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Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Yuan Tian

Optimize for iOS 7.

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* Reached the Best Free App of the Japanese App Store
* Recommended in the Top Page Feature by the Japanese App Store
* Entered the New and Noteworthy List of the Japanese App Store
* Reached the Top 1 of the category in more than 10 countries
* iTunes rewind 2010:Chosen as one of the Top free of the year 2010 of Germany and Japan.
Are you still looking for a full-text mobile translation application easy to use?
Are you still worrying about the pronunciation when you see the text translated?


* Multi translation of 60+ languages
Support the mutual translation of 64 languages and can be changed between the Google and Bing translation engines(The internet connection is required).
English, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech,
Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hebrew,
Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay,
Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil,
Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish

* Phonetic pronunciation of 17 languages
(The free version only support the phonetic pronunciation of the Japanese and the internet connection is required. In the paid version, the phonetic pronunciation of the other languages can be used off-line.)
Support the phonetic pronunciation of 17 languages. Different from the other full-text translation apps, the phonetic pronunciation is word by word.

* TTS(Text To Speech )of 17 languages . Truly natural sounding voices.
(Because of the patent, you should pay for the download of every voice.)
Support 17 languages and 54 voices. After the download , the audio pronunciation can be used off-line.
Different from the on-line TTS apps, it provide high quality voices and can read long texts without the word limit.

* TTS(Text To Speech )of 24 languages . Truly natural sounding voices.
Support 24 languages and 43 voices. The audio pronunciation can be used on-line.

* ASR(Speech Recognition )of 15 languages .
Support 15 languages for free-form dictation voice recognition.

* OCR (optical character recognition) .
Supported 54 languages.

* Other features
Automatic language detection, double-click to enlarge, the font size change, reading rate adjustment, Email and SMS messaging, favorites and history features.

Customer Reviews

  • Leonas75

    by NVI05leo

    I love it is the best

  • Gréât App

    by TreTreTre

    I can only speak for the English to French translation; and as a native French speaker who speaks English quite well, this app is spot on. Love it!

  • Magnifico

    by By mr bean

    Una magnifica app. I love it.

  • Works well

    by Steve91s

    Only suggestion would be to expand voice support for Ukrainian.

  • Best app ever

    by Ubisoft inc.

    I have a lot of friends from different country's it is the best

  • Good app

    by Jae378

    This is a very good app!

  • This app is awesome

    by Altshik

    It helps me a lot

  • Awesome

    by Super Mama Lulu

    I'm from Russia and I was amazed at the...uh, unique....language. Great app! Hasn't given me any problems!

  • Yeu vo nhieu

    by Todinh


  • Slightly Limited

    by Grant Elliott

    I would had given this app a five star, but two things caught me up. 1. The app has so many things to pay for in app, such as voices (some are included) and the phonetic text, being a phonetic translator I would have hoped that it would be included. 2. While the phonetic text does have 17 languages, I was disappointed that French was not included on that list as that is what I got it for, given that I probably should have looked into it more before buying. I do hope they put French in their phonetic type though. These two things, while semi-minor, make this an average app. 2

  • Almost perfect

    by Heart2Sole

    Best translate app, it used translate from both google and bing but for some odd reason google translates aren't showing up. Still the best app available with voice, many languages, more and all for free.

  • I love this app!

    by Stefany920

    I know most 5 stars are fake reviews but I downloaded this app today and really really love it!! Great job!!l

  • Excellent translation

    by Akeish

    My children attend an international school and each speak a diff language. This is a excellent tool for translating elementary work. U do need the keyboard to go with it. For example, Chinese / Russian have diff symbols. This is not a good app for learning a new language. My only complaint is that sometimes the foreign voice doesn't work which is irritating especially for Chinese and Japanese which u can't sound out alone.

  • Sr.

    by Shorthy@1212

    Este es la mejor manera de saber lo que buscas y lo encuentras.

  • Cette application

    by Kyley789

    Cette application est le meilleur app de traduction, mais il ne dirai ce qui a été traduit.

  • great

    by nateman1585

    I love this app I can talk to my friend that talks in polish

  • Band from app store

    by Rparrish47

    Does not translate, after buy chinese language and taking a. Clear photo return same 2 translations no matter what I took photo of. These people should return money, and apple should band then from app store

  • No, no...

    by Romantico Aleman ! !

    ... Abysmal

  • Pathetically Awful

    by NoName0123

    Wouldn't even open. It took 10 tries to get it open, and when it finally was, the translations were horrible. I would give this zero stars if I could.

  • Voice, scan don't work

    by Kayks

    The written translation works ok


    by Immrmagic

    This is horrible app. When you input all your favorite phrases so you never have to repeat anything it all get erased and deleted when they do updates. I HAVE ONE AMD ONLY EMAIL THAT THEY PROVIDE FOR FEEDBACK AND IT DOESN'T WORK.

  • 60 translation

    by Jonesy333

    Terrible!!! Couldn't translate English to English!!

  • Audio!!

    by The Sudanese

    There needs to be a Pronunciation and Audio for Persian!!

  • Junk

    by GAOO

    Like others said, don't even try it. Can't do OCR for japanese or English at all.

