A-Z Food Nutrition Facts lite - Vitamins and minerals from groceries e.g. fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, poultry, legumes, salads, fats, nuts, dairy, herbs, etc. Reference App Review (iOS, Free)


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This extensive app provides detailed information on everything you need to know about close to a thousand different foods:
nutritions, vitamines, minerals, micronutrients, calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, salt, raw, cooked, dried, as powder, browsable in 12 easily accessible categories and searchable in realtime.
Values are colored according to the state-of-the-art "Traffic light labelling"-method of the Food Standards Agency in the UK to give you a quick overview about what food is healthy and what not.

+ Calculations can be switched between metric and U.S. values in the "Settings"-tab.
+ Full text search of the foods
+ App supports English only
+ Portrait and landscape format are supported
+ For iPhone and iPad

To get the information you need this app makes it easy to display the unit and the weight to determine the wanted values.

- Beef
- Beverages
- Cereal Grains & Products
- Dairy and Egg
- Fats and Oils
- Finfish and Shellfisch
- Fruits
- Lamb, Veal & Game
- Legumes
- Nut and Seed
- Pork
- Poultry
- Sausages & Luncheon Meats
- Spices & herbs
- Vegetables

The catalogue will be frequently updated to always keep you up-to-date. Because when it comes to your food and your daily diet information becomes vital.

Language = English

Customer Reviews

  • Griz

    by Grizdbear

    Great app! Take the time to select User Settings for serving size on each item.

  • Great

    by Cristi3236

    This app is exactly what it says it is. It contains comprehensive nutritional values (facts) for a variety of foods.

  • Amazing

    by Xxmeee13xx

    This helps a lot!!!!!

  • None informative

    by Eddiepradom

    It's not as informative. It jus gives you vitamins that certain food contain. I want to know what the vitamins do!

  • Not enough flexibility

    by Teenise

    This app is lacking the flexibility to let the user enter serving size in order to get accurate information about calorie content! What???? That makes no sense. Too general for me. If you are looking for a very broad idea of how nutritious a food is then I guess this app is fine, but it doesn't serve my purpose. Deleted.


    by Sha-Sha-to-the-hey-hey

    I deleted it immediately. It told me nothing of what I wanted to know. It's not food facts, it's nutritional information. Don't call it facts if its not facts.

  • Lacking info

    by 3495

    Seems to give a lot of data except the calorie content. That is the one thing I was looking for. I deleted the app and found another. I think it is really a poor app. There are better ones available.

  • Sucky

    by hough peeps

    Don't bother. U will not use it. It gives no help and has no value. Even though it's free it's is to much money for something so bad.

  • Lacking obvious foods

    by Shotinzenjin

    Very minute amount of food choices. Under berries there are no blueberries for example. Threw it out ASAP. Just an ad for Walgreens really.

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