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Find out who is calling or texting you fast!

Reverse Phone Lookup is a caller ID app that makes it easy to look up a telephone number and find out who it belongs to.

Find a name for over 200 million U.S. people and business numbers for free

Identify cell phones and hard-to-find numbers with Premium Search for $1.99/name

Power User? Get Unlimited Premium Search for only $3.99/month

Get Call Spam Alerts when a number may be a telemarketer or unsolicited caller

Copy numbers from your Call History and ID them fast with one-touch paste

Add names and phone numbers to your iPhone or iPad contacts with just a tap

Your search results are saved automatically for easy access

Customer Reviews

  • Great app!!!

    by Lagunasjulio

    This app is really awesome now i know how is calling all the time!!!

  • Great app

    by Jackie_1024

    Love it

  • New issues....

    by Saki260604

    Was great but now all of a sudden, it won't connect to get a phone number. I even tried to buy the monthly purchases. I tried to delete it and reinstall it, still isn't working. :( bummed was a great app!

  • by NotoriousKi2theM

    Initially I would text the white pages number, now there's an app. Looks different but I receive same results!!!!! I usually find results, unless the number is not listed.

  • Love it!

    by Dianna Everett

    This app is everything I needed!! It does exactly what it says it will do!

  • Love it!

    by Brajkovic

    Works great for me... I recommend it!

  • Love it!!!

    by madiamy

    Great app!!

  • So far so good

    by Bjlo4life

    Looks a lot of the #'s up accurately

  • Pretty good app overall

    by Stump90

    Pretty convenient an helpful.

  • This is awsome

    by San Fran49ers2011

    This app has helped me with spam numbers

  • Great app

    by Uncle Wasabi

    Great app

  • Dor

    by Darkewolfe

    Neat app, worked each time I used it. Did list my mother's cell as the city she used to live in, but that's the area for the number. Was kinda funny.

  • Not Reliable

    by Green Gew

    I got this app to try looking up numbers and I was playing around and put my number and a few relatives numbers in just to see if it really worked and it just gave me random locations and names for each even though I know the name of the person and where they live. Overall I have to say this is just a big scam to collect money from innocent people. Don't waste your time it's fake.

  • Simple and It Works

    by HDHogger

    This app is good for finding out who is sending mystery text messages .. You don't pay unless a name is found ...

  • Very handy

    by Gideonamarshall

    Good app

  • President

    by ShortyJCP

    Very very handy. I own a small service business & being able to look someone up by a # is great.

  • Great App!

    by Vtdwie68

    Very easy to you good location very happy!

  • Great app

    by Kross

    Perfect to find out who called or texed you with a number you dont have saved in your phone.

  • Super handy

    by SashaQ

    I pay the premium of $3.99 but it's so worth it I use my cell phone for business needs and this gives me the ability to unmask unknown numbers

  • Outstanding

    by Lump101

    A great aid.

  • Invalid app!!

    by 4cfreemans

    Every number I enter says invalid number.

  • Crock

    by avadesh sadhoo

    I put my number in and it put me 30min away from where i am

  • Awful

    by Jessica Clarke

    Made me pay $2 just to see who called. Didn't even say the name just "customer". Smh

  • Duh/Fake

    by TangieAZ

    This is not Mr Number, why when I search for the real Mr Number this crap comes up? The original one is the only good one and I had it when I had my Droid. I hate this one

  • It's a rip

    by HurricaneDon

    Downloaded and tested on known numbers. It's a ploy to get you to pay a fee.


    by WTC

    Apparently feels the name "Customer" is a proper response and worth $1.99 when you're entering a phone number looking for its owner. That's what I got for my 2 bucks. I will never use this app again....

  • Waste of Time!

    by Natalie DeMaio

    I didn't even locate my own phone number correctly. It is not valid.

  • Fredgkadillahopper

    by guy sarver

    Not very impressive. Not one address was correct and couldn't give me but 2 out of 10 searches the name of caller.