  • Absolutely steer clear of this app

    by Matthew Bodin

    Needing to understand a report at a critical time(like being in a foreign hospital)? Then this is not the app for you. Forced to buy an OCR upgrade only to find out standard words show as special characters, is have better chance reading code from matrix compared to this incomprehensible translation (hah- translation pft). Even having someone of the nationality speak into the app and translate to English as a test proved laughable. Should be compared to X-ray glasses as a usable tool.

  • doesn't even kind of work

    by Intonarumori

    need help translating swedish signs and documents into english, had to pay for the Swedish ACR pack, tried taking pictures of printed text to try it out. It didn't even kind of get any of the words correct. Just got lots of random characters. This was a straight-on photo of well-lit printed test. This was useless.

  • Can't deal with Japanese text

    by Harley J

    Didn't correctly read a single character correctly. And it can't OCR Japanese written up-to-down.

  • Needs improvement.

    by Respiratory Therapists

    Translates from Russian to English terribly. Garbles many words. Let me know if you need a consultant to assist you in improving the program. I have many that I communicate back and forth with in Russian. One in particular has to regularly translate writings for that this program gets wrong.

  • Bad

    by sherla perez

    I paid 1.99 for a voice in english. But it doesnt work this is scam

  • Very bad

    by lalalaladidadou

    End up paying $4 , i wanted voice pronunciation only and could not get the service only got the translation. Very frustrated.

  • T

    by Alshaikh1936

    Bad app

  • Crashes

    by NishadKaippally

    Does not even open.

  • Crashes on Startup

    by Airvue

    Can't evaluate because it immediately closes during startup. So, as far as I'm concerned, it's junk

  • A joke product

    by YYun

    This product cannot do a simple translation,I would like to give it a blue star.

  • Ralexandri

    by renne29

    Doesn't work!! Don't wast your money

  • Abysmal

    by Qnorris33

    Doesn't even open.

  • Doesn't even open

    by MuzikG

    I've had this app for a while. It used to work at least so-so. As with any other translation app, these are computer generated translations (google/bing) and should not be depended on for complete accuracy. Especially since what is literally being said & the intended meaning may be very different. Plus, not every single word of a language is available &/or translatable. Of course, now I don't know what translations it provides because it won't even open. If it were working the way it claims, then it'd be an excellent tool for basic reference. But not really great for say...studying or pronunciation practice. The voice thing has NEVER worked for me. And now the app won't even load at all since the most recent update. When/if it works, it's especially slow. I recommend bypassing this app and just download the google translation app. It's not much better, but at least with the google app you can work around to getting transliterations.

  • I want to learn French so bad!!!!

    by Maxine123

    Omg I thought there would b a voice thing to help me learn French but no 2 bucks for it?!?!? HORRIBLE plz change that and til that happened DONT GET THIS APP!!

  • Very bad quality

    by Amy Mcbride

    I bought this application in order to know how to pronounce new words, however its quality is very bad, it sounded like you are listening for something from the Internet with a bad connection, I tried to change the setting however it did not help. Don't buy it, it is a waste of money.

  • Horrible Finnish translation

    by xXxRawrKaityxXx

    I tried to translate Hi my name is Caitlin and im from America, i got something but when i bought a Finnish voice it sounded like a broken robot..well i guess im not going to Finland and ive met many Finnish people before and they didnt sound like that at all


    by Scooby boy01

    I hate this app, I had the free version and an ad telling me if that I paid for the full version, I would have 53 languages, it's the same as the free version only 38. This app is a rip off. Do not download.

  • What the heck

    by 

    This app doesn't do anything it's essentially worthless don't get it!

  • Not What it says

    by Boggy44

    I downloaded this app because I had homework in Spanish and my computer wasn't working, I tested it out by typing in hello on Spanish mode ( as a test, to see if it said hola,) and nothing came up. I tested it with the assignment, and it did not good.

  • AWG

    by zzzaaz


  • Broken ap. Don't download

    by debstheninja

    Hey ppl I'm getting the same problem as you all, where the translation screen is blank.. but if you want it fixed, report a problem instead of writing a review. That's how you'll get the developer's attention. K?:) And until the problem is fixed I highly recommend that prospective downloaders avoid this ap because it is completely useless.

  • What the heck!?

    by Fjdjtgihdf

    This app was awesome until it stopped working it just goes blank fix it pls!!!!

  • Good but.....

    by Musicaleah

    I had this app for a month and it worked fine, but now when I press translate it comes in blank. Otherwise if it it is a great app.

  • Stop working!!!

    by Pepitodelospalotes

    Common people !!! Fix this it's been weeks already and I have payed for upgrades like "French voice" and now I can't use it. Fix this , nothing works (blank results).

  • Mine doesn't work either

    by Sheshe76

    It won't translate anything, I just get a "working" symbol, then nothing. Very disappointing.

  • Not so great

    by Jackapples

    I see that many others are satisfied but when I press translate nothing happens. The translation loads but it just turns out blank. If you know what is wrong please help

  • This is the worst app ever!!!

    by Pheary21

    Ok so it translate but where the english translation on how to pronounce it. I can't read korean or japanese.

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