at their own game.

    by Haligator

    I'll be using this the opposite way it's intended. I will stop shopping at the racist, homophobic, anti-chioice retailers. Thanks for helping us liberals find out where NOT to shop.

  • Going to use this in a more appropriate manner

    by Matthew Henson

    I am going to use this app to know which stores and shops are bigots and NOT shop there....thanks for helping us know which stores support bigotry!

  • Great App for Liberals too!

    by the real rage2love

    as a liberal, I also find this App very helpful! just as Conservatives can see where they are spending their money, Liberals can see where NOT to. thanks!!

  • Really helpful for left-wingers too!!

    by RandBrad

    This app can be used by people like me who would go out of their way to avoid companies who support bigotry and meanspiritedness of all stripes. Just figure out which companies score the highest and avoid them like the plague that they represent. Loyally support the low-scoreres. Bam.

  • Is this real life?

    by Andrea548

    You have got to be kidding me with this app? Companies are considered "liberal" and lose points for having concern for the environment??? Lose points for supporting same sex marriage?? What a joke! We are almost in 2014. Wake up people....

  • Ideas to make it better

    by kuae99

    They need to go research campaign donations on opensecrets.org. That would be much better, more objective data than what this app uses. Else, there are too many social conservative criteria in the total score. A user really needs to drill into the individual issue scores to figure out what matters. There are companies rated poorly relative to others here but whose employees donate far more to one party than the other. That needs to be taken into account.

  • Great app

    by fbara

    I really like this app and use it often. Good layout, easy to use, and updated often. My only request is that it contain a little more detailed info or links to info to help us understand the stances these companies are taking.

  • Enlightening & revealing

    by LeeL1440

    I had no idea that so many companies I've been supporting for many years with my $ had been using my $ to support causes to which I'm passionately & actively opposed. I'm grateful to the creators of this app. God bless them!

  • Good concept but buggy

    by Jffstr

    I like the concept of this app and use it on a daily basis.. But it seems very buggy and just freezes randomly for no reason. The app has to constantly be force closed and reopened.

  • Great concept, poor implementation

    by tekwarrior

    Worked fine day 1, but now getting errors and unable to use this app, and it forgets logins. Please fix!

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