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Seller: Raja V

Calzy v2.0 is beautifully new. And much better.

• Redesigned for iOS 7.
• Currency Rounding.
• Completly new expression editor, which lets you edit, reorder and delete values.
• Ability to bookmark a calculation with a note.
• Ability to share your calculation through AirDrop.
• Ability to copy spell out.
• Dark/Light mode ( Multiple Color Themes ).
• Major UI/UX enhancements.

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Customer Ratings

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Calzy is a modern iPhone / iPad calculator for your everyday use. It helps you perform your day to day mathematical calculation in a more elegant way. It lets you save your frequently used expression and use it back. With Currency Rounding toggle you can quickly switch between Currency calculation and normal calculation. Rotate the phone to spell out the result. There is no unnecessary scientific operators. It is simple and straight forward. It looks gorgeous on your iPhone and iPad. We believe with calzy you would love calculating the stuffs.


• Quick. Calculates as you type.
• Calculation History / Bookmarks.
• Spell Out ( English & Your Native Language ).
• Expression Edit ( Edit, Delete and Reorder ).
• Parenthesis Support.
• Currency Rounding.
• Share - Email and AirDrop.
• Dark / Light mode with multiple colour schemes.
• Supports Dynamic Type [ Settings > General > Accessibility > Larger Type ]
• Fullscreen / Statusbar Mode.
• Regional support for Countries using decimal comma.
• iPad Support ( Both Portrait / Landscape ).
• Functional and easy to use .
• Clean Interface & Natural Gestures.
• Designed for iOS 7.
• Optimised for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

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"Calzy is my favorite iPhone calculator so far" - Federico Viticci,

"I’m loving Calzy’s impressive feature set and especially its simple gesture-based interface. I reckon it’ll begin to be my calculator app of choice for both iPhone and iPad pretty soon" - Aldrin Calimlim,

"Calzy is a calculator app that performs calculations very elegantly" -

Customer Reviews

  • I Still Prefer The "Digits" App!

    by tarrantrealtor

    There are some good features here, but if all you need is a basic calculator with a visual tape history, Digits is better. Larger numbers for easier typing, and more tape shows while you type. I also think to he yellow icon better is more useful for balancing icon colors on the home screen, seeing that few icons are yellow, but that's just me.

  • Beautiful!

    by Fornarnia2839

    Great app! I recommend it to anyone. It works smoothly and makes sense when you use it. The layout is also very well done.

  • Sorry, but i still prefer the old version

    by fantomcheung

    i don't know why but i do like the old version better

  • Best calculator for iOS

    by Jucawho

    This is the best calculator in the App Store. It is flawlessly designed and it works just you would expect.

  • Fantastic update to an already great product.

    by redletterbrad

    Congratulations to the development team. The layouts, the theming, the excitability, history, reordering... best calculator in the App Store.

  • Pretty slick

    by GregNF

    Slick app. I use instead of the default calculator. Love the read back feature.

  • Awesome App !!!

    by ApplFanBoy

    Literally the best calculator i've ever used. I absolutely love this app. Just the features i needed.

  • The best!

    by runningupthehill

    The best calculator for my needs. I'm not a mathematician, scientist, engineer or technician. I need a calculator for everyday needs and Calzy is the best I have found. It's a breeze to use and it saves my calculations in a history file. I can also edit which in my opinion is worth gold. So many times I've mistyped a digit and had to start over. With Calzy that is history. I also love it's simple yet stylish interface. I never thought I'd call a calculator app one of my favorite apps but Calzy definitely qualifies. I had four other calculators on my iPhone, they are now deleted.

  • Classy Design and Natural Gestures

    by Tom_frm_TJ

    Thanks for the update. App is easier to use, has some cool features. I just love its simplicity and smooth animations.

  • Excellent, EXCELLENT!

    by mahjr

    FINALLY, a calculator that works, Looks great, simple design. WAAYY better than Calcbot. The sound in Calcbot causes a delay in the numbers to appear when a key is pressed. In Calzy, this doesn't happen. It's VERY fast at the slightest touch. And, unlike in horrible Calbot, not oversensitive gesture swipes. Calzy is perfection, hands down! Love it!! Thanks, WapleStuff! :)

  • LOVE IT!!!

    by Cobak

    This is the most elegant and intuitive calculator I've ever used. Make sure review all of the swipe gestures because there are lots of "hidden" functions (I particularly like the swipe-down Twitter quotes). Keep up the awesome work devs :-)

  • Love it

    by Mwang636

    Awesome, thx for making horizontal feature

  • Great calculator

    by Balaji Annamalai

    It's a great calculator I have ever used. Expecting a lot more similar stuff from waplestuff.