  • One star for asking for a review

    by ksujeff99

    One star for asking for a review

  • Good little app

    by Deeply_Disappointed

    Works as expected when you get the whole service.

  • Don't purchase name- rip off

    by jen828remix

    It often doesn't give you the name of the owner just generic references like company or pay phone. Also provides no address.

  • Works sometimes.

    by Blimpkingatein

    Tried it on several numbers and it's somewhat accurate but not trustworthy. Not worth the money...

  • Waste of time

    by Baker270327

    Only finds a persons name if you pay for the premium version. Dumb

  • Great app!

    by PrncssTiffany1

    This app works great if who you are looking for has registered with white pages. If not you have to pay a premium charge every time to get the actual number.

  • Like it !

    by CPC LLC

    Like it !

  • Looks up cell phone numbers!

    by Poppum Joe

    Great app! I purchased this after the old Mr. Number app quit letting you update it. Very accurate so far!

  • Excellent

    by Bend of Turin


  • Worthless

    by Boo. Kittie

    Wotrh what you pay for it. Nothing. Useless wants $1.99 to tell you name.

  • takes your money but doesn't give you info

    by EileenAustin

    I purchased a single search for $1.99 and got nothing - either the app doesn't work or its just a scam.

  • Good app

    by Mh41

    Have to pay small fee to get info but resonable

  • Great

    by Nore Snemelf

    Nice to be able to see who is contacting me.

  • Very useful and nice App

    by jagarcell

    This app really does what is meant to do. I highly recommend it as a tool as well as a fun way to find out who is calling you

  • Not so hot

    by Drudge searcher

    This is a pretty useless app Just teases you to spend $$$ to find out info you were looking for. Only names or other info it will share is already available many other public places . Does let you know that numbers are private.

  • Works as it should

    by hollywood & champagne

    Fantastic app, great fast results. It's like having your own Coles Directory.

  • It's okay

    by J.L.A.7.

    Very good at telling if the number is unlisted or mobile. Have to pay $2 to find out anything else.

  • No stars...only 1because I had too

    by Only works if you pay $4/month


  • Favorite app

    by D A R L W M M

    This is a vary handy app to have and it's very user friendly.

  • Best app ever!

    by Taybbyx3

    I was skeptical when I first saw it, but it was spot on every time! Genius!

  • Excellent App!

    by JoAWhitney

    Very convenient to find out who is calling you. It's easy, quick and very accurate! You have peace of mind when you can find out who's calling your phone. Excellent app! I rate it 5 Stars!!


    by Caraforever

    Did not work for me,even searched my own number and it showed up in a random place! It's pointless.

  • Useless

    by Vancouver4

    It gives me the area but rarely anything else. Not helpful

  • Daily use

    by J. J. Q. W.

    I use this app pretty much everyday cuz I get so stinkin' many spam calls. Usually it can't find the number without a charge, but I have paid the $1.50 a couple of times to find out who the heck keeps calling me. At least it's piece-of-mind that most are tele-marketing.

  • MMB

    by Running to Y

    Works great love it!

  • Crap

    by Ric gri original

    It didn't find anything. It didn't even mind MY number... Idk who the hell reviewed this but try for yourself and see I guess

  • Not feeling it

    by Andres Galaraga

    What happened to Mr Number!?!?

  • premium search doesn't work

    by premium search doesn't work

    allows payment for premium search, but does not acknowledge subscription

  • Pretty cool

    by RichGosh

    Downloaded several reverse number apps to try. This is the only one that works

  • Great!

    by Michoebe846

    Love this app! Really works!

  • Doesn't provide address

    by Doesn't provide address

    This app will provide you the name of the person and a town. If you don't need the address this app may help you. If you need the address look elsewhere.

  • Nice

    by mobius1953

    Easy, simple, clear when charges will occur. Just what I needed.

  • horrible

    by di556

    the app will ask for money to look up a name for number. tested phone numbers, every single location was incorrect on the map.

  • Great

    by msblaque

    Great looking up numbers!!! BRAVO

  • Great.

    by Splitwindowcoupe

    Comes in very handy. Simple too!

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