  • Great Calculator

    by Yellow Sub68

    This is great for standard quick calculations. Maybe in a future update is there a possibility of adding exponents or trig functions? Just suggesting...

  • Wow!

    by bradfox

    It's the greatest calculator ever made.

  • Great

    by Lukevz

    Love the app, great interface. However,I would like to be able to ad and subtract negative number. And perhaps use exponents and variables? Just suggestions. Great app overall.

  • Great App

    by Caleb Miller

    This app is awesome! The history of you calculations is really useful! The one problem is that when you are outside in the sun it is very hard to see the numbers because of the color scheme. I contacted the developers and they actually responded. Seemed very helpful and understood the problem and I think they are trying to fix it! When they do I will change to a 5 star rating.

  • Two problems...

    by Dougie Dougie Dougie

    Great app, except whenever I type in a formula and add a percentage ex. 100+7.25%= 107.25 it gives me my total but I have to clear it out to type another equation. Now if I do ex. 1+1= 2 I can type in a new equation after it gives me my answer. Just annoying. The second problem is minor but the numbers should be moved to bottom row for people with short fingers. That's not that major though. Great app overall. Be really cool if we could move buttons around to our preference.


    by lilfax

    Makes life so much easier

  • more features

    by timelord11

    if you could add more of the buttons from the default calculator app I would defiantly use this app more often

  • Form over function

    by Eamon N.

    This app is beautiful, but it is able to calculate less than most children of the age of 10. It "features" a sheer lack of functionality. It does not have negative integers, fractions, exponents or square roots. Don't expect an advanced calculator like I did. This is the most simplistic calculator out there. The developers obviously chose form over function.

  • Calzy - The Mediocre Calculator

    by oddurs

    This app really failed to impress me. It may look better than most competing apps on the market today, but it doesn't even stand up to even the simplest of calculators when it comes to its primary purpose - calculation. For instance, there is no conceivable way to input negative integers of any sort. I'm simply baffled. And while I can appreciate simple (read minimalist) design, I cannot help but be bothered by the sheer lack of functionality this app offers. By long pressing on the output, one is given the option to edit the expression. This gives you the choice of either deleting or moving variables accompanied by their prefixed function. There's no way to actually edit what's written in the expression! What angers me most about this app is not the fact that I wasted $1.99 on it, but rather that it falls into the cliché of designers choosing form over function. No matter how good your interface is, one mustn't forget the primary objective. But I have faith, that with some updates, Calzy can one day live up to its name. 1/5

  • Not worth a dime.

    by josephmoore

    I'm confused by the promotion this app receives in the App Store. It's a basic calculator of very average design with a useless Twitter quote gimmick. There's only one color theme and its really dark. No scientific mode in landscape view for exponents or circle functions. The built in calculator on iPhone is extremely superior to this. I want my money back. And I'm also suspicious of the handfuls of glowing reviews, too. After experiencing the app, it seems very likely there's some stuffing of the ballot box occurring by the app maker. No one could be that excited about this mediocre product.

  • nothing special

    by changxyu

    just a calculator

  • Waste

    by Cool_guiiss

    This app is a complete waste of money. The ui is so bad and confusing. The spell out does not work and the operators are very limited.

  • Black?

    by Larry379

    App is not ready for prime-time. Nice concept, awful reality.

  • Is the best calculator i used at work

    by Luis Vega


  • Great app!

    by getseriouspeople

    I use a calculator app all day. I didn't think it could get better. Great innovations and an intuitive controls. Good stuff!

  • Super coool app

    by Uprela

    Too good

  • Great calculator

    by angelcolton

    I love this app. It has all the features I need. Plus its beautifull.

  • Bummer

    by b33zu

    I was happy to use this app but quickly realized that its not that great. It would be nice to have interactive buttons that show you when you press a key. Also it needs to have more themes. The black in tue day light is hard to see.

  • It's a calculator

    by BrianSTL

    It's nothing special.

  • Awesome....

    by MikeDailey

    ....calculator one step from virtual integrated thought process. If you thought this calc was a simple point-and-click you're dead wrong. The ease of even complicated calculations is mind blowing.

  • Excellent calculator app!

    by JB Bryant

    I've been using another app for a while but this app's UI and UX is much nicer. The support is also very fast to respond. Highly recommended!

  • Beautiful app!

    by Apollo4090

    Love the gestures and it just looks gorgeous, definitely worth the money.

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